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Tips on How to Make PPT for Final Year Project

The final year project is the course work where you deliver your preeminent efforts to reflect your skills to faculties. You do your best with PHP, Laravel, Web Designing many more projects and Project documentation, but don’t focus equally on Final year project PPT. PPT is a medium to present your project work to faculty which should have equal importance as your project and document. If it is not created properly, it leaves a bad impact on faculty.

Here I have listed tips on how to create a final year project PPT.

Basic Tips on Creating Final year Project PPT.

  1. When you are deciding on the theme of your PPT select standard colors for your PPT that should not be too bright or dark.
  2. Assign a slide number at the bottom of the slide.
  3. The font size of the PPT should be standard, don’t use the extra large font to highlight your points.
  4. Don’t apply animation effects to your slides. Keep it simple and professional, your aim is to present your project not proficiency in PPT.
  5. Your documentation and slides must have the same flow of topics.
  6. If you are going to add links to your slides, check twice before the time of the presentation.
  7. You should add full forms with short forms if have used anywhere in the slide.

Tips on topics that you should include in your final year project

First PPT should include Project Title, Your name (if you have a partner in the project, add it too).

  1. Don’t miss to write the name of the Internal and External guide as well don’t miss to write the ( Mr/Mrs/Miss) in front of the name of the Internal and External guide.
  2. (Don’t read above details in the presentation)
  3. The second slide should present your Problem definition and company details which include: Name of the company, since how many years it exists, MNC or PLT, branches if the company has, how many employees working in the company, details of the area on which company works.
  4. The next 2-3 slide should cover Problems in the current system, the solution to an existing problem that you offer, hardware and software requirements and version details that you have used, what exclusive features you have added in your project.
  5. Next slide for analyses and estimated time: Use of Gantt chart (to explain the time that you spent behind analysis and learning of new technologies (Java,PHP,.net, Android, iOS) during the project).
  6. If the complexity of your project is higher, you need to add the system flow chart to explain the flow of your project.
  7. All other slides include diagrams: ERD, DFD OR UML: Use case diagram, Class diagram, Sequence diagram, Activity diagram, State diagram.
  8. Create a slide of a global use case diagram that explains all the modules and functionality of all the modules. If the diagram is complicated, to explain each module individually by adding a link of each module diagram. If required, use it.
  9. The next slide contains a Data dictionary: Make sure that you have the same Data dictionary which you have in your report, as well as your data dictionary, must match with the ER diagrams. Mention size of each column and relation between two tables.
  10. Must define the primary key and foreign key in each table and highlight the primary key in the table. Create a standard format for the database and list simplified tables.
  11. If your project includes forms and required to explain it in the presentation, highlight the important fields using special symbols which helps you to explain it with ease.
  12. If you are struggling with your final year project definition, documentation, and presentation, we are here to provide you a guide on each and every coursework of your final year project.

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