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How to Create a Unique Final Year Project?

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2023

There is one famous line: “Genius people don't do the different thing, but they do the same thing differently.” Every student who is seeking for the unique definition should approach the project with the above words. Try to add new technology and new functionality to your project. This will be impressive to your jury. Use new technology for the same project definition to enhance the functionality, as all the different technologies have some unique attributes which others don’t hold. Here are some latest technologies which I have briefed here.


If you have selected as your project framework in which you are going to develop a final year project. Go with WCF technology over .Net services to enhance the functionality. Benefits of WFC over .Net services: WCF is a set of technologies that includes ASMX services, .NET Remoting, MSMQ and Web services enhancements, which you can use instead of the .NET web services. WCF is the latest programming model for building and developing service oriented applications. This functionality permits different applications to communicate with each other in a distributed environment. Even WCF supports many other types of distributed application development by offering layered structure. The extra perk of the WCF is a high security contrast to ASMX. If you are keen to know WCF and want to develop a final year project using it, TOPS Technologies will assist you in developing your project. To know more about WCF training or live project training visit nearer branch today.


If your project features include video, you may employ Adobe flash which offers faster loading speed. Here is another technology as a substitute of the Adobe flash player that you can employ instead of Flash. Microsoft has introduced a Silverlight application framework for writing and running internet applications holds similar functionality as Adobe Flash. Silverlight is free of charge and it has cross platform characteristics supported by all the browsers running under windows and Mac. Benefits of Silverlight over Adobe Flash: With Silverlight, you will get better functionality in Animation, scripting,video/audio,text representation/SEO and media streaming over Adobe flash. TOPS Technologies provides training on Silverlight and live project training on any of the technology. For more information you can visit nearer branch.


WPF stands for windows presentation foundation. WPF is a code name of the user interface subsystem in windows programming model used to create user interfaces. You can use it in your final year project as a replacement of WinForms with to create desktop application or tablet application. Benefits of WPF over WinForms: The benefit of WPF over the WinForms is that WPF is new whereas Winforms is old. WPF has a great tune with new standards over WinForms. The XAML in WPF let you easily create and edit your GUI. TOPS Technologies provides WPF Training. If you are willing to get more details about WPF training visit nearer branch of TOPS Technologies.


If you are developing a project using JAVA, .Net technology. You can introduce new technology named Hibernate which is a substitute of JDBC/ADO.Net. Hibernate is a high performance object persistence and query service. Hibernate is licensed under the open source, LGPL (lesser General Public License) which is free of charge. Benefits of Hibernate over JDBC/ADO.NET: Hibernate is database independent it means same code will work for all databases: MySql ,SQL server, Oracle. Offers two levels of cache, it means you can store your data in cache memory up to two levels. No connection pool required and no query required. These features cause fast development. The best advanced functionality that you can deploy in your final year project. TOPS Technologies provides you Hibernate training. Visit today to know more about Hibernate training and final year project training.

Sales force

Cloud Computing is one of the most successful technology that has triumph the market of the I.T. Why to skip this technology in Final year project? Go with cloud computing and make your project more advanced. Salesforce technology provides cloud based services. Cloud computing offers collaborative environment, it means you can access your project from anywhere. And if you are working in a group all the team members also can access simultaneously from different locations. No worries about the failure of the system. As you can access from any system due to your data is stored in the cloud. TOPS Tehcnologies provides live project training in all technologies using the cloud computing. For more information, contact TOPS Technologies today.

Hadoop with Hive and Pig

Hadoop is most recently released framework and a part of Apache which is used to deal with the large data sets in a distributed computing environment. Which is a competitor of RDBMS. Benefits of Hadoop over RDBMS: Hadoop offers you high scalability, flexibility, cost effectiveness and fail proof as it stored replica of the data on all the other nodes in the clusters. So if the node gets demolished, there is a backup of data available in the cluster which you won’t get in RDBMS. Hadoop has gained the popularity in the very short time of its release. TOPS Technologies provides training on Hadoop. You can do a final year project using Hadoop technology, if looking for the latest technology. TOPS Technology will help you to make it done. For more information, visit nearer branch.


MongoDB is an open source (cross platform) database that uses a JSON - document oriented data model. The objective of MongoDB is to deliver simple and elegant database contrast to RDBMS and MySQL. You can implement MongoDB to bring rather advancement in your final year project. Benefits of MongoDB over MySQL/ RDBMS: MongoDB uses internal memory for storing the working set, this feature will offer you faster access to data. No SQL and No extra code due to expressive query language that lets you get, set and sort data offers faster development. To get this featured benefits into your project, deploy MongoDB. If you are puzzled with MongoDB, TOPS Technologies will assist you to sort it out. TOPS Technologies provide a final year project training with advanced technology training which you willing to implement in your final year project. Visit today for more information.

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is a cross platform application framework. The core features of Spring MVC are open to use by any Java application. Spring MVC does not impose any specific programming model. Spring MVC is being popular for JAVA developers, which is nowadays replacing Enterprise JavaNet Beans. Benefits of Spring MVC over Enterprise JavaNet Beans: The Spring Framework functions on POJO: which makes DI (Dependency Injection) easier. You can get a more readable code, ports easily between app servers as Spring does not depend on servers like Tomcat, Jboss etc. Spring offers good object oriented design which covers interface, layers, separation, concerns which make easy for you to find out the problems. Try on this new technology if you are developing a final year project in Java to give an advancement to your project. TOPS Technologies provides live project training as well on the technology which you employ in your project. If you want further information, visit nearer branch of TOPS Technologies.

Struts MVC

Struts MVC offers Java based web application services. You can employ Struts MVC in your final year project, if looking forward for web application. The Struts is an open source MVC gives you the Model View Controller architecture.

Benefits of Struts over JSP:

JSP is also used to develop Java web application but the problem with JSP was Sometimes JavaServer Page blends database code, control flow code, page design code. To overcome this problem Apache has evolved MVC structure. In which all are separated as: Model represents the database code, the View represents the page design code and the Controller represents the navigation code. TOPS Technologies provides Struts training with live project. If you want to hands on Struts visit neared branch of TOPS Technologies across 22 branches.


Looking to build a large content based web application in Java. You can introduce the Liferay in your final year project, which is one of the advanced technology. Liferay Portal is an open source enterprise portal evolved by JAVA. The Objective of the Liferay is to integrate information, processes and people across organizational limitation. When to select Liferay? Liferay is known as a content centric portal. Which excels with a large content based web application. With Liferay, you can easily manage news, blogs, articles, forums and wikis. One of the best examples of Liferay is ER. Liferay increases the productivity as you no need to worry about users, content management, permissions, clustering and sharding. Use of Liferay for large content based application requires no thinking, but if your project is big which not holds large content, you should discuss with any mentor concerned with selection of it. Developing a Project with Liferay will definitely bring something advanced in your project. If you willing to deploy it in your project by learning it. TOPS Technologies will provide you comprehensive final year project training in liferay with a guaranteed job. For further information visit to nearer branch. I wish you have got many of the advanced technology ideas that you can implement in your final year project and impress the jury.

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