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Hibernate is the most popular object-relational mapping Framework of Java. In large enterprise applications, object relational mapping is made simple by Hibernate. The Hibernate Course by TOPS includes basic concepts to advanced details of Hibernate including mapping, queries, transactions, and concurrency.

Learn From Experts

Well qualified, experienced and intellectual Java developers would be teaching you the Hibernate Framework starting from concepts to details so that you are able to develop speedy, versatile and easier to maintain application persistence layers as well as overcome challenges related to mismatch with the hibernate framework.

Work on Live Projects

At TOPS you will be given opportunity to work on Live Java Projects using Hibernate Framework, under the guidance of expert Java Developers so that you get practical experience along with theoretical knowledge.

Get Hired

After training completion, TOPS assists the students in achieving placement in a Topmost IT company or MNC. We prepare our students for technical interviews, networking with the best employers etc., As we have tie up with more than 2000 companies, our students are given priority over other students and thus get placed easily.


Hibernate Introduction

Introduction to hibernate including architecture overview, its benefits and POJO based mapping.

Getting Started with Hibernate

Overview of the hibernate distribution and learn configuring hibernate, SessionFactory configuration, connection properties, database dialect, configuration class, session interface etc.

“Hello World” Program for Hibernate

Learn hibernate type system, working with sessions and persistent objects, mapping a class, persistent entity class, hibernate mapping, file, mapping the entity class, primary keys like id property and generated id etc.


Learn how to insert and update entities and get an overview about hibernate query language, the query interface, creating and working with queries, named queries, projection queries and aggregate queries.

About Persistence Lifecycle

Get an overview about transactions in hibernate, hibernate transaction API, synchronization to the database, session as cache, lifecycle of managed objects, persistent, transient and detached objects and contextual sessions.

Optimistic Locking/Versioning

Learn detached objects and optimistic locking, versioning overview and using versioning and locking objects.

Hibernate Relationships

Overview of object relationship, mapping collections of value objects, cascading over relationships, entity relationships, mapping entity relationships, Uni and Bi-directional relationships and queries across relationships.

Inheritance Mapping

Get trained in entity inheritance with hibernate, table-per-class mapping, table per subclass mapping and table per concrete class mapping.

The Criteria API

Overview of the criteria API, working query with the criteria API and query by example.

Hibernate and Java Persistence / EJB3

Overview of Java persistence / EJB 3, relationship between Java Persistence and Hibernate, overview of Annotations, mapping entities with hibernate annotations validation framework, the entity manager, persistence context and persistence unit etc.

Additional Querying Capabilities

Get trained in projection queries, aggregate queries, bulk updates and deletes, Native SQL queries and query filters.

Advanced Topics

Learn components and multi-table mapping, equals() and hashCode(), caching and efficiency and design considerations.

student life

9:00 am

Group Review

Review and code exercises on daily basis to strengthen skills and understanding towards concepts

10:00 am

Instructor-guided Lessons & Activities

Attend lectures; participate in discussions and activities to gain knowledge

12:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Get notified at regular intervals by successful and experienced leaders through discussions and examinations.

2:00 pm
Labs & Exercises

Student-guided Group Activities

Everyday learn new skills practically, work independently and with team and get valuable guidelines on various concepts

5:00 pm

Catch-up on Goals & Progress

Personalized assistance and reviews from experienced faculties

6:00 pm

Assignments & Projects

Extra support to students by TAs is available for completing daily assignments and analyzing exercises


  • Professional Java developers having 10+ years of experience would be training you at TOPS.
  • Each and every student is given practical training so that they learn how to handle Java Hibernate projects independently.
  • We prepare the students for technical interviews and assist them in networking with the best employers in IT industry after the completion of Java Hibernate training.
  • We have tie ups with around 2000 companies where students from TOPS are given priority over other students.
  • We make sure that the students have grasped the concepts of the training and if not, we provide extra sessions for those students.
  • We have placed more than 1000 students in large organizations and MNCs in past one year.
  • Multiple training centers are available and you have freedom to choose one as per convenience. Also, online training is available from the comfort of your home.

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Training Goals

On completion of Hibernate training course, the student will be able to –

  • Get the knowledge of mapping objects to relational databases and overcome its challenges.
  • Master the architecture of Hibernate.
  • Find out how to setup and configure Hibernate for a Java Project.
  • Map Java classes and object associations to relational database tables with Hibernate mapping files.
  • Understand strategies related to Hibernate for mapping Java inheritance trees to relational database tables.
  • Know how to retrieve Java objects using Hibernate query language and criteria.
  • Learn the Hibernate Query Language and Criteria for retrieving Java objects.

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Any seasoned professional working on Java applications requires the knowledge of Hibernate and so if you want to work as a Java developer and be successful in your endeavors, you need to learn Hibernate which is one of the most important frameworks of Java.


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