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Interesting Final Year Project Ideas for Appealing Project

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Oct 2022

You have decided to create a final year project on mobile application or web application. But, struggling with what to create!! Here, I have shown you a way that leads you toward your objective, which is a unique idea for your final year project that appeals to everyone. The way which I am talking is Web Service integration in Mobile Technology, A trump card for business to business communication at the moment. Why don’t you implement it for your final year project? Here is an idea about, what is a Web Service and how you can implement it in your final year project. Web Services are applications available on the internet, the objective of the Web Service is to provide programmatic or an informative service to other applications. If I elaborate it precisely then I would say Web Services are small units of code which use XML based communicating protocols that has made it independent of the Operating system and Programming languages. Web Services use HTTP, XML, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL web protocols for providing different services for different applications. The example of the small unit code: A small program that is designed to handle a credit card. How Web Service Functions? When any application wants to integrate with web Services, an application sends a request to Web Service using XML, and in revert application get an answer as XML only. In which the calling application has no concern with the operating system or programming language which running on the other computer as it uses an XML language for communicating. Web Service Benefits: Web Service makes an easy communication of two applications and easy way to distribute information to a large number of customers. You can create an application using web services like flight schedules and ticket reservation system. Web Application and Mobile Application: Web application: An application that uses web browser as a client, the client is the application used to enter the information and the server is used to store the information. Mobile application: Software that is designed to run on the mobile device is referred to as a mobile application. It is also known as iPhone apps, android apps, Windows apps. Web Service and Project :
  • Create a project using web services that integrate web application and mobile application.
  • Example is eShopping, eBooking etc.
  • Create a project that uses third party integration for Google map and location and create an application system for the location management system.
  • Create PayPal gateway integration in any eCommerce web application.
  • Create Facebook, twitter application integrations for posting data.
Wrap up: Web Service integration is the trump card for business to business communication at this moment. Developing a project using a technology which has gained the business perspective popularity would be the best opportunity to create an appealing final year project, which may turn into a trump card for you!! Get your final year project training with the best company who provides a final year project training on web service that integrate web application and mobile application. TOPS Technologies is the best outsourcing and training company who is working on the mobile and web technology. TOPS Technologies is providing training to the final year B.E, B.Tech, B.C.A, M.C.A, B.Sc I.T and M.Sc I.T students including soft skill training free of charge. Visit nearer branch of TOPS Technologies from 22 branches across the India.

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