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Tips for Final Year Project on Web Application Development

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Oct 2022

The purpose of a project is to complete a goal or task. It is not just about completing it, but also about the process that comes with it. A project is defined as the set of activities that are needed to achieve a goal or result. A project may be divided into phases, each phase having its own purpose and tasks. A project may have different stakeholders and these stakeholders may have different roles in the project. For example, there may be an owner who oversees the project, defines its scope and has final say on decisions made by other members of the team.

Before you start to develop a final year project, there is some concern which I felt to share with you. How you approach your project that also expose your expertise!! I have recalled some lines which were told by my Sir Don’t be a programmer, be a developer. The project that you have written can differentiate you. Don’t get puzzled in-between programmer and developer, no doubt both are creating a software, but their approach towards project make them different.

A final year project on Web Application Development is a great way for students to explore their interests and get a taste of what it would be like to work in an industry. The final year project is not just about the development of the application. It also includes design, implementation, testing and deployment. This type of project provides students with a chance to explore their interests and get a taste of what it would be like to work in industry.

A programmer is one who just focus on the coding. When a programmer gets the project on hand, he just starts to code regardless of the programming structure. Developing a software without any project plan delivers a software with heap of bugs and complex architecture resulting in sluggish product. In future if you want to extend a project, you would not be able to do it smoothly. This is why a programmer is called “cowboy coder”. Don’t do this with your final year project.

A developer is one who focus on planning in prior to write any single line of code. You can plan your project structure using UML before you start your final year project. Planning before coding offers you a firm base for developing a software. So at this phase knowing a UML will be beneficial to you. There are many tools which can help you to create classes, state, activity, sequence diagrams with no waste of time. TOPS Technologies provides full training on python course, PHP course, java course and other courses.

Web applications are the most efficient way to create and maintain a website. They can be easily accessed through a browser and they can be updated without any manual support. A web application is also more cost-effective than other options like custom software or server-side solutions. It is also easier to maintain, as it doesn't require any programming skills.

The following are some of the most important tips that you should consider when working on your project:

  • Keep in mind what your project will be about and what you want to achieve with it.
  • Consider the audience and the purpose of your project.     
  • Plan out how you will build your application step by step.
  • Research the market and competitors before starting any development work.
The next concern about programming is a time line and structured programming. Here I have elaborated my concern. When we start writing any application there is some segment of code that we need to write repeatedly during the programming.

What we do? We do write it again and again whenever we need that code from scratch.

You need to write the database connection classes for Database access layer, need to create, read, update, delete, CRUD methods for each and every objects classes. Even more, there are many bugs that come across if you are writing the code from scratch. You will face issues with data sanitization, authorizations, authentications, session handling and so many. Even though, you have successfully written the code by defeating all the issue come across, you can’t be sure about the code that you have written is secure and lightweight enough to run.

How you can deal with this?

Web based application framework is a solution for your final year project, which is a standard programming structure that already pre-defines those repetitive code as well other functions.

Select a Framework on which you want to develop your project. If you are confused about which framework would be easy for you, then first decide on yourself that in which language you are good and select the Framework based on your expertise.

The popularity of the Framework has made it available for every language. Here below are the framework options for you that you can employ in your final year project.

PHP related framework: cake-PHP, MVC and cms Drupal, Joomla, WordPress.

Java related framework: like struts, spring, MVC2 and CMS related Liferay, Alfresco, Salesforce.

Asp.Net related framework: like sliverlight, WPF, WCF, nHibernate, MVC5 and CMS related Salesforce, nop-eCommerce, .Net nuke, Microsoft dynamic.

Database related framework: Hibernate, MongoDB, Hadoop hive and pig.

Designing related framework: UI-UX, JQuery, NodeJs , Bootstrap css.

Benefits of Framework:

  • No need to write repetitive code again and again, which increase the productivity project development.
  • No need to worry about session handling and error handling, all is done by the Framework.
  • No need to manage web files and directories as it’s already structured in the Framework.
  • No need worry about your project security, application that you have developed using Framework takes care of it.
  • Highly scalable: you can easily move your project from any of database to another database within few minutes.
  • Frameworks provide a standard working architecture that remains same throughout the project completion.
  • Frameworks separates business logic from the user interface, bring you a clear and extensible code.
Employ the latest Framework to provide an advanced features in your Final year project. It is a tough to use any Framework quickly for Newbies, due to its large and complex abstract. If you want to quickly learn a Framework and employ in your project go with the Best IT company who is providing comprehensive training from Framework to PPT and report creation.

TOPS Technologies is the best Outsourcing company who provides live project training on every technology. If you are looking to work on the Framework for your Final year project, Visit today nearer branch of TOPS Technologies.

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