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    What is the Scope of CCNA in India?

    The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is a coveted achievement that IT professionals aspire for. Initiated by CISCO, the leader in IT and networking, the CCNA was instituted to seek skilled professionals who can ensure optimal utilization of various technological solutions that the company improvises or introduces. The CCNA IT certification is divided into different levels such as entry, associate, professional, expert, and architect levels.

    The CCNA training from CISCO is offered at the associate level. For those who are wondering what the scope of CCNA certification in India is, here is a list of job profiles you can apply for on successful completion of the CCNA course.

    CCNA CISCO Certification Course

    Technical Support Engineers

    Technical support engineers provide support on technological issues to customers and clients of an organization. This job will require you to troubleshoot and offer assistance. A network engineer can resolve issues in computer systems and networks over the telephone or with remote access. TOPS Technologies offers a holistic course where you can learn CCNA and kick start your dream career!

    System Engineers

    This job profile is for freshers. As a system engineer and CCNA certified professional, you will be expected to provide support for LAN and WAN network connectivity. You will also be tasked with the responsibility of providing technical support through firewalls and routers, undertaking documentation maintenance, provide timely response to tickets, alerts, and notifications. Enrolling with a CCNA training institute can help you learn all these skills.

    Networking Engineer

    A system engineer is responsible for the management of different systems, devices, and infrastructure. There is a huge demand for engineers who have completed the Cisco certification training as they have in-depth knowledge of installed infrastructures. A system engineer also maintains the backup and security of systems and offers second and third-level support within the organization.

    Network Administrator

    A network administrator is responsible for managing all the hardware and software within a company’s network infrastructure. You can apply for this post with any organization that uses multiple software platforms and computers to coordinate the different systems.

    IT Manager

    The IT manager in an organization is responsible for data processing, operations, and systems. If you want to join an organization as one, you need to have skills for system administration and handling virtualized server environments.

    Senior Network Engineer

    A senior network engineer usually leads the IT support team and is responsible for ensuring the seamless functioning of the IT network in the organization. As a senior network engineer, you shall be expected to maintain and operate the infrastructure in an organization within the established configuration.

    Network Security Specialist

    As the name suggests, a network security specialist is responsible for protecting an organization’s IT network from malicious attacks. As a security specialist, you shall be expected to detect, prevent and resolve threats that can be damaging to an organization.

    How to Secure CCNA Certification?

    If you aspire to be a CCNA certified professional, it is best to enroll in a CCNA certification training course with a reputable IT institute. The course at TOPS Technologies allows you to learn the essentials of CCNA and networking. From hands-on training in routing and switching to setting up a network using CISCO’s product across multiple locations across the world, the CCNA course will help you become skilled and industry-ready.

    The course at TOPS Technologies is aligned to the CCNA examination format, which means it comprises 80 percent of Live projects and 20 percent of the theory.

    Let Us Help You Make Your Dream Career True!

    TOPS Technologies is a reputable institute offering the best IT courses from experienced and qualified trainers. For information on our CCNA course, you can write to us at or WhatsApp your query to us at +91-7622011173.

    So what are you waiting for? Enroll with TOPS Technologies – the leading CCNA training institute.

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