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How to Create PSAR (Patent Search & Analysis Report) for Final Year Project?

PSAR stands for Patent Search and Analysis Report launched by GIT in the grading system of the 7th semester students of GTU. The objective of the PSAR is to bring out innovations from the students for their final year project.

What is a Patent?

Patent refer to as an invention, an in invention is not your own until it is patented. A Patent is a right granted to the inventor of the invention that prevents others from making, using and importing it without his/her permission. It is a way of protecting creation of any category. And the invention can be defined by the process that provides a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to the existing problem.

Why Patent Search?

Patent search is a learning process in and of itself, which is continuously iterative.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” If no one is there to search a problem, there would be no any new inventions. To invent something new what you need is identifying needs or problems in the existing patent and delivers the solution to the problem, which turns into an invention.

Patent Search & Analysis Report

When you are searching for a patent, you should follow below questions:

  • What problem does the invention solve?
  • What is the invention?
  • What does the invention do?
  • To successfully accomplish patent search you need to use different search tools, use patent search tools, different patent granting organizations, use patent coding, use Boolean techniques for filtering search and how to access free patent search database like google patent, WIPO-Patent scope, Espacnet, IP India services.

Patent Search Report

What is Analysis Report?

Analysis report is a comprehensive summary of your patent research which includes the list of the conclusion that you have derived from the analysis.

What you need to include in Analysis Report?

1.Patent Search Technique used:
2.Basic data of Patent and Bibliographic:
Inventor Details:
Applicant Details:
3.Technical part of patented invention:
Limitations of prior technology:
Specific Problem solved:
Brief about invention:
Key Learning Points:
Summary of Inventions:
How much the invention is related to your project definition:

PSAR is a new concept comprised in the GTU has made students anxious about it. If you are also puzzled with the PSAR and have no idea from where to begin and how to accomplish it, go with the best company who guide you in PSAR. TOPS Technologies is the best outsourcing and training company which provides the comprehensive live project training on final year project by considering latest norms and documentation and follow them.

TOPS Technologies has comprised all new topics of the PSAR in the comprehensive training of final year project. In TOPS Technologies you will learn about what is a patent, how to search patent, what is intellectual property rights, how to register for a patent in India, how to make an analytical report for patent search and all the subjects concerned to PSAR and Final year project. To know more about Final year project, visit nearer branch of TOPS Technologies.

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