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Course Highlights

Do you ever wonder why iOS is among the most popular mobile operating systems worldwide? Have you ever pondered why it is used so often in the tech sector? With the rise in smartphone use, iOS has gained popularity and is now the operating system of choice for millions worldwide. It has grown so well-liked that people often call it the monarch of mobile OS. 

According to a report, iOS use in India increased by 32% during the previous year. In the same research, it is also said that iOS has increased its market share in India from 22.8% in 2021 to 28.5%. This demonstrates the growing popularity of iOS devices and the growth of Apple in the nation. The quantity of applications downloaded from the Apple App Store in India has also significantly increased. App Annie reports a tremendous growth rate of 37% in downloads over the previous year.

Here, we'll go through the advantages of taking an iOS course and provide practical suggestions and guidance on choosing the best one. Also, how OS training might help you master this fascinating field.

What is iOS?

iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. It serves as the operating system for several of its well-known products, including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. After Google's Android, iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system globally. Millions of devices utilise it, accessible in more than 140 nations. 

It is renowned for its intuitive UI, cutting-edge functionality, and many applications and services. Since iOS is based on a Unix core, its applications and services operate in a safe and reliable environment. Various integrated functions are available, including access to the App Store, iCloud, AirPlay, and FaceTime. 

Moreover, iOS allows users to personalise their devices, including modifying the home screen layout, altering the device's appearance, creating app folders, and installing custom themes. The ideal daily-use operating system is iOS, which has a robust security system, an easy-to-use design, and various functions and applications.

What Do iOS Courses Teach?

iOS courses are a great way to learn how to build mobile apps for Apple's iOS platform. These iOS Tutorials cover various topics, from the basics of Swift programming language to the ins and outs of designing user interfaces for iOS devices. 

You'll learn how to create apps that can be used on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch and the basics of building web applications. You'll learn to design user-friendly interfaces, create custom views and animations, and integrate third-party libraries into your apps. Many iPhone App Development Courses also cover the fundamentals of developing with Xcode and the App Store and the basics of debugging and testing your apps. 

Additionally, you'll gain a better understanding of the App Store and its submission process. With a iOS Development Course, you'll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to build and deploy apps for the iOS platform.

Why Is iOS The Best Job? 

High Demand

Since Apple devices like iPhones and iPads are becoming increasingly popular, there is a growing need for iOS developers. Companies often look for skilled people to assist them with their development, aiming to produce new applications and features to stay competitive. iOS developers are now in great demand among employers due to this surge in demand. 

IOS developers may have a successful career in this industry with the correct training and experience. Job searchers might benefit from this circumstance since they have a variety of employment options to pick from. This implies they can locate the ideal position for their hobbies and ability set. 

It's crucial to remain up to speed with the newest technologies and trends to be competitive in the job market since employers are prepared to pay top cash for experienced and competent iOS developers.

Career Opportunities

iOS development provides many career opportunities for those interested in the field. For aspiring developers, there are plenty of opportunities to get started as a freelancer, working on smaller projects to build experience in the field. 

As developers become more experienced, they can move on to larger projects and more prestigious positions. The nature of the iOS platform is constantly evolving, so developers have the chance to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. 

This means developers can continuously expand their skillset and increase their job opportunities. With the right skills, iOS development can be a great way to break into the tech industry and open up many potential career paths.

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

No matter what stage of your career as an iOS developer, you'll have access to cutting-edge technology. This is an exciting advantage of the industry - you'll never be out of the loop regarding the latest trends and gadgets. 

Apple is constantly releasing new products, updates and software; as an iOS developer, you'll have access to them. This means you'll be able to stay ahead of the curve and be up-to-date with all the latest technologies. 

Working with these latest gadgets allows you to create innovative solutions and push the envelope of what is possible. The great thing about the iOS development industry is that it's constantly evolving and changing, so you'll always have access to the latest technologies.

Flexible Working Conditions

Whether you prefer to work remotely or on-site, many options are available. You can choose the type of work environment that best suits your needs and lifestyle and take advantage of flexible hours and schedules. This means you can create a work schedule that works for you and your lifestyle and balance your job with other commitments, such as family or other hobbies.

This flexibility is not just a benefit for the employees but for the employers as well. Companies can benefit from having a more flexible workforce that can adjust to the changing needs of the business. 

Employees can also benefit from having more control over their schedule and the ability to take on different types of projects. This makes iOS development an attractive choice for many employers and employees.

Competitive Salaries

IOS programming is a lucrative career path offering a fair wage and the joy of creating applications that millions of people use. Because of the extreme demand for iOS developers, compensation for these roles is sometimes highly competitive. 

The need for skilled iOS developers will only rise as Apple products gain more and more traction in society. This is fantastic news for people who want to work in the iOS developer industry. You might anticipate making a superb living from your profession in addition to a powerful and expanding job market. 

The fact that you can pursue iOS programming without a college degree is another fantastic advantage. While having a formal education might be beneficial, it is not necessary.

Most Promising iOS Job Roles

iOS Developer

As an iOS developer, you must create software that works with the iOS platform and its associated hardware, including iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch. Swift, Objective-C, and Cocoa are just a few programming languages and frameworks for creating iOS apps. Being an iOS developer offers the chance to design cutting-edge programmes that can be utilised on Apple gadgets, making it an exciting and lucrative job.  

To produce more creative apps, an iOS developer must keep up with the most recent technological advancements and market trends. Thus, a solid grasp of them is essential for a successful iOS developer. Also, you must be familiar with creating APIs, user interfaces, and dealing with databases. An iOS Developer might be able to make up to 15 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) per year.

iOS Designer

You are in charge of developing aesthetically pleasing and useful apps for the Apple platform as an iOS Designer. You must be able to design apps with a smooth user experience and have an eye for detail. To do this, you must be conversant with the most recent developments in mobile design and the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

 Also, you should be comfortable with programmes like Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. You can produce unique and interesting designs with a solid knowledge of the tools. To produce the greatest possible product, it is also critical to be able to collaborate with developers and other designers. 

When confronted with design difficulties, you must be able to think creatively and outside the box as an iOS designer. The three qualities necessary for success in this position are enthusiasm for design, openness to learning, and familiarity with the Apple platform. An iOS Designer usually makes up to 13 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) annually.

iOS Quality Assurance Engineer

You will be expected to check that apps are operating correctly before release as an iOS quality assurance engineer. This difficult process calls for a thorough knowledge of the iOS platform and the capacity to find and correct faults. You should have expertise in creating, carrying out, and developing automated tests. 

You also need expertise testing software on many device kinds and OS iterations. This will be the main focus of your effort since it is a crucial component of the task. Also, you could be requested to contribute by offering comments and recommendations to the development process. 

Before being made available to the general public, this ensures that the application is of the best quality. Because of the high level of technicality and attention to detail required for this position, you must be ready to keep up with any recent changes to the iOS platform. An iOS Quality Assurance Engineer could make up to 15 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) annually.

iOS System Administrator

You will run the iOS platform and all associated systems as an iOS system administrator. You will need a thorough knowledge of the iOS platform, its functions, and the apps created for it. As well as installing, configuring, and maintaining the platform, you must diagnose any problems that may develop and provide users with solutions. 

You have to be knowledgeable about the platform's architecture and the many tools that are accessible. You ought to be able to maintain the system current with the newest software and security upgrades. To effectively secure the system and its users, it's also critical to have a solid understanding of networking and security. 

You should be able to describe solutions while offering help in both technical and non-technical terms so that people can follow along. An iOS System Administrator could make up to 14 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) annually.

Industries That Hire iOS Professionals


The majority of iOS professionals are employed in the healthcare sector. Healthcare businesses need experts to assist in their administration due to the ever-increasing need for mobile apps and devices. An iOS system administrator manages the iOS platform, associated systems, and their features. 

IOS developers in the healthcare sector are responsible for various tasks, including creating mobile apps and integrating them with other systems. They must fully comprehend the iOS platform and its apps to be effective. This involves the capacity to set up, manage, and debug the platform and provide users assistance and solutions. 

They assist users and are expected to possess the technical know-how and abilities required for the position. In addition, they need to be well-versed in the laws, rules, and procedures that govern the healthcare sector.


The retail sector increasingly depends on iOS experts to manage mobile devices and apps. The whole iOS platform, including all of its features and associated systems, is under the control of iOS system administrators. 

IOS specialists in the retail sector are responsible for building mobile apps, integrating them with other systems, and administering the iOS platform. They must be able to install, configure, and manage the platform and know it inside and out. These experts must also be able to resolve any problems and troubleshoot them for consumers. 

They must be able to create unique apps for their business and assist users. These individuals must thoroughly grasp the iOS platform and its features to succeed in this position.


Education is one such industry that needs iOS professionals to create innovative mobile solutions that can help improve the learning process. By leveraging the latest technology, educational institutions can create applications that offer interactive learning experiences, provide students with up-to-date information, and even offer personalised classes. 

Having iOS professionals on board can help educational institutions stay on top of the ever-evolving technology landscape and ensure their students receive the best education possible.


The financial industry increasingly depends on iOS experts to manage its mobile devices and apps. You must thoroughly grasp the iOS platform, its capabilities, and the apps created for it to function as an iOS system administrator. 

You will be in charge of creating mobile apps, integrating them with other systems, and providing user support on the development side. The platform must be installed, configured, and maintained. You must also be able to diagnose any problems that may develop and provide consumers with answers. 


One of the most sought-after jobs for iOS specialists is in the technology sector. Technology companies require highly skilled people to handle their iOS platforms as mobile devices and apps increase. 

The management of the iOS platform, which includes installing, configuring, and maintaining the system, as well as user support and troubleshooting, falls within the purview of an iOS system administrator. 

They must know the platform, its functions, and the tailored apps well. In addition to administering the platform, iOS specialists in the technology sector are responsible for creating mobile apps, connecting them with other platforms, and offering user assistance. They could also be tasked with creating unique apps that fit the company's requirements.

How To Start Your Career in iOS?

Getting Started with iOS Development

Learn the Basics of iOS Programming: The first step to becoming an iOS developer is to learn the fundamentals of iOS programming. This includes familiarising myself with the Swift programming language and the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. It's also important to understand the basic building blocks of iOS development, such as app architecture, user interface design, and working with the Xcode IDE. Once you understand these concepts well, you'll be ready to move on to the next step.

Familiarise Yourself with the Apple Developer Program: The Apple Developer Program is an essential part of iOS development, and it's important to familiarise yourself with it before you begin your career. This program provides access to the latest Apple technologies and tools and technical support, and resources to help you develop your apps. 

Consider Taking a Course: If you're new to iOS development, a course can be a great way to start. An iOS Certified Course can provide you with the fundamentals of iOS programming and help you get up to speed quickly. There are numerous courses available, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

Finding the Right Job

Networking and Building Connections: Once you've gotten the basics of iOS development, it's time to start looking for jobs. Networking and building connections are important parts of the job search process. Attend conferences, meetups, and other networking events to make connections and build your network. You can also join online communities and forums to connect with other iOS developers and stay updated on the latest developments in the iOS world.

Writing a Quality Resume and Cover Letter: When applying for jobs, it's important to have a quality resume and cover letter that showcases your skills and experience. Include examples of your work and any relevant certifications or awards. Take the time to write a compelling resume and cover letter to make you stand out.

Applying for Jobs and Interviewing: Once you've prepared your resume and cover letter, it's time to apply. When you get an interview, be prepared to answer questions about your experience and skills. It's also important to clearly explain why you're the best candidate for the job. Look for job postings on sites like Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor, and don't be afraid to apply to jobs even if you don't meet all the requirements.

Staying Up to Date with the Latest Technology

Participate in the Apple Developer Community: Once you've started your career in iOS development, it's important to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Participating in the Apple Developer Community is a great way to do this. You can join the Apple Developer Forums to connect with other developers, get answers to your questions, and stay updated on the latest news.

Follow Tech Blogs and News Sites: Following tech blogs and news sites is another great way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the iOS world. Numerous sites dedicated to iOS development, such as iOS Goodies and AppCoda, provide tutorials, news, and updates on the latest technologies.

Attend Conferences and Workshops: Attending conferences and workshops is another great way to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends. These events allow networking with other developers, learning from experts, and getting hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

How to Choose the Right iOS Course for You?

Look at the Course Reviews

There are many amazing iOS courses available, but picking the best one for you might be challenging. Reading evaluations from previous students is one of the greatest methods to decide whether a course is worth your time and money. 

You may learn a lot about a course from reviews written by prior students, including information on the course's material quality and level of customer support. Checking reviews lets you determine if the course is worthwhile for your time and money. 

Make Sure the Course is Up To Date 

Ensuring your chosen course is current is crucial since the iOS platform continually changes. When choosing one, choose a course that addresses the most recent iOS developments and technology. This will guarantee that you are getting the most recent information accessible and that you can remain one step ahead of the competition. 

It might be challenging to keep up with all the latest innovations, given how quickly iOS develops. You'll get a competitive advantage and be able to keep up with the constantly evolving iOS platform by enrolling in a course that covers the most recent trends and technology. 

Consider the Course Support 

Be sure you're getting the most value out of your money when choosing an iOS course. Beyond the fundamentals of the course material, it's crucial to think about the kind of assistance the course offers. Does the teacher assist? 

Can you communicate with other students in forums or chat rooms? This could significantly impact how effective the course is for you. It might be really helpful to have access to the teacher and be able to ask questions or get comments on tasks. This may be a helpful approach to acquiring peer support and learning about the subject from several angles. 

Consider the Course Price

The cost should be considered when choosing an iOS course. Many courses are available, ranging in price from free to quite costly. Conducting your homework and thoroughly grasping the course's offerings and expected costs is critical. 

Free classes are a fantastic alternative for individuals who are just starting and wish to get a fundamental grasp of technology. They're fantastic for picking up the fundamentals and acquiring a feel for the platform. However, a paid course could be better if you search for more in-depth instruction and want to explore technology. 

Choose a Course That Fits Your Learning Style

Examining your preferred learning method if you're considering enrolling in an iOS course is important. Do you find that viewing videos and following step-by-step instructions helps you learn best? Or do you like to read books and articles to discover new things? 

Choosing a course with a solid mix of content is critical to get the most out of the course. Be sure the course suits your learning style since different courses provide various learning resources. For instance, you should opt for a course with lectures, tutorials, and other visual components if you learn best by watching videos. 

iOS App Training in Vadodara for Students & Experienced Pros

There is a rising demand for Smartphones and, consequently, mobile applications. The demand for iPhone application development is growing, and Vadodara provides a highly conducive environment for learning. TOPS Technologies is making things easy for iPhone aspirants to sketch their careers in a highly rewarding field with live project app training.

This course is intended for developing a logical mindset towards developing iPhone applications. Certified iOS training is bound to boost trainees' confidence when they are about to enter a huge job market. Successfully placing over 10,000 students in a high-profile jobs is proof of TOPS' commitment towards excellence.

Instructors of iPhone app developers are committed to delivering a deeper understanding of the subject with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It is best to attend a risk-free demo of iPhone app development at TOPS Technologies Vadodara Training centre. To learn more about our iPhone Training Programs, please visit our ios Training Course Page.


Taking an iOS course is a great way for students to gain the knowledge and skills to develop and design their iOS applications. With this course, students will learn the basics of iOS development, including the Swift programming language and the Xcode development environment. They will also learn how to create user interfaces, use databases, and develop their apps. 

Additionally, students will become familiar with the App Store, how to submit an app and the latest trends in iOS development. With the right knowledge and dedication, students can become successful iOS developers and make their mark in the world of mobile app development.

TOPS Technologies is the best iOS Training Institute in Vadodara. We offer comprehensive iPhone Courses to our students, helping them make the most of the latest technologies and develop their skills. Our dedicated teaching staff takes great care in imparting the highest quality of education to our students, ensuring they are well-equipped with the skills required to use their iPhones effectively. At TOPS Technologies, we believe in providing the best iOS Training to our learners. We are confident that our students receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date iOS App Development Courses, and our commitment to excellence is evident in the success of our learners.

Academic Sessions & Personalized iPhone Training in Vadodara

TOPS Technologies is the Best iPhone Training Institute. We are committed to providing our students with the highest quality education possible. Our instructors are experienced professionals developing and teaching iOS courses for years. Their expertise can provide our students with the best possible instruction and support throughout the course. Our iPhone Certificate Courses are designed to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of iOS development, from basic concepts to advanced topics. Students will learn the fundamentals of the iOS platform and the latest features and techniques. 

TOPS Technologies Vadodara can swiftly arrange for a personalized iPhone Training Batch at offices and colleges. We are also offering online app development learning. Interested to know more about the course, certificate, and fees? Drop us an email at

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Course Curriculum

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  • C,C++ programing
  • PL SQL
  • About iphone industry
  • Basic OOPs, Software Engineering ,SQL

  • Hello swift
  • An introduction about swift Playground
  • code comments
  • DataType Constants & variable
  • Tuples
  • Optional
  • Enumerations
  • Operator
  • Statements
  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries(NS Dictionaries, NS Mutable Dictionary)
  • functions and Closures
  • Classes and Structures
  • Inheritances
  • Methods Overriding
  • Properties
  • protocols
  • Generics
  • Extension

  • Introduction of iPhone Architectures and cocoa
  • Fretworks and tools
  • Interfaces builder ,XIB,NIb,Storyboard files
  • MVC architectures

  • Introduction of application Templates
  • CreatingIBoutlet,IBaction
  • Appdelegate,files Owner
  • UIAlert Controller(alert and actionsheet)
  • keyboard hiding,UIImageView,UIimagePickerController
  • UISegmentsControls, UI progress bar, UI slider
  • UIswitchbutton, UIstapper, UIActivity Controller,
  • WebView, ScrollView
  • Datepicker, Pickerview, UIView, UIStackView, UIHorizantalview
  • Auto layout with size class(Constraint)
  • Navigation from one page to another page
  • Text Sharing (UIActivity View Controls)

  • UITableview(customtableview cell)
  • UICollection View(custom collection view cell)
  • Navigation bar,Navigationitem,bar button item (with Custom Design)
  • Toolbar,Toolbaritem,Tab bar and Tab bar item (With Custom Design)
  • UIGestures Controls
  • Dynamic Controls Design (Custom Controls Design)
  • NSUserDefaults ,Plist,Appicon, splash screen
  • Validation[TextField Validator]
  • Use Layer Propties of all controls
  • Template Design

  • Directory Handling and file IO
  • SQLite database with the terminal operation
  • SQLite database operation with the application
  • XML and JSON parsing
  • Core data
  • Notification
  • Application Deployment
  • Audio, Video Player and Read pdf file with Simulator

  • Downloading and uploading
  • NSURL Request,NSMutable URL Request
  • IOS with phpwebservies[Request,post]
  • IOS with SOAP service

  • Location Mapping(GPS)
  • Map kit
  • 3D Touch
  • Notification (local and push notification)
  • Animation (basic,shaking,orbite,other)
  • App In porches(Store kit)
  • Add Extender
  • Cocoa pod Installation for downloading framework and library
  • Google Map Integration
  • Google API (places and direction API etc )
  • Social media integration,iAd Integration
  • Email and Message Sending
  • Cocoa controls Use in Projects
  • Use of ThiredPartiyapi

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