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Everything You Need To Know About Starting Your Career In iOS Development 

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career that will provide you with continuous opportunities for growth and development? If so, then iOS programming may be the perfect choice for you! With the ever-increasing demand for mobile applications, a career in iOS programming offers many advantages.

The rise of iOS in India over the past few years has been remarkable. This is largely due to the popularity of Apple's iPhones and the increasing availability of cheaper and more powerful Android devices. 2021 has been a particularly successful year for Apple's mobile operating system, with its market share in India increased by over 10%. This growth is expected to continue over the coming years, with market analyst estimates forecasting iOS to account for over 20% of the Indian market by 2022 and nearly 30% by 2023.

Apple's commitment to India has also been a major factor, with the company investing heavily in research and development and expanding its retail presence in the country. With the Indian smartphone market expected to reach nearly 500 million users by 2023, the potential for iOS to continue to grow is huge.

Here, we will explore the iOS Course, its benefits, and the career opportunities that come with it. We will look into the various aspects of the course and how it can benefit individuals who choose to pursue it, and various job opportunities that are available in the field of iOS development.

What is iOS?

iOS is an operating system created by Apple and is used exclusively on mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is a closed system, meaning it can only be used with Apple products. 

iOS is based on the Mac OS X platform and is built around a graphical user interface (GUI) similar to the one used on Mac computers. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with features such as multi-touch gestures, a virtual keyboard, and other features to make it easier to control the device. 

It also includes a wide range of applications, such as the Safari web browser, Apple Music, and the App Store, which allows users to download and purchase apps. Several features are built into iOS, such as the ability to locate lost devices, secure file sharing, and control device settings remotely. 

What Do iOS Courses Teach?

iOS courses are designed to teach people the fundamentals of developing software for Apple's popular iOS operating system. The iOS Development Courses typically start with an introduction to the iOS platform, the different types of iOS devices, and the software development tools available. 

From there, students are taught the basics of coding and software development, such as using Xcode, the official development environment for iOS app creation. They also learn to use various frameworks, APIs, and SDKs to create more powerful and complex apps. Students then learn how to create and test their apps on their iOS devices. 

In addition, the iOS Tutorials also cover topics such as designing user interfaces, debugging, troubleshooting and adding features like push notifications and cloud storage. By the end of the iPhone Training Course, students should be able to create their apps for the iOS platform and publish them in the App Store.

Why Is iOS The Best Job? 

Wide Range of Job Opportunities

iOS offers a variety of roles that can be tailored to fit the individual's skills and interests. By utilising the vast array of tools and features available, iOS professionals can create innovative, user-friendly applications and websites that have the potential to reach a wide audience. Additionally, iOS offers an ever-growing library of resources, such as the Apple Developer Network, to help professionals stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

From healthcare to education, iOS has a wide range of job opportunities that can fit any lifestyle. Furthermore, iOS professionals have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and industries. Furthermore, iOS offers various job opportunities with flexible hours and pay, so professionals can work from home or on the go. This flexibility makes iOS a great option for those with busy schedules or needing additional responsibilities.

Stability and Security

When developing applications for iOS, developers can be confident that their creations will enjoy the utmost stability and security. Apple continuously updates and improves its operating system, providing developers with access to the most current features, tools and security protocols. This makes it easier for developers to ensure their applications remain safe and reliable. Moreover, the platform also offers a high level of protection against malicious attacks and other security threats, keeping both the data and applications of developers secure. This is very important for businesses, as security is their major concern. Overall, iOS is an excellent platform for developers to build their applications on, ensuring that their data and applications will remain secure and safe.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours IS a great perk of this field. Working for a company that allows you to set your hours and occasionally work from home can be a blessing. With flexible working hours, you can work when you're most productive and take breaks when needed. 

iOS provides employees with flexible working hours, so you can make the most of each day. Many employees have found that they can be more productive and efficient when working around their schedules. They don't have to stick to a rigid 9-5 schedule. iOS also offers great benefits such as paid vacations, health insurance, and retirement plans. So, if you're looking for a job that allows you to balance work and life, iOS may be a great fit. With flexible working hours, you can create a schedule that works for you and still be successful in your job.

Competitive Pay

With the iOS platform being so popular, companies are willing to pay their employees more for their skills and knowledge. IOS developers can expect to make more than their counterparts in other industries. 

Furthermore, the pay for iOS developers increases as the demand for their skills and knowledge increases. This provides an incentive for iOS developers to continue to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies, which helps to keep them competitive in the industry. Additionally, the pay for iOS developers can be supplemented with freelance and contract work, allowing them to maximise their potential earnings.

Most Promising iOS Job Roles

iOS Developer

You will be a vital part of creating apps for the Apple App Store as an iOS developer. It's a fun career that entails creating, updating, and maintaining iOS applications. You need to be well-versed in coding languages like Objective-C, Swift, and Xcode, as well as the iOS platform and its development tools, to succeed. You will be responsible for adding new features, correcting bugs, and assuring the app's functionality and security.

For this position, you must be able to think critically and solve issues independently. You also need to have a keen eye for detail. You often need to interact with other developers to build a successful app. An iOS Developer usually makes up to 15 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) annually.

iOS UX/UI Designer

IOS UX/UI Designers create the app's graphic design, user flow, and overall experience. This entails finding original solutions to issues and ensuring the design is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. This position demands in-depth knowledge of the iOS platform and a solid grasp of user experience concepts as the person in charge of developing the user experience and user interface for iOS applications. Being an iOS UX/UI designer is very satisfying and difficult.

To improve the user experience, you must be able to decipher user input. Also, it calls for a keen eye for detail and the capacity for innovative design. You must be able to convert difficult ideas into intuitive and beautiful designs if you want to succeed as an iOS UX/UI designer. An iOS Designer might be able to make up to 12 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) per year.

iOS Quality Assurance Engineer

You play a crucial part in creating iOS applications as an engineer responsible for quality assurance on iOS devices. You are responsible for ensuring the applications match the company's quality requirements. You must have in-depth knowledge of the iOS platform and a solid grasp of software testing techniques to do this. Any bugs or other problems that could be present in the programme must be able to be located and isolated.

To troubleshoot any difficulties that may develop, you must be able to think critically and analytically. To guarantee that all problems are handled promptly, you must also be able to communicate with other team members clearly and efficiently. You also need to be able to assess the app to make sure the appropriate quality criteria are being fulfilled. 

iOS Support Engineer

Giving iOS consumers technical support is your responsibility as an iOS Support Engineer. Along with assisting with the app's installation and upkeep, you will assist users with any technical problems. You must be proficient in customer service techniques and possess the capacity for critical and analytical thought. Strong iOS platform expertise is necessary for this position, as familiarity with programming languages, including Objective-C, Swift, and Xcode.

You must be able to solve any problems that can occur and comprehend the many elements of the iOS platform. Also, you must be able to see possible issues and provide solutions. You must also be able to offer possible changes to the app's current version and keep up with the most recent iOS releases. You must be able to work independently and be eager to take on new challenges to succeed as an iOS support engineer. An iOS Support Engineer could make up to 13 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) annually.

iOS Project Manager

You will oversee the creation and rollout of iOS apps in your capacity as an iOS project manager. You'll be in charge of leading the development team and creating and carrying out the project plan. This position requires in-depth familiarity with the iOS platform and development methodology and a solid grasp of project management concepts. You must be an effective leader, have excellent organisational abilities, and be able to think strategically.

To guarantee the effective completion of a project, you must also possess great communication and problem-solving abilities. The development team will look to you for direction and assistance, and you'll ensure the project is finished on schedule and budget. Also, it's important to stay current with iOS-related developments and technology. An iOS Project Manager might be able to make up to 17 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) per year.

Industries That Hire iOS Professionals

Technology Industry

Mobile devices are heavily relied on in this sector, making iOS a go-to operating system. iOS professionals in the technology industry are responsible for developing and maintaining mobile applications, as well as developing and maintaining mobile back-end systems. Furthermore, they must integrate mobile applications with other systems and databases. Testing applications to ensure their quality is also essential, so iOS professionals must develop testing procedures accordingly. With the rise of mobile technology, the technology sector needs experienced iOS professionals to help drive innovation and growth.

Gaming Industry

The release of the iPhone and iPad has opened up a world of possibilities for developers and game creators alike. iOS professionals in this sector are responsible for developing and maintaining gaming applications for these devices and integrating them with other systems and databases. They must also be proficient in creating and maintaining gaming back-end systems and have experience developing testing procedures for gaming applications. It's a complex job that pays well and opens the door to exciting and innovative possibilities. With the right skills and dedication, an iOS professional in the gaming industry can significantly impact the industry's future.

Healthcare Industry

iOS professionals create and maintain mobile applications that allow healthcare professionals to access patient data and develop and maintain mobile back-end systems. These iOS professionals must ensure the quality of these applications, for which they are expected to develop robust testing procedures. They also need to integrate these applications with other systems and databases. Their work is critical in helping healthcare professionals provide patients with the best care.

Education Industry

With the introduction of mobile devices into the classroom, the education sector has seen a surge in educational applications. iOS professionals in this sector are responsible for developing and maintaining educational applications and integrating the applications with other systems and databases. They may also be tasked with creating and maintaining educational back-end systems and developing testing procedures for educational applications.

Automotive Industry  

Many automotive companies now rely on iOS professionals to develop the software and apps that help power their vehicles. iOS professionals in this industry create and develop navigation, entertainment, and safety systems software. Additionally, they create apps that allow drivers to control their vehicles from their phones. This type of software can be found in many new cars on the market today. It provides drivers with the convenience of being able to control certain aspects of their cars from their phones. This technology is revolutionising the automotive industry and making cars more efficient and safer for drivers.

How To Start Your Career in iOS?

Learn the Basics of iOS Development: The first step to starting a career in iOS development is to learn the basics. This includes familiarising yourself with the various tools, frameworks, and programming languages used to create iOS applications. Numerous online resources are available to help you get started, from tutorials and video courses to books and forums. Additionally, many universities and coding bootcamps offer courses on iOS development that can help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

Develop Your Professional Network: It's critical to expand your professional network as soon as you have a fundamental grasp of iOS programming. You may start by attending meetings and conferences, joining social media groups for your sector, and contacting other experts. Connecting with other iOS developers may provide you with crucial industry knowledge and open doors to career prospects.

Take Advantage of Online Resources: The internet is invaluable for iOS developers. From blogs and forums to online courses and tutorials, innumerable online resources are accessible. These materials might help you in your knowledge of the iOS platform and help you stay current with market developments. You may also reduce time while developing apps using various online tools and libraries.

Develop Your Technical Skills: It's crucial to keep developing and honing your technical abilities as an iOS developer. This entails keeping up with the most recent programming languages, frameworks, and tools for developing iOS apps. You should also try understanding new programming languages like Swift and Objective-C and the design ideas and best user experience practices used to produce successful apps.

Take on Side Projects: You may improve your talents and get essential experience via side ventures. They may also assist you in developing your portfolio and showcasing your capacity for independent work. Choosing a side project that will push you to learn something new about which you are enthusiastic about is crucial.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest iOS Trends: The field of iOS programming is ever-evolving and changing. It's crucial to keep up with the most recent trends in the market to remain competitive. This entails remaining current with emerging programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. You should also keep up with any upgrades to the iOS operating system and changes to the Apple App Store.

How to Choose the Right iOS Course for You?

Consider Your Goals: It's crucial to consider your goals for the programme before choosing an ios development course. Do you want to hone your skills in a particular area of iOS programming, or do you want to master the fundamentals? Your options will be more limited if you know what you want to gain from the course.

Research Educational Institutions: The next step after deciding on your objectives is to look for educational institutions that provide the kind you want to take. Search for well-known institutions with a solid track record of successful students and courses that fit your interests and aspirations.

Check for Accreditation: Verify the programme and institution are accredited before registering for a course. Accreditation proves that a school and its educational offerings adhere to criteria and may help guarantee that employers will respect your degree or certification.

Research Course Content: The next step is to look at the course content once you've narrowed your list of suitable courses. Be sure the course will provide the necessary skills and information by searching for courses that thoroughly cover the subjects you wish to master.

iOS Classes & Training in Surat for Students & Experienced Pros

TOPS Technologies offer a melange of Instructor-led presentations and hands-on exercises, assuring a higher proficiency in iPhone app development at Surat. Students get acquainted with using the tools and essentials of the iPhone application development course progress. A team of highly experienced training staff at TOPS is highly skilled in iOS SDK Development and is always on their toes for students’ disposal.

Personal attention is given to each student in the batch to solve each question to help iPhone development enthusiasts understand any concept or coding issue. Such extensive iOS training is expected to provide exciting job opportunities for students and experienced professionals.

Over 10,000 students who passed out from TOPS has reached great heights in their career. Not sure if you are the next iPhone expert? How about ensuring the same by visiting the TOPS Technologies Surat Training centre to attend a risk-free demo?


Taking an iOS course can be a great way for students to develop their skills in mobile app development. It provides an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of app development, familiarise themselves with the Apple platform, and gain experience with coding and design. Even if students don't plan to pursue a career in app development, the skills they learn in the course can be applied to other fields and help them stand out in the job market. Ultimately, iOS courses can be a great way for students to gain knowledge and experience that can help them in many aspects of their lives.

TOPS Technologies is the best iOS Institute that offers the best iPhone Courses to those wishing to learn more about mobile app development. Our iPhone App Development Courses are created with the needs of the students in mind and are designed to cater to the learning needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The comprehensive courses cover all the basics and advanced concepts related to iOS development. We ensure our students understand the development process and get hands-on experience creating their iOS apps. Our iOS Training also allow students to network with peers and get valuable advice from experienced instructors. With our courses, you can be sure you are getting the best iOS training and education.

Personalized iPhone App Development Course in Surat

Fitting your requirements and place TOPS Technologies can fit in your requirements and place with a customized iPhone Training Batch tailor-made distinctively for students and professionals at corporate offices and colleges in Surat. We also offer an online iOS classroom to learn from your home.

Feel free to email us at and clear your doubts! 

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Course Curriculum

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  • C,C++ programing
  • PL SQL
  • About iphone industry
  • Basic OOPs, Software Engineering ,SQL

  • Hello swift
  • An introduction about swift Playground
  • code comments
  • DataType Constants & variable
  • Tuples
  • Optional
  • Enumerations
  • Operator
  • Statements
  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries(NS Dictionaries, NS Mutable Dictionary)
  • functions and Closures
  • Classes and Structures
  • Inheritances
  • Methods Overriding
  • Properties
  • protocols
  • Generics
  • Extension

  • Introduction of iPhone Architectures and cocoa
  • Fretworks and tools
  • Interfaces builder ,XIB,NIb,Storyboard files
  • MVC architectures

  • Introduction of application Templates
  • CreatingIBoutlet,IBaction
  • Appdelegate,files Owner
  • UIAlert Controller(alert and actionsheet)
  • keyboard hiding,UIImageView,UIimagePickerController
  • UISegmentsControls, UI progress bar, UI slider
  • UIswitchbutton, UIstapper, UIActivity Controller,
  • WebView, ScrollView
  • Datepicker, Pickerview, UIView, UIStackView, UIHorizantalview
  • Auto layout with size class(Constraint)
  • Navigation from one page to another page
  • Text Sharing (UIActivity View Controls)

  • UITableview(customtableview cell)
  • UICollection View(custom collection view cell)
  • Navigation bar,Navigationitem,bar button item (with Custom Design)
  • Toolbar,Toolbaritem,Tab bar and Tab bar item (With Custom Design)
  • UIGestures Controls
  • Dynamic Controls Design (Custom Controls Design)
  • NSUserDefaults ,Plist,Appicon, splash screen
  • Validation[TextField Validator]
  • Use Layer Propties of all controls
  • Template Design

  • Directory Handling and file IO
  • SQLite database with the terminal operation
  • SQLite database operation with the application
  • XML and JSON parsing
  • Core data
  • Notification
  • Application Deployment
  • Audio, Video Player and Read pdf file with Simulator

  • Downloading and uploading
  • NSURL Request,NSMutable URL Request
  • IOS with phpwebservies[Request,post]
  • IOS with SOAP service

  • Location Mapping(GPS)
  • Map kit
  • 3D Touch
  • Notification (local and push notification)
  • Animation (basic,shaking,orbite,other)
  • App In porches(Store kit)
  • Add Extender
  • Cocoa pod Installation for downloading framework and library
  • Google Map Integration
  • Google API (places and direction API etc )
  • Social media integration,iAd Integration
  • Email and Message Sending
  • Cocoa controls Use in Projects
  • Use of ThiredPartiyapi

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