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5 Things to Know Before You Start Your Career as a Mobile Application Developer

November 21, 2017

Innumerable mobile applications are being rapidly increased since its birth so there are all the possibilities that your application might just go unnoticed. Developing a mobile application is not only about getting things done from your programmers but these applications should also be organized, strategized, and designed to satisfy the purpose of end-users. Before you […]

Get Easy Placement With Right Android Training!

June 15, 2017

We are living in an era where a Smartphone takes care of most of our needs from work to entertainment. This is the right time for someone trying to learn and earn from this giant opportunity. There are lots of institutes that offer Android courses, but what you need is to find the best android […]

Google adds Kotlin as an official programming language for Android Development

May 29, 2017

On 17th May, Google selected Kotlin as a par excellence language to be used for Android development, besides Java and C++. Director of product management for Android – Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson said that “Kotlin was selected over Java and C++ because it is a beautiful programming language. Kotlin is a magnificent new programming language which […]

Popularity of Android Amongst Developers

September 13, 2016

Android has become one of the most important operation systems these days. Almost all the mobile phones by Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola etc, use this operating system. Also Android is used in tablets, netbooks, smart watches etc. The main cause behind the popularity of Android is the free download of apps because it is built […]

Why Android is the Best for Final Year Project Development?

February 12, 2015

Nowadays students derive their selection on mobile application development for a final year project. As there is a large group of students who possess aspiration to develop their career as a mobile application developer. But they get confused at some extent, like which would be better technology for developing a final year project: iOS or […]

The Course Options for Android Application Development Training

February 2, 2015

We have focused on students who have aspired to make a career in android application development field, students who want to make their IDP in Android technology as well students who want placement after completing android training. By considering the different demands of students we have designed our course content and have tried to offer […]