Google adds Kotlin as an official programming language for Android Development

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Last Updated: 06 Apr 2023

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On 17th May, Google selected Kotlin as a par excellence language to be used for Android development, besides Java and C++. Director of product management for Android – Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson said that “Kotlin was selected over Java and C++ because it is a beautiful programming language. Kotlin is a magnificent new programming language which was built by JetBrains the developer of JetBrains IDE on which Android Studio (official developer tool by Google) is totally based on. Kotlin was foremost released in 2011 and last year it was available as a 1.0 release which didn’t get as popular as Apple’s release of Swift in 2014. The biggest reason of Google considering Kotlin as an alternative to Java is that it didn’t required creating a new set of APIs to support Kotlin. Moreover, Kotlin has not been selected as a substitute for Java or C++. The programmers can still use Java or C++, the choice is theirs. Java is a programming language which totally depends on the Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin is an alternative to Java which is being used by high number of Android developers. By default, Kotlin tools would be covered in Android Studio 3.0 

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Also, Google and JetBrains is providing assurance to support to Kotlin language to experience the progress of the language. Kotlin’s synchronization with Google is likely to make Android development extremely striking as the outcome which was not possible with Java can be leveraged by Kotlin.

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An example given by a developer proved that how only one line code could achieve the same thing as 87 lines of Java. This doesn’t mean that Kotlin code would be having less number of lines when compared to Java code. But, Kotlin would definitely allow developers to write less code with improvised syntax. Kotlin is considered safer than other dynamically-typed languages and the reason behind that is it can eliminate errors which arise while variables are configured for two different types of data. For example – when an integer handles floating point number, Kotlin makes sure that errors are avoided. Google’s adding Kotlin as an official programming language for Android development means having access to excellent support from Google in the mode of documentation, tutorials and code samples. Also this would facilitate Android Studio 3.0 to provide the support equivalent to Google. The good news about Android developers is that Android Studio 3.0 has the capability of converting between Java and Kotlin easily with a click. This becomes convenient for the developers to convert old Java source code to the present Kotlin code. The compatibility of Java with Kotlin makes possible to convert Java to Kotlin and vice versa. Google has also emphasized that it has not removed Java, it has just added Kotlin as an official programming language for developing Android apps. It was also added Android supports Java 8 features using Javac Compliers. Still, for the convenience point of view, the Android developers can replace Java with Kotlin as their prime programming language if they desire to do so. The best android development course is a program that will teach you how to create android apps. It will teach you the fundamentals of programming and how to code in Java. You will also learn about the different components of an android app, as well as how to make use of these components.

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