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Get Certified with Our Android Classes in Rajkot!

The demand for Android developers is on the rise. According to recent reports, the number of job postings for Android developers has increased by 32% since 2021. So if you're looking for an exciting and in-demand career, consider becoming an Android developer!

If you're looking to get ahead in your career, enrolling in an Android Development Course With a Certificate at TOPS Technologies is a great way to take advantage of this demand. You'll learn how to create efficient and user-friendly Android applications and how to publish them on the Google Play store.

What is Android Development?

Android Development is the process of creating applications for the Android operating system. The Android SDK provides the tools and resources necessary to develop Android applications. The first step in Android Development is creating a new SDK project. This will generate a directory structure and some files necessary for every Android project. The next step is to add code to these files to create your first android application.

Android applications are written in the Java programming language. The Java code is compiled into bytecodes that can run on any Java Virtual Machine. The bytecode is then packaged into a .apk file and deployed onto an Android device. When an Android application is started, it will create a new process with a single thread of execution. The main thread, also known as the UI thread, is responsible for drawing the user interface and responding to user input events such as key presses and touch events.

If you want to create a successful Android application, it is important to understand how the Android platform works and how its components interact with each other. It is also necessary to have a good understanding of the Java programming language and object-oriented programming concepts.

Enrolling in an Android App Development Course For Beginners at TOPS Technologies will give you a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. You will learn how to code in Java, the programming language used for developing Android apps, and gain an understanding of the various software development tools used in the Android Development process. In addition, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to deploy and test Android applications on real-world devices. 

The benefits of enrolling in an Android App Development Course extend beyond acquiring technical skills. The course will also allow you to network with other aspiring developers and build professional relationships with industry mentors. 

If you are interested in Android Development Course, consider enrolling at TOPS Technologies. It offers the Best Android Development Course to help you get started in this field. Speak to our experts regarding the Android Training Course Outline and course fees.

Benefits Of Android Development

Open Source 

An Android app developer will have direct access to all the vast Android community has to offer if the platform they use is open source. This includes the right to use the technology without paying licensing fees and the most recent and cutting-edge technological framework accessible. Developers can keep up with the most recent improvements in Android mobile app development thanks to the open-source design of Android's Software Development Kit (SDK).

App developers can easily address bugs and enhance their products because of the open-source nature of the tools that are provided by the Android platform. After the app has been uploaded to the Google Play store or any other Android mobile app marketplace, the developer can make additional improvements to the app by considering the feedback and suggestions provided by users.

High Return on Investment

Compared to iOS, the Android platform offers a significantly lower barrier to entry. The Android software development kit (SDK) is freely accessible to the app developer community, which helps reduce licensing and development expenses. This is particularly attractive when you consider the strong return on investment (ROI) that results from Android's large worldwide market share.

The cost of developing an Android app may be readily segmented into three primary stages:
application development stage, testing stage, hardware expenditures associated with testing, and mobile app deployment. If you design Android apps for a living, you will have access to a larger audience at a lower cost in terms of both time and money.

Easy to Implement

One of the primary reasons why so many developers think Android is the best mobile platform, from application to processing architecture, is its open-ended flexibility to add new components. The Android platform is unparalleled in its ability to accommodate intricate technological customizations or integrate an already-developed application. 

Because the Android platform is accessible to a diverse range of customization options, mobile app developers can easily integrate and alter their products to fulfill the requirements of their respective businesses.

Easy Integration for Software Developers

Another benefit of developing applications for the Android platform is that it is predominately constructed in Java, which is now one of the market's most well-known and well-understood programming languages. In addition, Android applications programmed in Java come pre-installed with a comprehensive collection of libraries that software developers are allowed to use. 

Under the aegis of Android, it is thus a lot less difficult for software developers to switch over to the production of mobile applications.

Google Play Links for SEO 

Developing an app on the Android platform enables businesses to gain more brand recognition, which is the last but certainly not the least benefit. At this point, the success of a brand is significantly dependent on search engine optimization (SEO), and it is common knowledge that Google is the most popular search engine on the internet.

Therefore, having any kind of business or service host a mobile application on the Google Play store will give benefits that will continue for a long time. When an Android application is uploaded to the Google Play marketplace, Google will include it in its app indexing library. This, in turn, will assist in converting app views into site page views. Your mobile app's SEO rating will continue to improve as it receives more hits, ultimately increasing the popularity of both the mobile app and the corporate website.

Industries That Use Android Development

1. Medical Care: Android applications have enhanced patient care standards and contributed significantly to the industry's growth. They have streamlined interaction between patients and doctors by offering remote consultations, virtual health monitoring, and appointment scheduling via mobile application. Providers can monitor the patient's vital signs while they are at home and dispatch emergency care if necessary. Additionally, Android apps assist in the collecting and secure preservation of patient medical records.

2. Banking: The banking industry has also seen a mobility boom. In reality, nearly all industry participants have already invested in Banking app Development, with others soon following suit. Customers may transact, check accounts, pay bills, and much more with just a few clicks. In addition, they provide total transactional security and tailored experiences.

3. Manufacturing: The industrial industry is utilising Android applications to its benefit. Since many organisations have adopted the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, Android apps are required to keep employees connected with their employers. With these applications, production units may follow employees, monitor their productivity, and maintain constant contact with them. In addition to digitising procedures and reducing paperwork, apps increase the efficiency of activities like inventory and supply chain management.

4. E-Commerce: Most firms are transitioning to e-commerce due to retail mobility, which has altered the retail landscape. Shopping apps elevate the purchasing experience by enabling consumers to access an online business anytime and from any location. With capabilities such as push alerts and location-based messaging, they also permit customized targeting. The bulk of clients are Android users; thus retailers must acquire Shopping App Development services to reach this part of the market.
Android Development Job Roles and Salary

A wide variety of job roles are accessible in the Android software development industry. The following are some of the most well-known:

Android Developer: An Android Developer's job is to create applications that run on the Android operating system. They are required to have good Java programming skills and be conversant with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). In Rajkot, an Android Developer can make up to 7 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR) annually in terms of their income.

Android Game Developer: These professionals make video games for the Android platform. They must have a strong programming background and previous expertise with Unity or another game engine. In Rajkot, the annual salary range for an Android Game Developer can reach up to 8 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR).

Android App Developer: This type of developer develops applications for the Android operating system. They need to be proficient in programming and have previous experience working with the Android SDK Development Kit. In Rajkot, the average compensation range for an Android App Developer is up to 9 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR).

Android UI/UX Designer: An Android UI/UX Designer's job is to design user interfaces and user experiences for Android applications. They must have great graphic design talents and be conversant with the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The annual compensation range for an Android UI/UX Designer in Rajkot can go up to 8 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR).

If you want to learn Android Development, you can search for android classes in rajkot Near Me and enroll in an Android App Development Course Institute like TOPS Technologies to get started.

Android Classes in Rajkot to Redefine Your Career

A presence of more than 40 engineering colleges in Rajkot demands you to stay atop the competition. Get an edge over others with Android Training In Rajkot by TOPS which provides the most comprehensive Android training course. With the sprawling demand for Android application developers, this course is designed to enable students and professionals alike to write simple GUI applications and use built-in widgets and components.

Also, it equips learners to work with the database to store data locally and produce Android applications. Over 10,000 students have redefined their careers with TOPS, the institute that always pushes itself beyond the set limits. To get a free demo visit TOPS Technologies Rajkot center.

Who can enroll in our Android Training in Rajkot at TOPS Technologies?

If you are looking for comprehensive and affordable android classes in rajkot, TOPS Technologies is perfect. Our Android Training In Rajkot covers all the essential topics you need to know to develop Android applications. We also offer flexible scheduling options so that you can study at your own pace. Whether a beginner or an experienced programmer, our Android App Training will help you hone your skills and take your Android Development career to the next level.

Customized Android Training in Rajkot for Students & Pros

Rajkot is one of Gujarat's most important and largest cities. The city is known for its textile industry and has been making things for a long time. There are also several it training company in rajkot, which will likely make a big difference in its economy. The government of India has named Rajkot an "IT Hub," and this has caused the IT industry in the city to grow quickly.

Just in the Rajkot district, the IT industry employs about 10,000 people and brings in about Rs.500 million each year for the local economy. By 2025, this sector is expected to add Rs.5 billion to the economy.

TOPS Technologies can arrange a customized Android Training Batch at your office or college in Rajkot. To know more about our Java Training Programs, Course details, and fees email us at or Call us at 7622011173.

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Course Curriculum

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  • Introduction to Android
  • Introduction of Students
  • Career in Android
  • Working on Project and Assignment
  • Using Lab

  • Software Engineering with SDLC
  • Use Case
  • DFD
  • Flowchart
  • SQL Database

  • Introduction to Android
  • Android System with Architecture
  • Android Architecture
  • Development with Android – Platforms, Tools
  • Versions
  • Setup Android Environment
  • Say Hello to Android Application
  • Building Blocks of Android Application
  • Work with Activity
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Intents
  • Fragments
  • Fragment Lifecycle

  • Create Android UI
  • Working with Layouts
  • Linear Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Table Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Create Custom Layouts
  • Work with UI Components and Events
  • Text View
  • Edit Text
  • Validate Data
  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Radio and Radio Group
  • Rating Bar
  • Progress Bar
  • Seek Bar
  • Web View
  • Material Design Toolbar, Tab Layout
  • Recycler View and Card View
  • Butter knife
  • Android Annotations

  • Storage in Android
  • Shared Preferences
  • Shared Preferences Layout
  • Android Requesting Permission at run time(Android 6.0)
  • Work with SD Card and Files
  • Database in Android
  • Introduction to SQLite
  • SQLite OpenHelper Class
  • Create, Open and Close Database
  • Database Insert, Update, Delete
  • Read Data with Cursor
  • Realm-No SQL Database

  • Web Services and Parsing
  • XML Parsing
  • DOM Parsing
  • SAX Parsing
  • Pull Parsing
  • JSON Parsing
  • Access web data with JSON
  • Connect to Web Services
  • Using Async Task
  • Third Party Libraries
  • OkHttp
  • Retrofit
  • Glide
  • Picasso – 2
  • MySQL connectivity using JavaOR
  • MySQL connectivity using PHP
  • Web Service Connectivity

  • Google Map, Location Service, and GPS
  • Creating a Google Map
  • Work with Location
  • Location service with Location Manager
  • Find Current Location
  • Geocoding
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Work with 2D Graphics
  • Bitmap
  • Animation
  • Frame Animation
  • Tween Animation
  • View Animation
  • Multimedia in Android
  • Play Audio Files
  • Play Video Files
  • Work in Background
  • Services
  • Notification Services
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • What are broadcast Receivers?
  • Work with a broadcast receiver
  • Firebase
  • FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Android App links Assistant

  • Work with Android System
  • Wake Lock
  • Text to Speech
  • Camera
  • Taking Picture with Camera
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Manage Bluetooth Connection
  • Monitor and Manage Wi-Fi
  • Sensor
  • Understanding Sensor
  • Access Sensors
  • Development and Deployment
  • Dalvik Debug Tool
  • Logcat
  • Emulator Control
  • Device Control
  • Work with ADB
  • Connect Real Devices
  • Execute Application on Real Device
  • Publish your Application

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Course Key Features

Learn Android App Development from Beginner to Advance
Learn Kotlin Language
Build Mobile applications in Android
Develop Cloud Apps using Google Firebase
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Skills Covered

Kotlin Fundamentals
OOP With Kotlin
Android Layouts
Android Activities and Lifecycle
SQlite database
Android Location and Maps
Android ListViews and Widgets
Android Media
Android Animations
Material Design and Themes
Android Intents
Android Fragments
Skills Icon

Job Roles

Android Application Developer
Mobile Application Developer
Kotlin Developer
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  • National Skill Development Corporation
  • Supported by the vision of PM Shri Narendra Modi
  • Certification by NSDC SkillIndia
  • In collaboration with Google
  • Valid for all Jobs and College Training
  • International Recognition
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The Android Development Course Fees in Rajkot range widely from institution to institution. The fees might range from a few thousand rupees to many, depending on the institute.

If you want to start your career in this field, then enrolling in our Android Development Course  at TOPS Technologies is the best option for you. 

If you are looking for a way to get into Android Development, look no further than TOPS Technologies in Rajkot. We offer live project training that will give you the skills and experience you need to be successful in this growing field.

Our Android Training In Rajkot is designed to give you a complete understanding of the Android platform, from developing applications to working with the latest tools and technologies. You will learn how to create stunning user interfaces, utilise device capabilities, and integrate with backend services. And best of all, you will get to work on real-world projects that will help you build a strong portfolio.

So if you are ready to take your career to the next level, contact us today and show us why TOPS Technologies is the best Android App Development Training Institute in Rajkot.

There are many ways to get Android Development jobs in Rajkot. 

The best way is to find a job portal that specialises in Android Development jobs. Once you have found such a portal, you can create a profile and upload your resume. You can also search for Android Development jobs in Rajkot on the portal and apply for the ones that interest you.

Another way to get Android Development jobs in Rajkot is to directly contact companies that hire Android Developers. You can find the contact details of such companies on their websites or job portals. Once you have the contact details, you can send your resume to them or call them to inquire about any open positions for Android Developers.

If you know someone who works in an Android Development Company in Rajkot, you can ask them for help finding a job. They may be able to refer you to the right people or may even know of an open position that would suit your skills and experience.

Finally, you can also look for job postings on online classifieds websites or social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Many companies post their open positions on these platforms. You can apply for these jobs by sending your resume to the company through the respective platform.

Doing an Android Development Course from an Android App Development Course Institute like TOPS Technologies can help secure your future in this field and get you a high-paying job.

Yes, TOPS Technologies does offer an Android Development Course with Placement Assistance in Rajkot. The Android Classes in Rajkot are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop Android applications. The Android Course covers topics such as the Android SDK, Android Studio, and Java programming language. Upon completion of the course, students can create their Android applications and publish them to the Google Play Store.

Recent research and estimates indicate that the annual income of an Android Developer can reach up to a maximum of 7 Lakhs Indian Rupees (INR). On the other hand, the candidate's level of experience and expertise may result in a shift in the pay scale.

TOPS Technologies is the best place to start if you want to learn Android Development. We offer the best Android App Development Course in Rajkot and have a team of experts to help you get a job in this field. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now!

Yes, TOPS Technologies offers Android Development Interview Preparation for Freshers in Rajkot. We provide Android Training in Rajkot that covers all the aspects of Android Development, from the basics to the advanced. Our Android App Training is designed to help you prepare for your interviews and land your dream job in the field of Android Development.

Here are some skills needed to become an Android Developer:

Assuming you have a basic understanding of Java, the main skill you need to become an Android developer is learning how to use the Android SDK. The Android SDK is a set of tools that allow you to develop Android applications. There are a lot of different components to the Android SDK, which can be overwhelming at first. However, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn. Once you have a handle on using the Android SDK, you can start developing your Android applications.

In addition to learning how to use the Android SDK, you will also need to understand design principles and user experience (UX). This is important because your goal as an Android developer is to create applications that users will find helpful and easy to use. To do this, you must understand what users want in an application and design your app accordingly.

Finally, it is also important to be familiar with how users interact with Android applications. For example, users can interact with apps via touch, voice, or gestures. Understanding how these different interaction methods work will help you design more user-friendly apps.

If you're interested in learning Android Development, enroll in our Android Development Course at TOPS Technologies. The course is taught by experienced professionals who have worked in the field for many years, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible education. 

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