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    Top Industries That Are Hiring Graphic Designers

    You would expect a graphic designer in a marketing or advertising company. However, with the growth of the digital market, skilled graphic designers are finding employment across industries. A graphic designer has the skill of packaging and branding services and products in a manner that drives home the message among the target audience. This trait has added to the growing demand for skilled graphic designers in the new age industries. If you are planning to take up a graphic designer course, read on to understand what the industry can offer you!

    Top Industries That Are Hiring Graphic Designers

    Top Industries Where Graphic Designers are High In Demand


    You would be surprised at the thought of a graphic designer being in demand in the manufacturing industry. The idea of a creative designer in an industry that deals with raw materials and industrial products would seem absurd. Interestingly, graphic designers are the ones who give each item the right branding and colours that appeal to the target audience. An industry-relevant graphic designing training can skill you and prepare you for the manufacturing industry. As a creative designer, you may be required to give each product its final appearance by identifying the right colour scheme and fonts that can arrest the attention of a potential customer by using tools such as Photoshop, Corel Draw or Illustrator.

    A creative designer gives each product its final appearance by identifying the right colour scheme and fonts that can arrest the attention of a potential customer.


    Graphic designers have been working in the publishing sector for ages now. But with the digital metamorphosis that the industry is undergoing, the demand for graphic designers, who can design publications and literature that is compatible with the online platform, is also growing. From newspapers to books, the demand for online reading material is growing. As a result, the publishing sector needs technologically skilled graphic designers more than ever now. You can sign up for graphic designing classes such as the one offered by TOPS Technologies to prepare yourself for this industry and learn how to use tools such as Photoshop and CorelDraw.

    Computer Systems Design

    With the Internet becoming essential in today’s world, search engines and websites are becoming the most popular source of information. This has also resulted in the boom of opportunities for skilled graphic designers. From websites to web pages, a graphic designer is required to give each web application an attractive look and feel to its digital audience. Tops Technology offers a detailed graphic designing training course online that will skill and train you for a job in the computer systems design industry and equip you with the knowledge to use essential designing tools such as Illustrator, Corel Draw and Photoshop.

    Government Agencies

    You would be surprised to know that even government agencies hire graphic designs. Graphic design is an integral component of the communications cell of each government agency. They are responsible for designing brand logos, letterheads, stationery, etc. Graphic designers are also responsible for designing billboards, hoardings, leaflets and pamphlets on different announcements made by the agency. A detailed and well-structured course will help you learn graphic design that is relevant for government agencies.

    Mobile App Design

    Mobile app designing is another field where skilled graphic designers can apply their skills and build a lucrative career. With the dependency of people growing by the day on mobile phones, several applications that meet commercial, professional and personal needs have come up in recent years. Graphic designers play a vital role in designing the look of each app that resonates with its functionality and utility. This industry is set to grow in the coming years and the demand for skilled graphic designers in the field is expected to show a corresponding growth. If you want to be a graphic designer specializing in mobile apps, you can enrol in a graphic design course that trains you in mobile app designing too and helps you find a lucrative job.

    User Experience

    With the intervention of the digital space gradually growing into the lives of people in all aspects, stereotypical job roles are seeing a paradigm shift. Graphic designers can now make a lucrative, high-paying career in this Internet-driven world. User experience is an integral aspect of web designing and development. While a lot of web designers undertake designing User Experience or UX on their own, graphic designers can make this industry extremely profitable themselves. With the knowledge that they already have on graphic designing and a degree in UX, they can design powerful and highly engaging websites that offer high UX.

    The demand for highly creative and talented graphic designers skilled in using tools such as CorelDraw, Illustrator and Photoshop is only set to grow. A large volume of retail and commerce has moved into the digital space in recent times, which has further fueled the demand for graphic designers who understand brands, their positioning and how to make them stand out from the cut-throat competition.

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