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    The Best Top 10 Xcode Plug-ins for iOS Development

    Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the product of an Apple for developing software for iOS and OS X. Which is known to all developers who are working on it, But nevertheless they may not so aware with the Xcode plugins support. Yes, it’s talk about Xcode is supporting plugins. Apple has done promotion of Xcode, but has skipped to promote plug-ins. I don’t know why.

    Well, that is not to discuss. Here I am giving you a solution for that. Here I have listed best plugins which I have experienced, from a long list for Xcode and a brief about all the plugins as, proper plugin architecture is necessary for an integrated development environment. So pick the best from the list to make your work easy. Some of the great examples of plugins are TextMate and Sublime Text.


    Installation is quite an annoying process for Alcatraz. But this year I have found that Alcatraz has improved and reached to the expectations of developers which are compatible to Xcode5. So I must say it would be wise decisive to add Alcatraz to your Xcode.

    Xcode Colors

    Developed by: Robbie hanson.

    As the name gives a strike to your mind is very correct. This plugin adds colors to your Xcode console.  This goes best with the CocoaLumberjack framework. You will feel debugging is getting more easy, once you will add this plugin to your framework. And the best thing is that you will find colors all the way.


    This plugin is best to highlight FIXME, TODO, ??? As well using XToDo you can highlight comments!! It can be useful in various ways, make easy to find out your comments easily and moreover, it presents them in a list format.


    This Xcode plugin is used to highlight current line in which editing is going on. It helps to keep your eyes on the line which you are editing with very ease. It’s Very simple plug-in holding the best potential to help you during work.


    It is the dependency manager for iOS and OS X projects which holds thousands of libraries that can help you to scale your projects. It reduces your pain of working with third party libraries, particularly when you need to integrate non-ARC libraries in an ARC-enable project. You just specify which pods you want to include and other things will be done by CocoaPods.

    There are CocoaPods plugins, which add CocoaPods menu item to the Xcode product menu. If you are really don’t like command line, then I am sure you will enjoy working with this plug-in.


    This plugin synchronizes your Xcode snippets to a git repository. To make you utilize code snippets that you added manually, which remains untouched. You can easily access that code snippets, just in few clicks if you are using this plugin. By this plugin code snippets will be in the focus, which will make you able to use it.


    Git having a graphical user interface which definitely makes your work less difficult, nevertheless sometimes you forget which line you have edited. You couldn’t find which line was last been edited. That can be possible now by using GitDiff plugin, which adds visual information that make you know what changes have been done since last commit.


    When you are writing a program in objective-C, auto completion is a great deal. How it would be for you if I say now it would be available in Xcode. Well by adding KSImageNamed, it would be possible that file names for an instant image files name will get autocomplete, which will not only reduce your typing speed but also will reduce the time which need to write a coding. Have a KSImageNamed and be cool.


    Xcode is fine with autocorrelation for completing code and yes the last plugin to auto complete file name. Now point comes to the statements. Adding and importing statements being bothersome, right ? So how to deal with that !! Peckham plugin solves it. How? Lets take one example. Suppose you want to import a header of the pod. If you have Peckham then you just need to press Command-control-P and type few letters of the header which you are looking to add, at that time you will get the list of options by the plugin. Isn’t it great!! Have it in your Xcode if you feel it’s worth.


    Autocomplete functionality of Xcode doesn’t work preciously, you also may come across such an experience that you are not getting suggestions as you expected. To solve this problem Jack Chen and Leszek Ślażyński have created FuzzyAutocomplete plugin, an alternative which gives an excellent matching pattern which matches to your expected suggestions.

    Dash for Xcode

    Xcode has its own editor to browse the documentation, but if you want to try something new for browsing your documentation then Dash plug-in would be the best choice for you. If you have not added Dash and press Option-Click then your documentation get open using the Xcode documentation browser. Once you add Dash plug-in and press Option-Click then Xcode will open plug-in. The best feature of this plug-in is that it also integrates CocoaDocs. This is one of the favourite plug-in of mine.  You must try it.

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