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Successful Tips to Prepare for a Tech Interview

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

Most of the time employers look for someone who has solid technical skills, but, most importantly who has an ability to solve problems smartly and effectively. One should always remember the main qualities for a good tech person such as patience, creativity and persistence. Never panic if you don’t know the answer as most of the recruiter may like to know how your brain works than the actual answer. Interviewer also ask technical questions and to answer those you must have knowledge about the subject. You can gain that knowledge from the best IT Training Center that will help you with these.

It is very important to take time and research about the company and prepare your interview answers accordingly. This way, you will be ready with appropriate answers for the interview that more likely to relate company you are interviewing with for a job.

If are experienced, think of the skills that are particularly interesting or innovative and which show your potential and abilities and don’t be afraid of saying what you are interested in.

And finally never miss an opportunity to show your passion towards you profession, which makes you different from other potential candidates.

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Always do sufficient research about the company:

One should do a solid research on the structure, history and goals of the company you are applying to. Try to find out more about the founders and their business progress, as this will influence the way to approach the interview. It will be an added benefit if you are able to show the interviewer that you have done your homework and you feel comfortable with the specific work environment.

Wear comfortable outfits

Never overdress or wear some screaming attire. Business casual works best and sometime even jeans will do. It is recommend finding out how the employees dress every day and putting something just similar to it.

Practice will makes you perfect

Not all companies, but some will definitely ask you to do algorithms during the interview. It is advisable to structure your possible interview session as nothing should surprise you in between. The solution for it is simple, just practice, include questions from specialized books, online questions and focus on problem solving. Also be prepared for brain teasers, puzzles, games etc as it helps the interviewer to find out how your brain works.

Polish you problem solving skill properly

One has to understand that, the recruiter wants to see how you solve the problems, be in the coding questions or in other technical challenges. So never panic and relax before answering, if you see a mistake, point it out to the interviewer politely. Most of the recruiters are interested how you think and your creativity work and do you easily give up or try with some idea.

Try out solving your technical problems in front of someone else and explain your steps aloud. This exercise will help to put you in the right mindset and get you used to make mistakes and tackle them while another person is watching and don’t forget to ask for the feedback.

You can follow the same practice for brainstorming questions, the recruiter may give you examples of problems that occur in the company and ask for your consultation for its solution. Try to figure out such possible questions and also the way to solve it, end of the day it is all about how you approach the situation and try to solve it by your own.

Design you resume properly

Never ever put anything on your resume that you barely worked on or that you don’t know too much about. You may end up in a trap if the interviewer asks questions on it.

Design it properly; don’t make it complicated, as someone may get lost in details. Keep it short and precise, include your general role and focus challenges or problem that you have successfully solved.

Go through your resume properly and highlight events that show off your skills. Choose from each professional or academic experience one or two challenges that you faced and overcame, including projects on which you worked.

Be polite and friendly

The recruiter should feel that you are an awesome persone to work with and a good team member. Though intellect is important it is equally important to present yourself positively. If you are working in a team don’t brag but only focus on facts when talking about your experience. Some candidates argue a lot, so try to avoid, tackle the situation intellectually otherwise it will leave a bad impression on the recruiters mind.

Be prepared for practical questions

Prepare yourself thoroughly, as nothing should come to you as a surprise, be ready if you are been asked to write formulas on a white board, on paper or into a computer. Don panic and show you are disoriented by these details, therefore try to train yourself for such interview conditions beforehand.

Never lose an opportunity to exhibit your enthusiasm for work and your sample work.

Tell the interviewer how you would love to work for their company and why. It gives them an idea of your commitment and your interests. It would be useful for the recruiters to see a sample of your work during the interview. You can also send the link in an e-mail beforehand, so they can look at it and perhaps ask you about it in the interview or afterwards.

Ask correct questions

At the closing of the interview, you may ask questions with exact purpose. Don’t ask something that you could easily look up on the company’s Web site. You may ask questions related to future projects the company is working on.

Do relevant follow-up

It is basics, that in any interview it is recommended to right a follow-up e-mail to the recruiter. In the case of a tech interview, a follow-up e-mail becomes very interesting if you send something that is relevant to what was discussed in the interview.

All the respective tips are the results of TOPS Technologies vast experience in providing various IT Professional Educational Courses, Training programs and Placement Services in India and are based on actual feedbacks and interview experience of over 7 years in the IT industry.

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