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What does it Take for a Successful IT Job Interview on Telephone?

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2023

Have you ever given your job interview on a telephone? No. Then here in this article we present a few things which you should be aware in case you happen to get on with a telephonic interview.

A telephonic interview would just be same as a regular two way conversation on the telephone but rather in a formal way. Many of the companies today are conducting telephonic job interviews. Reasons could be the distance between the interviewer and interviewee or if the employer wants to find out a bit more about the candidate and expand on his/her CV. Sometimes it may be also be a test to find the candidate’s verbal communication skills and interest in the job.

Whatever be the reason of the telephonic interview one thing is for sure that you need to get prepared so that there are no undesired interruptions between your interview. Following are certain things that can help you get prepared for an IT job interview on telephone.

Proper prior research about the company is definitely going to help you for the interview. You can do this through internet medium where you can check their website and get few details, you can see if you can find articles about the organization and so on.

From the research try to create a list of questions which you could possibly be asked by the interviewer. Then carefully think and find about the best answers to give. You may find answers to many of the frequently asked IT jobs interview questions from websites on internet. Ask the experienced individuals about the best answers to the common questions generally asked during every interview.

Conveying your answers in a warm and open manner is important as this will give a good impression of you to the employer. This will make you and the interviewer to feel comfortable while talking and thus help you build a good rapport with your interviewer. Show enthusiasm all round the interview and try to keep your examples and answers appropriate.

Avoiding disturbances is primary thing to do during the interview. So find a comfortable area having proper cell phone reception in order to have your phone interview done without any unlikely disturbances. Ensure that the area has so that you don’t have to deal with bad signals.

While talking to your interviewer on the phone, make sure that you have your resume or CV in front of you. if your CV is not handy, just make sure that you have pen and paper ready as this will help you take notes yourself.

Talk in a professional manner. Do not eat, smoke or talk to some other person during the IT job interview. Have a glass of water close at hand so that you can take a sip every now and then. . Speak clearly, slowly and with confidence while avoiding rambling in between.

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