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    Project Training – UDP or IDP

    As students enter their Final year of BE/ MCA a big question looms around in their head – Should I do IDP or UDP? And rightly so, as the decision will decide the fate of their future careers.

    The answer can be answered by another question – What is the main purpose of Project Training/ Live Project?

    GTU created the concept called project training to ensure students learn and experience how a real industry works. This experience would enable students to experience the inner workings of the industry and get them ready for placements. Over the period of time to ensure that fake projects are not done by students GTU brought rules to improve the quality of work that was done during the project training.

    But the basic principle still stays the same if a student can do a project in a real working environment, it will always be better than a UDP – University defined Projects. Why is IDP better then a UDP – In most cases a UDP is academically driven, whereas an IDP is industry driven. This basic difference itself warrants students to undergo IDP.

    TOPS Project Training – As most students might be aware TOPS is a Software Development Co with training centers across the country. The basic goal of TOPS has been to impart quality education and project experience that GTU has always wanted. Due to the TOPS methodology of teaching thousands of Freshers have been able to get a job faster and easier. We have a development center with 100 developers and 50+ placement personnel to provide placements for Freshers and experienced professionals. TOPS creates campus events where thousands of students were able to get interviews at reputed companies of Gujarat (

    Should you do UDP or IDP – We feel both – Get a definition from the College and learn the implementation of the project at TOPS. This will enable your college to be happy that the project us UDP whereas your future employer will be happy that you know the fundamentals and advance concepts as required by the industry.

    To know more about IDP/ UDP whatsapp us 76220 11173 or inquire at – visit our website at

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