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    How to Prepare a Project Report?

    No matter how hard you have tried to learn new things during your project time, if your project report is not impressive, you will fail to get the desired marks. No matter if your file, whether you are in the final semester of your MBA or in the M.Arch, you need to have the impressive project report.

    At the time of making your project report, you should not only consider getting the good marks. If your project has all the significant details in a perfect manner, then it can be used as an important document of data.

    Here are a few things that you need to do at the time of making final project report:

    Establish criteria, Present good arguments, Develop principles, Questions and Answers, Evaluate success, Analyze and Statistical Data.

    You have to be precise in your report and you need to follow the expected format that has been decided by your university. The general structure includes:

    Step- 1 Introduction

    Step- 2 Background

    Step- 3 Project

    Step- 4 Summary

    Step- 5 Conclusions

    Step- 6 References

    These are the things that should be in your report:

    • Pictures
    • Your own observations
    • Measurements of the authentic source
    • Graphs
    • Figures

    During the preparation of your report, you need to include all the small and unique observations that you have done at the time of the project. What makes your project different from others is your unique insight and ideas about the industry that you have chosen. So, be confident and try to find relevant and authentic data for your report.

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