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Is Software Testing a Correct Choice For Me?

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Last Updated: 11 Aug 2023

In today's world, we cannot go far without technology. Why? Because everything is so easily accessible at our fingertips. Anything and everything you need is right there with a user-friendly interface and an impeccable app, along with simple navigation and functionality. But do creators of apps and websites reach that level of success immediately? No! Software testers ensure that the end product meets all the requirements without any bugs or issues before its release to guarantee that users of any application have the best experience. Software testing as a career has high prospects for success. That is why Software Testing Courses in Ahmedabad and other tech hubs have seen a tremendous increase in demand! Learn how you can step into the world of software testing.

What is Software Testing

Software testing is a process where you assess the functionality of a software application. The intent is to find whether the developed software meets the specified requirements and pinpoint any defects to ensure that the product is defect-free to produce a quality product. Various reasons, such as Product Quality, User Satisfaction, Security aspects, etc., make Software Testing an integral of the tech industry.

Why Choose Software Testing as My Career Path?

Software, including apps and websites, go through rigorous testing to weed out the problems so that users do not face a plethora of problems while using it. The job of a software tester is extremely crucial as they need to be highly detail-oriented and knowledgeable and technically well-equipped to work with different types of software. Software Testing is similar to proofreading and editing if you speak in layman's terms. It might seem monotonous, but your work will constantly change to different aspects of the program, alleviating some repetition. You will have the privilege of having an early look at the latest features in technology and have a role in making sure that a program is as error-free as possible. Along with that, our world is constantly moving toward technology, where the scope of software testing will only expand in the coming years. The job of a software tester is one of the most secure jobs in tech currently.

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Do You Have The Skills To Become a Software Tester?

Do you feel like you have the skill and the capacity to become a software tester? Let's find out. To be an efficient software tester, ensure you have both Technical and Non-Technical Skills.

Technical Skills Required

It might seem intimidating, but to be the best software tester, we have to learn a few basic skills.

Knowledge of Database/ SQL

You will require a basic knowledge of Database/SQL. There are large amounts of data in the background of software systems. There are various databases like Oracle, MySQL, etc., in the backend where all data is stored. In certain instances, data will need to be validated. Simple or complex SQL queries check whether the correct data is stored in the backend databases. If you live in Surat there are many Software Testing Courses in Surat that you may enroll in to learn database and SQL!

Experience Defect Tracking Tool

The critical elements of software testing are defect tracking and defect life cycle. Detecting and managing defects properly (in a systematic manner) is one of the most important jobs in software testing. The entire team, including the developers, testers and managers, should be aware of the defect identified during defect tracking. Experience in QC, Jira, Bugzilla will help you log defects easily.

Knowledge of Linux Commands

You will also need to have a basic command over Linux commands. Software applications such as Databases, Web-services, Application Servers are deployed on Linux, which is why the knowledge of Linux commands will come in handy.

Experience in a Test Management Tool

Test Management is one of the most important things to master. The correct test management techniques prevent the failure of software testing. Primarily, Test Management is managing your test-related artefacts.

Explore the key differences between Manual and Automation Testing, understanding how they function and the unique benefits they offer in the software development lifecycle.

Knowledge of Any Scripting Languages

Knowing scripting languages such as C#JavaScript, VB Script Is beneficial for a software tester and a bonus, especially if you are interested in becoming an Automation tester. You can enroll in Automation Testing Courses to learn more about automation testing!

Experience in Automation Tool

If you want to become an “Automation tester” after working on manual testing, you must master the right tool and obtain detailed knowledge and experience. You can always opt for automation testing training for more in-depth knowledge. If you don’t know manual testing in-depth then take Manual Testing Courses and enhance your skills today!

Non-Technical Skills Required

Being a software tester is not always having the best technical skill. You can take all the software testing courses, but progress can be slow without the right attitude.

Good Communication Skills

Being a good communicator might be one of the most crucial aspects of being a software tester. All the Test cases/plans, test strategies, bug reports, and more produced by the software tester must be easily readable and straightforward enough to comprehend. Software testers also require a certain level of tactfulness while handling developers in case bugs or other issues arise.

A Can-Do Attitude

An excellent software tester must have a positive attitude with a certain level of excitement while dealing with any task. Attention to detail, a willingness to learn and suggest process improvements are skills recruiters look for in a candidate. The speed with which technology evolves can be overwhelming. An efficient software tester should keep pace and upgrade their skills accordingly (through a software testing course or other options). IT Professional Courses can help you develop your skillset, build a network of like-minded professionals, and expand your knowledge base. These are just some of the benefits that you will enjoy if you take these courses.

Time Management Skills:

A software tester's job can be very demanding, especially when a code is about to be released. Efficiently managing workload and having high productivity is crucial to optimise turnaround time. If you feel that you have all these qualities, software testing is the right career path for you. But do not worry if you think you do not have all the technical skills yet. That is why we are here to help. Software Testing Tutorial for Beginners will help you understand what software testing is all about and how you can start with it.

Enroll in the Best Software Testing Certification Course

With TOPS Technologies, enroll in the best software testing certification course in Ahmedabad. Learn the basics about the software development cycle and the different software testing methodologies and venture into the world of varying manual and Automation Testing Training. Learn all about software testing with the best tutors available. To learn more, mail us at or give us a call at +91 - 7622011173 We provide the best Software Testing Course in Gandhinagar, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Nagpur with live projects and 100% placement assistance.

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