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How to Select the Most Effective Project Training Definition for IDP Project?

Every year thousands of GTU students of enter the final semester and are expected to work on a project for their final semester. The big question in everyone’s mind is how and what should be the project definition. Over and above the project definition selection will the college faculty approve of the definition. As most colleges require that the projects have to be unique and must not be copied from past students.

IDP Project TrainingHere are some important factors for students to remember:

1) Projects Training was designed for the students to see and understand how software development companies work on projects. Most students that we have come across think that projects are a burden on the student. But if done correctly it can enable you the student to enter the job market.

2) Unique definitions – Instead of thinking unique GTU students should think of how to learn and execute a project end to end. If a student understands why and how a certain function or code is used he will be able to design the best applications.

3) Pick the right technology – it is very important to pick the programming language that has the best job market. IT market of Gujarat has a huge market for software developers with expertise in PHP, .net Android and iPHONE. The market for JAVA is there but not as large as PHP so students have to very very good in it to get a job. Recently we placed 2 of our java students at an MNC in Ahmedabad at an annual salary of 3 lakhs. If the student is good salary is no bar, most companies are willing to pay salaries if the knowledge is good.

4) Finish the project – Finishing the project yourself is very important, by completing the project from scratch you will be able to share your knowledge when you go for an interview. If someone else has done the coding how you will explain why a certain function was written a certain way. In a fresher interview over and above the knowledge fundamentals and confidence is checked.

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