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      Our Works

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Student-Management System

      Nowadays smart schools have started using smart technologies to improve their work techniques and their performance. For that, they have started decreasing their manual work and made the application to work on that. We have made this application to complete all the manual work done on a daily basis in a digital way. Here the […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Travel-Booking System

      Nowadays people avoid going to place to book the travel agency to get the tickets. Now People can get booking Travel bus at their own place on a few simple clicks. They can find latest Travels, Their Facilities, and Latest Offers, online at their own place. This app serves the facility of Giving Latest Offers […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Air-Ticket Reservation

      At the Airport, the passenger has to reserve their ticket at Reservation window by providing information to the reservoir. The reservoir manually collects the information into the information master. The main objective of the site is to provide an online schedule of arrival and departure to Passengers. To provide easy online Reservation and special facilities […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Jewellery Shopping

      This website offers a whopping collection of more than 10,000 Variety of hot selling and edgy fashion trends pertaining to the myriad season. For all gorgeous faces in-universe: check out the phenomenal runaway trends, Celebrities closet and latest style of designer pieces at unmatched prices. We offer you a one-stop solution that covers head-to-toe multifaceted […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Entertainment

      Mobile TV is a live streaming app that lets you watch your favorite TV shows, Online Movies, Sports & Live News on-the-go. Mobile TV is the Video-On-Demand platform and is LIVE* now in your country too. The best quality streaming with the most premium experience of watching all your favourite TV channel. Get the Latest […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Railway-Ticket Reservation System

      Our website is an Indian Railways online ticketing website to book unreserved train tickets. This website provides the facilities for normal ticket booking and quick ticket booking, season ticket, and QR ticket booking services. It also provides the services of cancellation of the booking and the e-wallet facility and allows the user to show booking […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Employee Management System

      This application is about employee management system. Here admin can add update and delete the details of an employee. we have provided the facility storing the attendance and the leaves of the employees. The employee can see their extra working hours and their progress report on their profile. Here we have used MVC Framework, Jquery, […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Preparation For Competitive Exams

      We have made an online system for the getting the information of all competitive exams that occur in India and you can get each and every detail about the process of exam and the documents that are related to the exam. Here you can get the details of the courses available and the faculties assigned […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Business Service Provider

      Finding cheap consumer electronics products? Our website offers you a wide range of consumer products including phone & tablet PC accessories, stands, cases, battery & charger, home appliances and office electronics, converters, computers & networking accessories. Computer Accessories for sale, in particular, are seen as one of the categories with the greatest potential in consumer […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Asian Paint Services

      Ordering of paints product Maintain in this company are done Manually on paper-based and using cellular. The work like accounting on paper-based and daily collection & manage stock are done manually so it becomes time-consuming and the management cannot receive all information properly.  So here we have made a system that works online and we […]

      ASP.Net Live Project : Online Mobile Trading

      This system is developed to automatic trading of Mobile and it can also be used by the customers. The Admin handles the information about mobile. It provides all the information for the Mobile and Accessories purchasing and then add, modify and delete the Mobile And Accessories information and also other facilities of the purchasing. The […]

      ASP.Net Projects For Final Year Students
      ASP.Net Project Download With Source Code

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas sagittis lorem in orci condimentum imperdiet. Donec semper magna nec ligula feugiat, in hendrerit nibh sodales. Nam faucibus fringilla urna sed congue.

      PHP Live Project : Online Hotel-Reservation System

      We have made this website for booking last time reservation hotels in vacations and trips.You can find Hotels as per your can serach location wise and find the hotels with cheap prices and with great facilities. You can check the rooms available in the hotels and select the facilities as per need and as […]

      PHP Live Project : Online Book Shopping

      Here the collection of Free Books is open – the door to unlimited reading or listening. Download any of our 51,305 classic books, and read with our fully featured e-reader. You can search the books by writing the author name or the book name of the edition of the book. You can browse our handpicked […]

      PHP Live Project : Online Laundry Management

      We have made this websites that helps you to wash your clothes by nearest laundry shop registered on the website. You can select the shop nearest to you can get the lowest price shops near by you ,you can set time for picking and delivery of the clothes and can pay monthly. You can add […]

      PHP Live Project : Online Invoice Making System

      We have made an auto payment system. In this project, we are going to develop the PHP based software which involves auto payment system. In this portal, the pharmaceuticals suggest the vendor for adding product based inputs,we can add them under some sub-product lists and can make its bill counted automatically by previously added product […]

      PHP Live Project : Park My Space

      We have made this system that changes the conventional view about where people can park their cars, motorbikes our system’s technology unlocks empty spaces across the world’s busiest cities, helping individuals, businesses and governments to save time and money. You have to follow simple 3 steps and your parking space is booked. 1. Find a […]

      PHP Live Project : Society Management

      We have made this website for proper storing of the information of all the funding and all the expenses society management have done. We can manage apartment member, enforce policies like rented apartment should have rent agreement.  We can  Keep all apartment related document at one place for easy access.  We can Receive real-time notifications […]

      PHP Live Project : Sports -Community

      This website lets the largest community to meet-up and collaborate with all sports & fitness enthusiasts.You can find and play with the ranked player on the website by chatting with him or can send request to him/her for individual sport. This website is the definitive one-stop solution for all your activity needs, be it to […]

      PHP Live Project : Waste Management

      The Waste Management System is a web-based software that is designed and developed for the citizens to make our country clean and to make the west cleared out of the space by the regular span of time. Our project deals with a daily issue which everyone is facing now a day related to garbage. You […]


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      Great start by Tops Technologies.Tops have been delivering excellent work in response to my requirements. Their level of communication and interpretation is excellent.

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        October 19, 2016

        Manual testing requires a trained tester who needs to test the application before it goes into the hands of the end-user. The role of a software tester is like a goal keeper in a football match. If a goal keeper doesn’t catch the goals, entire team loses. Similarly, if the manual tester fails to detect […]