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    5 Things to Know Before You Start Your Career as a Mobile Application Developer

    Innumerable mobile applications are being rapidly increased since its birth so there are all the possibilities that your application might just go unnoticed. Developing a mobile application is not only about getting things done from your programmers but these applications should also be organized, strategized, and designed to satisfy the purpose of end-users.

    Before you sail for mobile application development, it is mandatory to quantify its outcome in advance. So here are the 5 things which you must be aware of in order to kick off your career as a Mobile Application Developer.

    • Choose a specific platform for Mobile Application Development.

    If you want to make your application available to all of the smartphone users out there, then you will have to offer it in an array of platforms. Each platform is a little different, so you will have to put a lot of time into making them equal in regards to functionality and aesthetic.

    The perplexing moment will have occurred when you think of the best platform for your application. However, when settling on the choice amongst Android, Windows, and iOS, think of a comprehensive UI that you can deliver specifically to your application. The selection of platform won’t just impact the programmer it altogether affects the extension and resilience of an application.

    • Set your vision for an application.

    Before you begin the journey of development, you at first place must articulate the specific purpose. There must be a cardinal specification on how precisely will you overture the services through an application than the website. There should be calibration with the business intention and the way how the application is built the same.

    • Make a strategic earning plan from your application.

    It is advisable to plan a few strategies like advertisements inside your application to start earning on pay per click or pay per view basis. You should also decide if you will be charging users for download or integrate in-app purchase strategy. Premium option on initial grounds is always open by the way.

    If your application reaches 1000 installations, you will be liable to free banner ad services. Now you may include your advertisement code into the application and can continue to earn through affiliate advertising.

    • Set the margin of earning from your application.

    A number of factors are involved to set the cost of developing a mobile application. These factors must be specifically analyzed before setting up the budgetary boundaries.

    There is no magic formula for pricing your application. As a matter of fact, if your app is designed specifically to support your consumer then you should give it away for free. A good rule of thumb is to start at an initial price and then make a jerk occasionally to see how it affects your revenue.

    • Learn to go viral in a niche market.

    It is equally important to go viral amongst the right audience by using customer-centric services of your application. Marketers often fall trap to commonly used techniques like undertaking SEO activities for app market and social media marketing. Instead, it is wise to master the art of mobile marketing hack and get things right for your business.

    To sum up, I can say that keeping these things in mind before starting mobile application development can make your app less fragile. It is believed that it is a strategic call rather than a technical call and therefore it must be nurtured properly.

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