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Course Highlights

Best Flutter Training Course in Ahmedabad

The Flutter tool was created by Google and is a free and open-source cross-platform mobile app development tool. It has been used by many startups and organizations in Ahmedabad to create their apps. 500+ organizations use Flutter for their production apps, and 200+ open-source libraries have been published on GitHub so far. Flutter is also used to create 50% of the top 10 earning apps on Google Play.

Flutter is the fastest-growing mobile app development platform. It's easy to learn and fun to use. The demand for Flutter Developers is higher than ever before. If you wish to become a Certified Flutter Developer, then the TOPS Technologies Flutter Course is the best place to study in Ahmedabad. Here, you learn from the best and get trained to become a successful professional. The Flutter Development Course covers all the important topics like Widgets, Coding in Flutter, database and storage handling, app integrations, authentications, and deployment of flutter apps on the play store. Enroll in the #1 Flutter course in Ahmedabad, get 100% placement support, and prepare yourself for a successful career in the IT sector.

There is a rising need for a Flutter internship in Ahmedabad. In the previous year, there has been a 200% growth in the number of persons enrolling in Flutter classes in Ahmedabad. This is due to both the fact that Flutter is well-liked and the fact that it has been acknowledged as a lucrative career path.

What is Flutter Development?

Flutter is the fastest and easiest way to create high-quality cross-platform mobile apps. It's a powerful tool that allows you to build native-like apps with less code and less effort. The power of Flutter lies in its simplicity, speed, and ability to create native-like apps. That's why it's so popular among developers who want to save time and money without compromising on quality. Flutter is fully mobile-optimized, so you can write and edit on the go without missing any important deadline.

The demand for Flutter courses in Ahmedabad has been on a steady rise in the last few years, and it's not just because of Android developers. iOS developers are also interested in learning Flutter and have shown a significant rise in the number of Flutter courses they are enrolling for.

Some of the major benefits of Flutter are as follows:

  • Flutter can be used for both Android and iOS apps. 
  • It can be used for both 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Flutter uses Dart, a language with a fast code compilation time.
  • It has an open-source library, which means developers can customize their libraries to suit their needs.
  • Flutter also has a huge community, and there are many resources available online for people who need help with their apps.
  • It has an extensive set of widgets, which means developers don't have to create everything from scratch - they can use pre-made widgets instead, saving them time and effort in the long run.

The Flutter tool is a highly sought-after expertise. You can deepen your understanding of Flutter-based app development by signing up for a Flutter tutorial. All aspiring app developers must learn Flutter. You will learn how to create an app from the start in this Flutter training in Ahmedabad, which will help you better understand how Flutter functions.

An introduction to Flutter, widgets, development in Flutter, database management and storage, and advanced Flutter concepts like app integrations and app authentications to the deployment of apps in the play store are all covered in this Flutter app development course. Anyone interested in working in IT or starting their own IT business should think about this as a fantastic career path.

There is a critical shortage of skilled people to fill the gap caused by the rising demand for the best Flutter courses in Ahmedabad. For a variety of reasons, including the short duration, high likelihood of obtaining a job, flexibility, and ease of course completion, as well as the expanding demand for app developers, choose a Flutter tutorial for beginners with placement aid.

Benefits of Learning Flutter in Ahmedabad

Flutter is a very popular mobile app development platform. It owes this popularity to its ability to develop cross-platform applications with a single code base. This is why the requirement for Flutter Developers is also soaring in the Mobile app development industry. As a result, it has become a growing trend amongst students and professionals to Learn Flutter and add it as a skillset to their portfolio. Flutter App developers get recruited by some of the best companies in the IT sector. If you too dream of working in the IT industry, then enrolling in a Flutter Development Tutorial will make your dreams come true.

After the Flutter Training in Ahmedabad, you can apply for high-paying career opportunities like

  • Native App developer
  • Flutter App Developer
There are several other advantages of learning the Flutter tool, including:

Huge Community Support

There is a large amount of professional, corporate, and developer support for Flutter, and they all regularly contribute. It is one of the most widely used frameworks for Android development because of this.

The fact that Flutter has such strong community backing is its strongest feature. This implies that you will never have a lack of assistance or direction when working on your app development project. Developers who wish to build cross-platform mobile applications don't have to deal with the restrictions of other platforms like React Native or Xamarin because of Flutter's strong community support.

Students can hone their app development skills by enrolling in the best Flutter courses in Ahmedabad with placement. Since Flutter is the most in-demand tool in the app development industry, developers who are skilled in it will undoubtedly be able to land some of the best jobs.

Creates Any Complexity of Animated User Interface

The freedom to personalize anything you see on the screen, no matter how complex it might be, is one of Flutter's biggest advantages. While it is typically possible to create a fairly customized user interface on native systems as well, the work involved is much different.

Flutter, on the other hand, increases process adaptability and flexibility without increasing strain. Flutter enables you to carry out shared element transitions, shape/color/shadow manipulations, clipping, and transformations with ease.

When learning Flutter, it is important to understand the core concepts of the framework. The first concept to understand is the widget. Widgets are UI components that are built from a set of basic primitives and are designed to be customized by developers. Widgets can be configured with different properties to create a wide range of UI elements, such as buttons, cards, and menus.

Own Rendering Engine

You can do a tonne of things with your apps using Flutter which isn't possible with other platforms. Obviously, a strong framework is needed for this. A high-performance cross-platform rendering engine is actually necessary for the majority of the points made above.

Flutter renders itself onto a canvas provided by the platform using Skia. Flutter's UI can be launched on almost any platform thanks to the engine. To put it another way, this greatly simplifies the development process because UI no longer needs to be modified in order to be transferred to a platform.

Learning a new programming language or tool can be difficult, but the Flutter tutorial is a great place to start. When developing these Flutter full courses, beginners who may have little to no prior experience with app development were taken into consideration. They go through all the basics of the tool and participate in a practice session.
Potential to Go Beyond Mobile

You can do much more than just create mobile apps with Flutter. Additionally, Flutter for Web and Flutter Desktop Embeddings are now available. For instance, Google demonstrated a technical preview of Flutter Web at the I/O conference this year, enabling the use of pure Flutter applications in browsers without the need to alter the source code.

A skilled Flutter developer can actually make a pure Flutter app operate on any significant platform, including Android, iOS, Web browsers, Windows, macOS, Linux, and even embedded devices, even though everything in the framework save the mobile component is not yet regarded as production-ready. No modifications to the Dart code are required for the app to work properly.

Reduced Code Development Time

By offering a reactive framework that streamlines and accelerates the creation of mobile apps, the Flutter framework is intended to shorten the time spent on code development. Additionally, it offers a selection of built-in widgets, such as Material Design (Android) and Cupertino (iOS) widgets, that are tailored to the visual style of each platform.

Other SDKs, such as Xamarin or React Native, do not offer the functionalities that Flutter does. These features, which include a reactive framework, hot reloading, and stateful widgets, make it simpler for developers to write code because they don't need to write as many lines of code for straightforward tasks like changing the text in an input box or the color of a button.

Increased Time-to-Market Speed

It is important to note that Flutter does not have a particularly high learning curve. Additionally, Flutter supports both iOS and Android, so there are no restrictions when it comes to product development.

It takes time and money to develop individually for Android and iOS. Because Flutter enables developers to create a single codebase that will operate on both platforms, developing apps now takes half as long.

With the aid of a cross-platform mobile app development tool like Flutter, the time-to-market speed can be accelerated. Without having to learn two different programming languages, it makes it simpler to create apps for both Android and iOS. Flutter has a steep learning curve and can be applied to any platform, so it requires less time to create an app.

Industries That Use Flutter in Ahmedabad 

Designers may utilize the new web design tool Flutter to make interactive prototypes for both web and mobile applications. With just one click, you can convert any webpage into an app thanks to this Google Chrome plugin. Additionally, it offers developers the chance to test their applications live across a range of platforms and screen sizes.
Although Flutter has numerous advantages, its capacity to produce intricate 3D graphics on both Android and iOS is its most distinctive one. As a result, you can utilise the same codebase for both platforms, saving developers a tonne of time.

The industries that use Flutter include:

  • Healthcare 
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Ecommerce
  • Gaming and Entertainment

Enrolling in a Flutter course in Ahmedabad might teach you everything you need to know to begin a career in these sectors. By visiting our website or consulting with a professional, you can find out more about Flutter Training in Ahmedabad.

Flutter Job Roles And Salary in Ahmedabad

Flutter tutorials in Ahmedabad are the way to go if you're actually interested in having a successful career in the IT sector. These tools help students comprehend the process of building interactive prototypes for web and mobile applications.

In Ahmedabad, flutter is one of the most in-demand employment abilities. According to sources, there are more than 1,000 job vacancies for Flutter developers on the websites of numerous large corporations. What attracts developers to Flutter is the chance to experiment with and work with cutting-edge technologies. Flutter is one of the top skills to focus on learning in 2023.

Taking a course that provides a Flutter internship in Ahmedabad will help students advance their understanding of how to design apps and render sophisticated 3D visuals for Android and iOS. Therefore, they are ideal for anyone wishing to work as an app developer in a large company.

A Flutter tutorial in Ahmedabad could be helpful for the following lucrative careers:

  • Flutter Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Technical Lead
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • UI/UX Designer

Flutter Developer: A Flutter developer should have knowledge of the Dart programming language, as well as the iOS and Android SDKs. They should also be able to create user interfaces, write business logic and perform unit testing. Flutter developers need to have a deep understanding of cross-platform development, which includes familiarity with web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Flutter Developer in Ahmedabad could earn up to 10.2 lakh Indian Rupees (INR) per year.

Senior Software Engineer: A senior software engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's software. They are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the company’s software. The senior software engineer is usually a team leader or a technical lead who oversees the work of other engineers. They may be required to manage deadlines and deliverables while also providing technical expertise to other team members. Senior software engineers are often called on to create new products, improve existing ones, and solve problems that arise in existing products. The salary of a Senior Software Engineer with Flutter skills in Ahmedabad can go up to 14.7 lakh Indian Rupees (INR) depending on their company and skill level.

Technical Lead: A technical lead is a person who is in charge of a team of developers. They are responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the software. They have to ensure that all developers are working on the same tasks and are on the task themselves. The salary of a technical lead with Flutter skills in Ahmedabad is up to 22.6 lakh Indian Rupees (INR).

Full Stack Developer: A Full Stack Developer with Flutter skills is a developer capable of building an entire application from scratch. They are able to work with the front end and back end of the app, in addition to the Flutter code. A Full Stack Developer with Flutter skills can create apps for both Android and iOS devices, as well as desktop browsers. The salary of a Full Stack Developer with Flutter skills in Ahmedabad can go up to 10.3 lakh Indian Rupees (INR) depending on their company and skill level.

Mobile App Developer: A mobile app developer who is skilled in Flutter is able to create apps for both iOS and Android. The creation, upkeep, and improvement of mobile apps fall under the purview of mobile app developers. Additionally, they must be able to recognize and evaluate an app's usage of the device's resources, including the battery, memory, and data plan. Because they are experts in one of the most popular cross-platform development frameworks, mobile app developers with Flutter expertise are in high demand. A mobile app developer with Flutter skills in Ahmedabad could earn up to 6.6 lakh Indian Rupees (INR) per year.

UI/UX Designer: A product's user interface, or UI, is what UX/UX designers are in charge of. They make use of their talents to produce an interface that is both appealing and user-friendly. Layout, navigation, and the way users engage with the product are all included in this. It is the responsibility of the UX designer to develop a user-friendly and intuitive interface that even total newcomers can use. The salary of a UI/UX Designer with Flutter skills in Ahmedabad can go up to 10.1 lakh Indian Rupees (INR) depending on their company and skill level.

Why Choose Us for Flutter Course in Ahmedabad?

After you complete the Flutter Course by TOPS Technologies, you will be able to build attractive and fully functional applications by yourself. This is the Best Flutter Course in Ahmedabad. It is comprehensive and covers topics like introduction to Flutter, widgets, development in Flutter, database handling and storage, and advanced Flutter concepts like app integrations and authentications to deploying apps in the play store. The teachers at TOPS have extensive experience in both academics and industry. The experts curate the curriculum to include theory, quizzes, assignments, and practical and practice-based sessions. You will also work on live flutter projects and solve real-world problems. By enrolling in the Flutter Development Course by TOPS Technologies, you will get mentored, learn Flutter development, and also get placement support from the team. Become a part of the learner network at TOPS and kick-start your journey as a Flutter Professional in the IT sector.

What to Expect From the Best Flutter Courses in Ahmedabad?

The best flutter courses in Ahmedabad are those that are tailored to the needs of the students. The teacher should be able to understand the requirements and expectations of the student. The best flutter courses in Ahmedabad also teach students how to use Flutter to make cross-platform mobile apps. Some of these Flutter courses also offer a certification test at the end of it, which is a way for students to gauge their progress. The best flutter courses in Ahmedabad also allow students to learn coding, design, and business skills.

More than 10,000 students have successfully overhauled their professional lives by putting their faith in TOPS. With the TOPS' Flutter course, take the right step toward a prosperous career. To enjoy a risk-free demo of the Flutter tutorial, enter TOPS Technologies.

The advantages of enrolling in the best Flutter course provided by TOPS Technologies are numerous and wide-ranging.

  • Getting Industry-Approved Certification 
  • Allows developers to use one language for all their app development needs
  • Gives Competitive Edge Over Your Peers and Help You Build Better Apps Faster
  • Offers developers an opportunity to learn about mobile design patterns and how they can be applied through code
  • Building a Project from Scratch Using a Range of Software Programs

Who Can Enroll in the Flutter Tutorial for Beginners in Ahmedabad?

If you're just getting started and want to learn more about the technologies used in app development, you should enroll in our Flutter course. Animations, widgets, and other fundamental to advanced Flutter topics will be discussed. It teaches you how to create an app from scratch, from creating a project, giving it a name, and setting up a build environment, all the way through to publishing your app on Google Play or Apple App Store. It represents a fresh approach to creating gorgeous, high-performance apps with a responsive and elegant user interface.

For whom is our Flutter Tutorial intended?

  • Coding Enthusiasts
  • App and Software Developers
  • Computer Science Graduates
  • Students who want to build a career as a Flutter Developer
  • Professionals who wish to add Flutter to their expertise and build Full-Stack capabilities

We at TOPS Technologies provide our staff with a close-knit workplace, the chance to work on real-world projects, and access to engaging information created by qualified software engineers. Our comprehensive Flutter full course is designed to help you gain the App Development expertise that the best employers value most. 

At TOPS Technologies, our instructional methodologies are given top importance to guarantee that students properly comprehend the subject. If you want to begin or change your path to a lucrative IT job, learn at your own pace and to the level that will help you achieve your particular goals. We provide a comprehensive Flutter development tutorial in Ahmedabad and placement assistance. To start pursuing your interests, enroll in our Flutter development course.

This course will teach you Flutter from scratch. We'll start from the basics and then move on to more advanced concepts. Along the way, we'll also cover various topics like how to design Flutter apps, build animations, and routing.

The Flutter training offered by TOPS Technologies can be extremely helpful for those looking for employment in the app development industry. We also provide a Flutter training program online.

Customized Corporate Best Flutter Training in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, is also India's 30th most populated city in terms of population. The city is home to many historical sites, including the Sabarmati Ashram. It is also well known for its textile sector, which produces textiles like cotton cloth, shawls, and handkerchiefs. The IT sector in Ahmedabad employs around 1.5 million people and contributes about 30% of the city's GDP. The top 10 cities in the world for business performance include Ahmedabad.

For college students in their colleges and for working people at their workplaces, TOPS can create a Flutter Training batch specifically for them. A tailored batch's curriculum can be adjusted to meet the needs of both professionals and students. TOPS Technologies Ahmedabad Centers are located at C.G. Road, Maninagar & SG Road, Naranpura Bhuyangdev, & Ashram Road.  If you have any questions or inquiries, email us at inquiry@tops-int.com. Visit us for more details, Career Counseling, Whatsapp,  or Call us at +91 – 7622011173 for a free demo.

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Course Curriculum

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  • Introduction to student Career in Android Understanding Student Login of TOPS ERP Exam
  • Process Working on Project and Assignment Using Lab Assign Project

  • Dart SDK
  • Flutter Installation – Android Studio Configuration – Flutter doctor
  • Dart Introduction
  • Data types in Dart
  • String interpolations
  • Operators
  • Working on Control Statements
  • conditional statements : if statement , if..else statement , nested if ,switch statement
  • looping statements : for loop , while loop , for .. in loop
  • Jumping statements
  • Working with collection
  • Working with list , set , map and methods
  • working with function
  • Advance Dart Programing
  • Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Keywords : this , super , static , async

  • Text, elevated button
  • Project creation in Flutter – run project in read device and emulator – hot reloading app
  • Flutter Architecture
  • Working with Row and Column Widgets
  • Flutter widgets, Flutter layout
  • State ful Widgets
  • Stateless Widgets
  • Material App
  • Scaffold , contain
  • Properties of container widgets
  • Stateless widgets – row and column widgets
  • Working with text and button ontap and onpress event
  • icons ,alert dialogs ,radio button , checkbox , switch ,TextFormField – working with all style
  • properties
  • Working with forms
  • Design registration form
  • Design Login Form
  • Working with Form key
  • Customize widgets
  • Form validation , apply email validation – password hide and unhide
  • Change dynamic background color on button click
  • working with setState, init
  • images , network images – working with assets
  • Floating Action button with types
  • Working with pageviewbuilder and dots controller

  • working with init method
  • working with them
  • Working Routing
  • Named Routes
  • Arguments in routes
  • Return data from screen
  • Send data to screen
  • Navigation , navigator , push and pop – navigation between different screens
  • Listview and list item
  • Working with grid view
  • working with bottom navigation bar
  • working with tab bar with icons
  • working with navigation drawer with navigation screens
  • Splash screen
  • working with listview – dividers
  • Flutter gestures

  • Database Introduction
  • working with Sqflite Database
  • Dependencies
  • working with model class
  • CRUD operations using sqflite database
  • working with async , await , future

  • Gallery Access , Camera access in Flutter
  • Fetch data from internet
  • Working on json parsing
  • Animation
  • retrieve data and display in listview format
  • working with listview indexing
  • working with gridview
  • working with firebase database
  • firebase authentication
  • firebase real time database
  • notification with firebase
  • working with background services
  • Google map integration and social media integration with flutter application
  • Project implementation – Splash Screen • Login – registration Screen • Database
  • integration or api integration • working with listview – navigation • navigation drawer with user header layout and list tile items
  • Making phone calls , sms and url launcher
  • Flutter state management
  • Bloc concept

  • Generating Application , build application
  • Build a release for android device and deployment on playstore

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Complete Flutter Development with Dart Programming
Build iOS and Android apps using just one programming language
Build beautiful, fast and native-quality apps with Flutter
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Skills Covered

Flutter Basics
Dart Programming
Responsive and Adaptive User Interfaces
State Management
User Authentication
Native Device Features
Publishing apps
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Flutter Developer
Native Application Developer
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For the TOPS Technologies Flutter live project, there is an available training course. We give our pupils the best training and preparation in this field that is currently accessible.

If you have any inquiries regarding our Flutter training course in Ahmedabad or our live project training, please get in contact with us right away. Please get in touch with us to go over your options and to ask any questions you may have.

Flutter developers hold the most sought-after jobs in the IT industry. But you have to be an authority on Flutter programming to be qualified for such a position.

Employers frequently offer preference to candidates who are proficient in a wide range of programming languages and platforms today. The many programming languages are difficult to grasp independently. If you want to learn Flutter programming all at once and make your resume look better, you may sign up for a variety of online Flutter courses or pick an in-person Flutter training session.

If you are certain of your skills and Flutter Institute in Ahmedabad credentials, the next step is to send your CV and portfolio to companies and organizations. Even if you don't hear back immediately, keep up the excellent work and have confidence in yourself because you will ultimately be given a chance.

The best Flutter Institute in Ahmedabad to take into account is TOPS Technologies, which provides a Flutter app development course with a focus on job placement. Anyone interested in a career in the app development industry should enroll in this course. The Flutter course covers the ideas and methods utilized in Flutter programming. The course provides placement support to help students obtain employment in the App development profile.

Recent studies and surveys suggest that the typical yearly salary for a Flutter Developer in Ahmedabad may reach up to Rs. 10.5 lakhs. However, the compensation scale may vary based on each applicant's level of experience and the Flutter Institute they attended for their Flutter development course.

If you want a dependable strategy to get ready for your upcoming Flutter App Developer interview, consider speaking with TOPS Technologies. Our team of professionals can help you achieve your goals thanks to their significant industry experience.

We offer Flutter certification courses in Ahmedabad and give you access to our most recent resources so you can keep current with the most modern techniques. Additionally, our staff members are easily available at all times to help you and answer your questions.

Programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C++, Swift, or Objective-C should be familiar to a Flutter developer in Ahmedabad. In order to create apps, they should also be able to use the most recent versions of XCode and Android Studio. As they must build high-quality user interfaces, they also need a solid grasp of UI design principles.

A Flutter developer is a person who has knowledge of the Flutter framework and can build apps with it. So, after completing a Flutter tutorial, one should have a good understanding of the basics of the framework and how to implement them in their apps.

The skills and qualities needed for a Flutter Developer after completing a Flutter tutorial in Ahmedabad are:

- Good knowledge of Dart programming language

- Basic understanding of Material Design

- Knowledge about how to use various widgets

- Knowledge about how to use various APIs for networking and location services

- Basic understanding about animations

The cost of various Flutter courses in Ahmedabad varies based on the institution. This is a result of the different ways that different universities charge their students; some charge monthly, while others charge all at once. Prices might vary significantly depending on the brand, from a few hundred to many thousands of rupees.

Before registering, make sure the programming course fits into your spending plan. The cost may differ greatly from course to course depending on length, kind (online or boot camp), and other factors.

BLoC, ChangeNotifier with Provider, Redux, MobX, and RxDart are a few of the more well-known state management methods, while there are countless others. All of them are suitable for medium- to large-scale applications, but if you are just developing a brief demo app, a stateful widget will do.

It is more instructive to examine the circumstances under which a certain class of solutions is preferable to others rather than enumerating the merits of each state management alternative. Picking a mentally simple approach may be the best option for someone who feels paralysed by the sheer variety of possibilities. It makes sense to directly call methods on the state class in response to events. Therefore using ChangeNotifier with Provider or MobX is a viable option. Using a stream-based solution like BLoC or RxDart makes sense if your application relies extensively on streams, as with the Firebase API. And if you require to undo/redo capability, you should look for a solution like BLoC or Redux that is adept at managing immutable states.

Interview Questions

Stateful widgets contain state data. It is dynamic because the inner data may change throughout the widget's lifetime. Stateful widgets allow us to refresh the screen. There is no build() method available for this widget. Instead, it has a createState() method that yields a class that stretches the Flutter State Class. Stateful widgets include Checkbox, Radio, Slider, InkWell, Form, and TextField.

There is no state information in the Stateless widget. Therefore, it does not change throughout its existence. Text, Row, Column, Container, and other widget types are examples of stateless widgets. If the content on the screen or widget is static, it should be a Stateless widget; however, if the content needs to be changed, it must be a Stateful widget.

The following limitations apply to Flutter:

  • Release size is more prominent, so developers become disappointed when the release size is more significant than anticipated.
  • There are few third-party libraries because Flutter is still in its infancy. Additionally, some Flutter widgets are only available on a single platform.
  • Limited complexity and, thus, unity integration, game engines, and 3D modelling all fall short. As a result, it is not supported by widely used mobile platforms.
  • Dart Requirements are a must, and despite being an object-oriented programming language, Dart cannot compete with JavaScript, Java, C#, etc. As a result, only some developers choose it.
  • Flutter has yet to be widely used, so overall support is lacking. It attracts the interest of tech enthusiasts but still needs more ongoing support that comes with time. Unfortunately, only its community offers assistance at the moment.

The Flutter development tools make Flutter development faster, which improves the developer's workflow. To create mobile applications, the Flutter IDE and tools require some plugins. The plugins facilitate Dart compilation, code analysis, and Flutter development. The most widely used IDE for Flutter development is as follows:

  • Android Studio
  • Visual Studio 
  • IntelliJ 
  • IDE Xcode

Following are the streamlined steps in the lifecycle:

createState(): This overridden method should occur because a new StatefulWidget immediately calls createState() after construction.

The first process is called just after Widget is created nitState().

This is the same as onCreate() and viewDidLoad in our system ()

didChangeDependencies(): When a widget is first created, this method is called immediately after initState().

Build () is invoked immediately following didChangeDependencies (). Every moment the UI is required to be rendered, this function is called and renders the entire GUI.

didUpdateWidget(): When the parent Widget changes something and needs to redraw the UI, it will be called.

When a State object is deleted from the tree, the Framework invokes the deactivate() method.

Disposal (): Whenever this object and its State have been permanently removed from the tree and will never be rebuilt, it is called.

There are three build modes in Flutter: - 

Debug Mode - This mode tests apps on hardware or simulators.

Profile Mode - This mode allows for some troubleshooting and analyses of how well the app performed throughout testing.

While deploying the app:

Release Mode is used for quicker performance. In this mode, you are unable to debug or modify the code.

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