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Which Programming Languages are used for Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps?

Every IT student selects an IT field to complete his/her admiration about being a scholar in web application, desktop application or mobile application. But problem arise when time comes to decide on programming language among so many as a career start up. Yes that is right that they have learnt many languages during their terms, but still I know they are not as well aware about which programming language is used for which application development.

Next I had experienced that students are coming which are having absolutely different working area, but they are here to learn programming language as they are curious to know how web application, desktop application or mobile application developing are done. These group have none knowledge about programming language but they comes with query that I want to learn web application, desktop application or mobile application, So let me know which programming language I need to learn.

programming languages

Here I am providing you an information that will help to all students who are looking to jump into the web, desktop and mobile application and suggestion that go with trend so that the technology does not get obsolete when you get proficient in that development.

C language: Low level language

Developed by: Dennis Ritchie -1972.

Area of Work: Ancestor of C++, Java, C#, JavaScript and Pearl

Low level assembly language.

Developed application: Network Drivers, Print Spoolers, Language Compilers, Assemblers, Text Editors, Modern Programs, Data Bases, Language Interpreters, Simulators, Utilities, Embedded System, Brakes applied on Flight Tyres while landing is done using C language.

C++ : Object oriented programming

Developed by: Bjarne Stroustrup – 1989.

Area of Work:  Ancestor of Java, C#, java script, Pearl.

Operating Systems, Editors and Video games.

Developed application:  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Winamp, and the complete suite of Adobe Software, Advanced games, OS like windows, MySql.

Java: Server side language

Developed by: James Gosling – 1990.

Area of Work: Enterprise level application, Video games, Web based applications using JSP ( Java Server Page), Android mobile applications.

Developed application: Blu-ray, UltraMixer is a DJ mixing software, ASA World Wind

ThinkFree : a compatible alternative to Microsoft Office.

Used for : Web application, Mobile application.

C# : Server side language

Developed by:  Bjarne Stroustrup – 2000.

Area of Work: Dynamic web based applications, Windows form application or a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application using visual studio IDE.

Developed application: Windows platform based application, Mobile application and Web application.

Used for : Web application, Mobile application.

Objective C : Object oriented programming

Developed by: At Apple by Brad Cox and Tom Love – 1983.

Area of Work: Developing applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Developed application:  Apple and Iphone Applications.

Used for : Mobile application.

PHP : Hypertext preprocessor

Developed by: Rasmus Lerdorf – 1995

Area of Work: Websites using CMS ( content management system ) Joomla, WordPress, LAMP  and Drupal.

Developed application:  Facebook, Yahoo.

Used for : Web application.

JavaScript : Client side language

Developed by: Brendan Eich designed by Netscape

Area of Work: There is hardly any website that doesn’t make use of JavaScript.

Python : Programming language

Developed by: Guido Van Rossum – 1991.

Area of Work: Websites using Django framework.

Developed application:,, and

Used for : Web application.

SQL : Database

Developed by: Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce – 1970

Area of Work: SQL provides a standardized way of interacting with the underlying database of an application.

Ruby: Programming language

Developed by:  Yukihiro Matsumoto – 1995 at Japan.

Area of Work: developing web-based applications using Ruby on Rails frame work.

Developed application :,,, and

Used for : Web application.

Above I have given you precise information about all famous, in demand programming language which are used for web application, desktop application and mobile application. Still you have dilemma between two equal programming languages, for what should I go? Looking for information in depth about your interest? Take a visit to our IT training company or read my blogs, both will serve you the best.

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