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Java Training in Nagpur

Training for Students and Experienced Professionals

TOPS Technologies is one of the largest IT Training and Finishing school in India with Training and Placement offices across India. To know more about our Java Training Programs please visit our Java Training Page.

Customized Corporate Training

TOPS Technologies can customize a Java Training Batch at your office or college in Nagpur.

Online Training

TOPS Technologies offers online Training in Java using state of the art web conferencing tools and the best trainers who have relevant working experience.

Java Training Nagpur

Nagpur Office
50, Bhoge Layout, New Ring Road, Near Bhamti Crossing, Trimurtinagar,
+91 95950 31103

Java Classes Nagpur
Java Live Project Training Nagpur

Live Project Training Java

live project training Java  style=

Get the real time experience of working on Java development projects through our live project training program. Live project gives beginners an excellent opportunity to learn in real what they have earlier studied in their colleges. Live project training is an initiative to fulfill the gap created between the learning processes at colleges and working methodology at companies.

There are various benefits students can get by opting for live project training. You will get to work and interact with the industry experts to learn in detail the project development concepts. You get exposure to real-time client projects and hence will derive the actual experience similar to working in the companies. The project development processes employed in the software development companies can be learnt in these live project training programs. This kind of training will improve your job profile by giving you’re the real-time work experience that is very much required or demanded by the Java development firms today for hiring the professionals for the Java jobs. Therefore, going for live project training Java is an excellent option for a fresher to gain work experience as well as sound knowledge of the subject.

Why Project Training in Java?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used for development of websites and other applications. Several gaming and business apps used in smart Android phones are developed using Java. Therefore as a Java learned individual you can get into Android development field easily or else can opt for several other sectors like corporate I.T sector, engineering colleges and training organizations for employment opportunities. Java as a programming language has good demand in both national as well as international markets. Hence there is no doubt in the fact that there are best job or career opportunities for a Java learned individual in the world job market. Therefore if you are looking to possess a career in Java, enroll for the live project training Java as they will give you great opportunity for learning all those skills that are required by the companies.

Features of Our Live Project Training Java

• Learning under highly competent and skilled Java professionals.
• Real-time project templates to work on.
• Number of real-time projects available for selection.
• Guaranteed placements after training.
• Learn real-time project deployment on cloud.
• Training according to the GTU project guidelines.

Live Project Training Java by TOPS

The Java live project training at TOPS is all about preparing individuals for the industrial work. We allow students work closely with our expert Java developers and learn from them the best techniques and methods for easy programming using Java. These Java professionals will guide you at each and every step in project development and hence help you understand the very best of the things you are deploying or doing during the project work.

At TOPS, we follow the standard SDLC approach for the real-time project development and hence teach the same to our students during live project training in Java. Following are the things a student will do or learn during live project training Java at TOPS Technologies.

Project Definition & Selection:

Project definition is the statement defining what actually a project is all about. It gives a brief idea of the application and what it does. The students are required to select an appropriate project definition to work on. Being a software development and outsourcing company, we offer Java development services too and hence provide definitions of from clients for students to work on. This will give exposure to students for working on actual projects so that they can learn the process of development usually adopted at the companies.

Drawing Flow Charts

Flow charts are made by different forms of symbols and are the diagrammatic representations that show the process involved in carrying out a project. During live project training Java at TOPS we will make you learn the best practices to develop these flow charts using various symbols. Our project trainers will give you knowledge of what each and every symbol in the flow chart diagram represents and their significance. Hence we will see to it that you get a clear idea of flow chart development and hence can develop effective flow charts for your project work.

Database and GUI Designing

Database design is an important requirement for any project. A good database design ensures proper storage of data at back end while maintaining data integrity and security. During live project training Java we will allow you to interact with our database experts who will teach you the best methods to develop and maintain the database. With guidance of these experts you could develop a good database design for your project work ensuring proper storage of data. We will teach you user interface designing so that you can develop an attractive front end design for your project for user interaction.

Testing & Deployment

Testing assures the quality of the product delivered and hence is an important part of SDLC. In order to evaluate performance of your project you need to check it against various factors under different test conditions. There is well-defined process generally applied by the professional testers to check the reliability of software with respect to customer requirements. At TOPS we have got in-house software testing team and hence can provide software testing training to teach you the testing process as you work on your project. During live project training Java we teach you how to deploy your real-time Java project on the cloud environment.


Here are a few words that have been mentioned by our past students for our Java training programs:

  • “Tops technologies not only focusing on completing the training, but it actually keeps repeating difficult ideas until you understand it. That made me more confident to be prepared for project training seminar, and that was not only constrained to the seminar, but it also had helped me during an interview.” - Tushar patel, Ahmedabad
  • “Trainers of tops technologies answer thoroughly whenever you are facing any problems in your training. So you will get solutions to any of the queries on the spot gives you more cleared concept of your bugs. Thanks to all trainers of tops.” - Bhargav Tandel, Baroda
  • “Tops conducting tests that reflect course and preparation of interview questions. Even they provide soft skill training to all trainers at free of cost for the interview purpose. Thanks to Tops.” - Rahul Rewawala, Surat
  • ”Today I am developing flexible and reusable application efficiently, all credit goes to trainers who had taught me 3 tire and N tire architecture so brilliantly. Thanks tops.” - Vijay K Barot, Mehsana
  • ”Tops focusing on the current trends in web development with Java enterprise that is being beneficial for all Java students to get the best placement in leading IT companies. I really appreciate the hardworking of tops.” - Pankaj Birla, Indore
  • ” Hands on part of Tops training make me learn most, I can watch how the trainer set up the environment, installations, run projects. Even if you can't follow , He will repeat it again until you will get cleared with it.” - Lalit kumar basrani, Ahmedabad
  • ”Trainers of tops are having strong experience on the latest Java technologies which deliver us training on the latest technology . I have completed a course of core Java and I will definitely continue with tops for an advanced Java training.” - Dhatri Rout, Ahmedabad
  • ”I am very satisfied after completing my project training from tops and getting placement in well known company from Tops. Thank you so much Tops.” - Rachana V Patel, Ahmedabad
  • ”The deep interest of trainers in teaching encourages us to learn and work efficiently. Thanks to all the trainers of Tops.” - Kirti Tandel, Baroda
  • ”The material which tops providing is so detailed explanation that you can refer it and solve out your query own self even though you are at home. I would appreciate and would like to thank Tops.” - Jaimin shah, Rajkot

Module 1 – Fundamentals
Module 2 – Learning Core JAVA(J2SE)
Module 3 – Designing
Module 4 – Database Programming (JDBC)
Module 5 – Andvanced JAVA(J2EE)
Module 6 – Applicability to Industry
Module 7 – Applicability to Industrial Projects
Module 8 – Struts Framework
Module 9 – Hibernate Framework

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