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How to use various JOB PORTALS effectively to get noticed as a JOB SEEKER?

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

Whether you are fresher or experienced; you are looking for the job opportunity. The very first question that you need to ask yourself is how the companies would know that you are searching a job? Are you being noticed by the company as a Job Seeker? How will you get a call from the company if you are not recognized by them? So, the very first thing you need to do is to represent yourself as a job seeker!!! Let’s say I own a company and I have an amazing product- ABC Mobile. If I want to sell my ABC Mobile I must ensure that my mobile is recognized by my targeted customers. It is obvious that if they do not have information about my mobile, I will fail to sell it to them. So at very first stage I need to create a brand and market my product. Same way, when you are looking for the job, YOU ARE A PRODUCT!!! And at the very first stage you need to market yourself as a job seeker to be recognized by the companies. If it’s a mobile you can market it through Advertisements and other promotional tools but if the product is YOU, how and where will you market yourself? Can you advertise yourself? The answer is Yes. You can advertise yourself through your RESUME. Your resume presents the best picture of you as you have mentioned your special qualities and abilities over there. So preparing a good resume is about winning the half battle. Then the question arises where will you put your advertisement-resume? - At various job portals and websites of a company. How to use various Job Portals effectively so that you get noticed by the companies? 1 Create Your Profile • Have you created your profile well? Have you entered all the necessary details related to your educational qualification, experience, projects, extra activities, strength and skills, areas in which you are looking for job, etc. Please make sure that you don’t miss out any important point to mention. 2 Verify Your Account through Email ID and Mobile Number • It is the most important part. If any company likes your resume how can they contact you if you have not verified your email id or mobile number. Most of the times companies filter the candidates on availability of contact details. If you have not provided the same your name would not be there in their search list. Also add your current location and whether you are ready to relocate or not. 3 Add Your Photograph • Iit is better if we can support our profile with our photograph. It is better to be recognized by face. Choose a professional passport size photograph that represents you best. 4 Search Jobs Regularly • This the biggest ever mistake done by the job seekers. They just create a profile and upload their CV and then wait for the responses. That will never work. Login to your account at regular intervals and search jobs in your areas. Companies can filter the candidates who have searched a job in specific area within last one month or week. If you have not searched job within last one month, it means that you are not looking for a job at present and so your name would not be there in the company’s candidate search. So, login to your account regularly and search jobs, update your profile and contact details as per requirements. 5 Profile View • When any company checks your profile the system will automatically notify you the same. Check how many profile views you have. If you do not have much profile views, you need to update your profile title and contents. Suppose I am a company and I am looking for a PHP developer. I will login to my job portal account and search PHP developer in Ahmedabad. I will filter profiles with mobile number only. I will also filter candidates who have searched job within last 15 days. By this I will get the list of candidates who are currently looking for a job at the post of PHP developer in Ahmadabad who have verified their contact details also. Suppose I want to eat Pizza. I will search it in Google. I will write, “Pizza stores in Ahmedabad.” Which website will be shown first? The website which have maximum repetition of words, “Pizza stores in Ahmedabad” will be shown first. The same thing happens when a company will search for the candidates through their job portal account. Whose resume will be shown first in the company’s search list? – Obviously the candidate who has repeated the words,’ PHP developer in Ahmedabad’ in their profile for the maximum times!!! -So, check it out, does your resume appears properly when any company searches candidates in your area? Present yourself well, get noticed and grab the opportunity!!!

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