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5 IT Technologies that will get you a 20,000 salary package

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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

Since its introduction, the IT sector is booming like never before in India and top-notched IT companies across the world assign the IT projects to Indian offshore companies as it is cost effective. If you have completed your degree or diploma in Computer Engineering or Information Technology, there are endless opportunities with handsome packages. All you need to do is to become a master in a particular IT technology and the sky is the limit for you. Here, we have discussed some of the best IT jobs in leading IT technologies that will get you around INR 20000 per month.

Mobile application development (Android and iOS):

Nowadays, you can’t find a single pair of hands without smart phones and thanks to the Android and iOS technology, millions of mobile apps and games are at your fingertips. Hire an institute and learn the Android and iOS development to get hired by prestigious IT companies.


One of the most used web frameworks for website design and development, PHP technology is must to enter in any MNC. If you are good at PHP development, you will unquestionably get paid considerably.


It is also an open software framework that is used by web developers and considered more secure than PHP network. You will surely be hired by top recruiters if you are master at it.

Database Administration:

For any company, the data management of inventories, customers, transactions and other miscellaneous things is very crucial. You can get an unexpected package if you are brilliant at it.

Quality Analysis:

The main job of QA engineer is to ensure that the software and websites are error-free and bug-free. The smooth functioning of different IT functionalities is what QA engineer takes care of.


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