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    Software Testing Career-Scope of Quality Assurance and your Role in Stepping into Testing Field

    “Software testing jobs for fresher” this is the common search query in Google. Software testing career leads to several opportunities in testing field.

    You as a student might have following questions in your mind:

    • Can I select quality assurance software testing as my career?
    • How to change my current working field to software quality assurance?
    • Which institute should I join for software testing course?

    There are still many questions which every student considers before joining any class or software testing course.

    Quality Assurance (QA) and software testing:

    Software testing and quality assurance is the process of checking quality of the software before implementation of the software in real. Software testing is a part of SDLC and is followed in each phase of product life cycle, from requirements gathering, design and coding, to the end user acceptance.

    Major career options after completing software testing course:

    • Test Engineer, Analyst and Manager
    • QA Manager and leader
    • Security tester

    Now what is your role in selecting your career in software testing? Well the answer lies with you. You are a perfect decision taker for your own career goal. I will just show a path but it is you who have to select your desired career path.

    Few of the questions you can ask to yourself:

    • In which subject you are very good and what skills you have that defines you best to select your desired goal?
    • What is your expected future goal and where exactly you want to apply for the job?
    • At which position do you want to see yourself in near future?

    By answering at-least the above listed questions, you will hopefully come to a correct decision.

    To start a career in software testing or to switch to quality assurance

    software testing career, following talent is essential:

    Technical skill: To test an application, technical knowledge in the specified domain is required. Product life cycle, knowledge of various types of testing process, complete concept of testing, programming languages knowledge, database concepts, good reasoning power, documentation skill, tools for testing, and test plan idea are some of the traits that you must have as a software tester.

    Good communication skill: You have to communicate with the team members, project leaders, and customers as well so you must have excellent skill of written as well as oral communication.

    Leadership quality: To give proper training to new tester and divide task among all the members is a good leadership quality.

    Logical ability: No guesswork or assumption is followed in testing. Proper test plan is to be executed and strong judgment skill must be present.

    It is not mandatory to have all the above listed qualities in you. If you have interest, then you can always learn the missing points that you consider is not present in you. Even a candidate from non IT background can gain necessary skills by learning with interest.

    Finally I would like to say that ask one major question to your-self: Do you want to make a career in software testing or simply want a job? Career in software testing seems to be very bright but finally it depends on you whether you want to join software testing training classes just for a job or you really have interest in it, and want to advance your knowledge with job. QA testing coaching classes covers entire course including latest methods of testing like manual and automation testing.

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