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The number of students enrolled in software testing courses grew by 18% between 2020 and 2022. There was an increase in employers hiring candidates with certification in software testing, from 44% in 2019 to 58% in 2022.

These data points demonstrate why it is important for developers and IT professionals to have strong software testing skills. With the increasing demand for these skills, there is no doubt that the popularity of software testing courses will continue to grow.

What is a Software Testing Course?

Software testing is the process of checking the functionality, quality, and reliability of software. A software test is a specific type of test that checks to see if a software system meets specific requirements. A software tester must have knowledge of the subject matter they are testing, as well as the tools and techniques necessary to perform the tests successfully.

A software testing course can teach you all the necessary skills to become a successful software tester. Software testing training in Rajkot at TOPS Technologies will include both theoretical and practical learning. You will learn how to use various software testing tools, how to conduct tests, and how to analyze results.

Benefits of Software Testing in Industry

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of any organization. However, the ultimate goal of every firm is to make its consumers happy by providing the greatest services or goods in its industry. 

Therefore, products should be checked for faults or problems before release in order to establish and retain consumer confidence. People appreciate error-free or bug-free software applications.

Fixes Bugs 

Customers can only receive value from a business if the product offered is optimal. And in order to do this, firms must ensure that consumers have no problems when utilizing their products. The most foolproof method is to make your product bug-free.

Before delivering a product, organizations must focus on testing apps and fixing any flaws that are discovered during testing. When difficulties are resolved before the product is delivered to the client, the quality of the deliverable rises.


Cybercrime is on the rise in 2022. Unauthorized users or hackers can access or steal user data for a variety of objectives. Therefore, if a software program does not meet security requirements, users will avoid it. 

They always want a product devoid of vulnerabilities. Security testing and penetration testing assure the safety of a product by removing all potential flaws and vulnerabilities.


Frequently, locating and resolving one issue in a software product might result in the emergence of another flaw. If all potential flaws are found or identified early on in the software development process, the cost to correct them is substantially lower. In addition, constant testing of a software product during its development phase guarantees that an application is built without defects and according to the client's specifications.

Determine Compatibility With Various Devices and Operating Systems

Customers no longer work primarily on bulky desktop computers. In the mobile-first era, device compatibility testing is crucial. Suppose, for instance, that your business created a website. The tester must verify that the website is compatible with various device resolutions. Additionally, it should be compatible with several browsers.

Increasing browser alternatives is another reason why testing is expanding in significance. The functions that work properly in Chrome may not function properly in Safari or Internet Explorer. This necessitates cross-browser testing, which includes verifying the application's interoperability on other browsers.

Industries Which Use Software Testing

There are many industries that use software testing as part of their overall operations. These include:

  • Computer systems design and manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical devices
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Law enforcement

Unfold Endless Job Opportunities with Software Testing Training in Rajkot

 Testing is an essential part of the software development process and, as such, there are a variety of testing job roles. Here, we will explore some of the most common testing job roles and what they involve.

Software tester: A software tester is responsible for carrying out tests on software to ensure that it meets the required standards. They may work with different parts of the software development process, from design to code to testing. In Rajkot, the median salary for software testers is Rs. 32,000 per month. However, depending on experience and skills, salaries can range up to 5 lakhs per annum. 

Functional tester: Functional testers are similar to software testers, but their focus is on verifying that the software functions as intended. They may use different methods to check whether the software is behaving as expected, such as manual testing or automated testing. A Functional tester in Rajkot earns a salary of up to 40 lakhs per annum. 

Quality assurance (QA) specialist: They are responsible for ensuring that the quality of a product is up to par before it is released to the public. This may involve performing tests during the development process, as well as after it has been released. The median annual salary in Rajkot for QA professionals is Rs. 36,000. The top 10 percent of earners in this field make an annual salary of Rs. 540,000 or more. 

Regression tester: These professionals test code to make sure that it does not break any existing functionality or produce unexpected results. They may use different methods, such as manual testing or automated testing, to do this. A regression tester earns an annual salary of up to Rs. 35 lakhs. 

Software Testing Course in Surat for Students & Professionals

TOPS Technologies offer one of the most comprehensive Software Testing Training Course in Rajkot for IT aspirants. Rajkot is seasoned in grooming top-notch engineers with more than 40 premier institutes. To get the job that you deserve, you need to make your mark in a competitive IT market.

This software testing and training course blends with practical training delivered by TOPS Technologies where every candidate is offered industry-specific training. Industry experts with experience in delivering highly streamlined lectures conduct workshops related to Software Testing Training Course. The course includes detailed-out manual and automated testing. This is aimed towards students fetching a lucrative job once the course concludes.

Who can Enroll in Our Software Testing Course in Rajkot?

Anyone who would like to learn software testing can enroll in our course in Rajkot. This course is designed for individuals who are looking to get started with the testing process or those who want to refresh their knowledge. Students will be able to develop test cases, perform manual and automated testing, and analyze results.

Best Software Testing Institute Rajkot

Rajkot is one of Gujarat's most important and largest cities. The city is known for its textile industry, and it has been making things for a long time. There are also a number of IT companies in the city, which will likely make a big difference in the city's economy in the future. The government of India has named Rajkot a "IT Hub," and this has caused the IT industry in the city to grow quickly.

Just in the Rajkot district, the IT industry employs about 10,000 people and brings in about Rs.500 million each year for the local economy. By 2025, this sector is also expected to add Rs.5 billion to the economy as a whole.

A series of IT Training Courses at TOPS have significantly placed over 10,000 candidates to multi-nationals across the world. Gain a deeper understanding of the subject by visiting TOPS Technologies Rajkot training center to attend a risk-free demo.

Get customized training with Software Testing Training Batch at your office or college in Rajkot. For more details email us at

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Course Curriculum

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  • Introduction to Software Testing
  • Introduction of Students
  • Career in Software Testing
  • Working on Project and Assignment
  • Using Lab

  • Introduction of Software Engineering
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Software Testing Methodologies (Water fall, Iterative and Incremental, Spiral, Agile, Use Case(Minimum 4 to 5)
  • Software Requirement Specifications (SRS)
  • Structure Query Language (SQL) With Practical
  • Object Oriented Programming(OOP) With Practical

  • Fundamentals
  • What is Testing?
  • Testing Activities
  • Test Objectives
  • Objectives and purpose
  • When and Why Testing?
  • When to start and stop Testing?
  • 7 Key Principles of Testing
  • Error, Bug, Defects, and Causes of Defects
  • Quality, Risk: Types of Risks.
  • Test Organization :
  • (Tester, Test Leader, Test planning, QA v/s QC, Testing V/s Debugging )
  • Test Development Process:
  • Introduction, Test Analysis, Test Plan, Strategy, HLR, Script, Scenario, Cases, Traceability Start HLR in Practically
  • Fundamental Test Process:
  • STLC, Psychology of Testing
  • Start TestCase in Practically
  • Software Development Model:
  • (V-Model and RAD)
  • Software Testing Levels:
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Alpha and Beta Testing, Testing definitions as per ISTQB.
  • Start Scenario (Positive / negative) Practically(Minimum 21 scenario)
  • Test Design Techniques
  • Dynamic Testing :
  • Functional and Non Functional Testing
  • Black Box Testing Techniques
  • White Box Testing Techniques
  • Experience-Based Testing Techniques
  • Maintenance Testing
  • Other Testing :
  • Smoke and Sanity
  • End to End, Retesting and Regression
  • Positive and Negative
  • Static Testing (Formal, Informal, Types of Review, Estimation Techniques)
  • Start Defect Report
  • Agile Testing

  • Web Application Testing
  • Desktop Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing

  • Defect Management and Tracking
  • (Introduction, Bug Life Cycle, Defect Management, Reporting, Priority, Severity, Cost)
  • Bugzilla

  • Fundamentals of Automation Testing
  • Introduction of Functional Testing Using Automation Tool
  • Selenium IDE with use of Firebug tools
  • Introduction of Non-Functional Testing Using Automation Tool :
  • Introduction about Load Runner-up
  • Load Runner-up procedure
  • How to use Load Runner-up
  • Load Runner-up IDE
  • Generate Single Scripting and Assign V-Users
  • Multi Scripting with Grouping
  • Parameterization in Load Runner-up

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Course Key Features

Covers End to End Hands on Practical Training in Software Testing
Learn Software Testing Life cycle and Software Testing Methodologies
Get Job Ready with Complete Software Testing Course
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Skills Covered

Concepts of Software Testing
Black-Box Techniques
Application Lifecycle Management Tool
White Box Techniques
API Testing
Test Case and Bug Report Writing
Requirements Review and Test Scenarios
Agile Methodologies
Introduction to Automation Testing
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Job Roles

Software Tester
Manual Tester
Quality Assurance Analyst
Quality Assurance Tester
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Student Reviews


For a software tester to have a streamlined and technical profile, he or she must possess the requisite technical understanding of all connected processes and products. Here, we have compiled a list of the required skills for a software tester.

Basic Understanding of SQL

Software systems store a significant quantity of data in the background using MySQL and other databases. Therefore, a fundamental understanding of SQL/Database is required to verify the data, ensuring that the correct data is placed on the backend.

Knowledge of Linux and other OS

Software testers are required to have knowledge of operating systems. They will be required to establish a test environment and execute test cases; therefore, possessing the necessary expertise will make the process simpler. 

In addition, the majority of programs and projects are created in the Linux environment, thus it is highly recommended to learn the core Linux commands.

Test management tools

Having experience with test management systems is another crucial requirement for aspiring software testers. Obtaining the appropriate test management strategies and tools can assist you in managing your testing-related artefacts by decreasing the likelihood of failure rates. Using test management technologies, for instance, will allow you to identify and track all test cases created by the team.

Testing software is a critical step in developing any piece of software and should never be skipped. The course fees of the software testing institute in Rajkot vary depending on the program and the duration of the course. Approximately the courses cost around few thousand to few lakhs. 

TOPS Technologies offers the best Software Testing Live Project Training in Rajkot. Our trainers are highly experienced and they will guide you through the entire process of testing from initiation to closure. You will get to know the tools and techniques used in software testing and also learn how to plan, execute and manage your software testing projects. 

Finding a job in software testing can be difficult, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. To get you started, here are four pointers:

1. Network: Make connections with your local software testing community and attend meetups and workshops to learn more about the field. You can also subscribe to online newsletters and online job postings to stay up-to-date on the latest job opportunities.

2. Research the market: Understand what companies are looking for in a software tester and develop a portfolio that highlights your strengths.

3. Take certification classes: After learning about the field and different job roles available, take certification exams to prove your skills and increase your credibility with potential employers.

4. Pursue freelance work: If you don’t find any jobs that fit your qualifications or if you want to try out different types of projects, consider freelancing. This way, you can control the workload and receive payment on schedule rather than waiting for a client project to come through. 

TOPS Technologies offers a software testing course with placement assistance. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to become reliable and successful software testers. The course has been designed with the goal of providing students with the best possible preparation for a career in software testing. 

If you are looking for a career in software testing, then Rajkot may be the best city for you. The city has a large number of software testing companies, and the salary you can expect to earn is high. According to Indeed, the median salary for software testers in Rajkot is up to Rs 48 lakhs per annum.

TOPS Technologies offers software Testing classes in Rajkot with preparatory courses for software testing interviews. These courses will help you in preparing for the different types of software testing interviews that you may face. 

The courses are designed in a way that makes them interesting and interactive. You will learn about different interviewing techniques and how to handle difficult questions. 

Interview Questions

Below are three basic categories of defects:

Wrong: It implies that the standards were not followed adequately. It varies from the previously specified criteria.

Missing: This is a divergence from the requirements, an indication that a specification was not executed, or a customer demand that was not fully recognised.

Extra: It is a need not stated by the ultimate customer but was still included in the product. There is always a variation from the specification, yet the final user may regard it to be a desirable trait.

The term "test driver" refers to a code that initiates communication with the system or programme being tested. It is helpful in testing that takes a bottom-up approach. The test stub completes an application's functionality, a fake programme. It applies to testing that takes a top-down approach.

Agile testing is a method of reviewing software from the perspective of the people who will use it. It is helpful since testing may begin before the development team has finished writing the code. Instead, testing and coding work in tandem. On the other hand, it may need continual engagement with the customer.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a way to communicate between two software components. An API conceals a piece of software's inner workings and complexity, enabling the user to focus solely on the inputs and outputs required to utilise it. While developing software, developers often use third-party libraries rather than coding it fully from scratch. An API allows interaction among multiple software components by providing a clear interface. An API can additionally be utilised to give data that an application requires. Let us pretend you are developing a weather app that displays the temperature. Instead of constructing your temperature measurement equipment, you would utilise the Meteorological Institute's API.

A software bug is a weakness in the programme that leads it to provide inaccurate results. A software tester looks through the application to check for any issues. Several additional factors might have created the bug, including poor design, irresponsible programming, a lack of version control, or poor communication. Developers introduce hundreds of thousands of bugs into the system throughout development. Finding the bugs is the tester's responsibility.

Depending on your work, there are several techniques for detecting a bug. The software developer may find a bug in another module while developing the application. This module might have been created by them or by another developer. The tester actively looks for faults as part of the usual testing method. While the application is in production, customers may notice faults. A bug-tracking system records every bug, irrespective of how it was identified. A triage team examines the flaws, assigns a priority to each one, and then delegates the bug to a software engineer to fix. When the developer has corrected the problem, the code is pushed in, and the bug is marked as suitable for testing. When a bug is ready for testing, it is delivered to the tester, who inspects the software to see whether it has been rectified. If it is, the investigation is complete. If not, they assign it to the same developer and offer specific instructions on reproducing the bug.

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