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    Popularity of Android Amongst Developers

    Android has become one of the most important operation systems these days. Almost all the mobile phones by Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola etc, use this operating system. Also Android is used in tablets, netbooks, smart watches etc.

    The main cause behind the popularity of Android is the free download of apps because it is built on the open source Linux Platform. This has resulted to higher number of Android apps developed and uploaded on Google Play Store.

    Naturally, the requirement of Android developers also increased due to high demand of Android App Development. In last 3 years, there was a hike in job postings for Android Developers.

    Taking a Step Further – Android Training!!!

    At this time, if you are planning to start your career as an Android developer, then I would say that it is a smart decision but it requires learning Android app development from a reputed Android training institute in Ahmedabad.

    Now you would ask why Ahmedabad city for Android training?

    Training and placement is something which Ahmedabad has contributed a lot in these past decade. The opening up of corporate level IT companies and MNCs in Ahmedabad has motivated the IT training institutes in Ahmedabad to deliver higher level of education and training. Outsourcing IT services to different countries has become a specialty of IT companies based in Ahmedabad. This has increased job opportunities in this city ultimately leading to increased importance of IT training from Ahmedabad.

    IT and Web industry has been growing leaps and bounds in the last few years by outsourcing talent to western countries and creating more employment opportunities. This has resulted in increased general awareness about IT education in Ahmedabad and its importance.

    What to look for in Android Training Center in Ahmedabad?

    If you have decided to avail Android training in Ahmedabad, then it becomes necessary to choose the right training institute to give the best shape to your future career. Here, you will get to know what to look for Android training institute in Ahmedabad, so that you get the right training with placement in high level IT Company or an MNC.

    Attend a Demo Training Session

    Before you enroll with the Android classes, it becomes quite necessary to attend a demo training session, so that you get complete information about the faculties, Android course contents etc.


    Make sure that the faculties training you have experience of working as Android developers so that they can give you practical experience and guide you through challenges you can possibly face at the time of actually developing an Android app.

    Infrastructure and Facilities

    The infrastructure and facilities in the Android training center in Ahmedabad you have chosen should be pleasing and comfortable to you. Ensure that the atmosphere is decent and education in Android Programming is given highest priority over there.

    Real-time Projects

    You need to make sure that the Android courses include working on live projects as that would be the most important part of your training. Without practical knowledge, knowing theory is of no use. You should get an experience of working on live projects so that you can learn how to deal with practical problems related to Android app development.

    Guaranteed Placement

    The Android training institute you join should be providing guaranteed placement. They should be providing interview-centric training, so that you can crack even the difficult interviews and get placed in corporate level IT Company or MNC.

    So, now when you know that in this era, Android is the most renowned operating system being used in almost all smart phones, you should feel confident in starting your career in Android. The first step towards your goal would be to get trained in a reputed Android training institute as that would be the foundation stone of your career.

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