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    PHP vs ASP.NET : Which Programming Language is the Best?

    “Comparison” of PHP and, Comparison is a most favorite word for every smart people. They are never going to opt anything without doing a comparison. No matter it’s all about shopping or programming language. They want the best as per their criteria. For an instant student will compare language popularity, ease of learning, availability of tools and editors, complexity and platform independency while a programmer will compare cost, time to deploy, scalability and ease of maintenance as well performance and speed.

    You will find hundred lots of forum where debates on such a topics have taken a drift but that all forum are targeted to promotion where you won’t find anything fruitful. Here you will find an actual comparison between this both programming languages which I have analyzed on the different time of period as all programming languages upgrade periodically to make it the best.

    What I felt as per my experience, that both are holding their best at their position. Good bad is depends upon the user’s criteria which keep changes as per what they are seeking. For an instant student will look for low complexity language so that he/she can easily learn, then PHP would be the best for him whilst would be tough.


    “Scalability of programming language is the process to handle a growing amount of work load in capable manner.”

    On this point of view php and both are doing well at the same level. For an instant is the world’s second most leading website facing the highest traffic doing well and on the second hand website have developed using which have given a equal defeat to and it is also in the race of favorite social networking website.

    This scalability depends on the programmer’s ability, how they tackle with that not on any programming language. It just need a programmer with best experience and practice who follows the programming standards and guidelines.

    Result :Tie

    Performance of the web application:

    Performance of the web application is known as the interaction between script, database and the server. Performance is based upon following characteristics. There are several factors those affect the speed of the web application.

    Database :

    Php using MySql database while holding its own database known as MsSql. Although MySql is compatible with but the performance of php which holds LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MsSql and PHP ) leading with quite higher speed than That is the reason why google, yahoo, facebook and youtube . In which PHP having a little higher weight than

    Result : PHP


    Another task of web application is to find any file no matter text file or image and send it to web server. This case also not lean on web application, but the file system and operation system are performing this task. So if we look at there, then PHP using Linux and using Windows and as per my analysis Linux doing much better than windows. Why ??

    The reason is very apparent from my side is : Linux OS run with very less GUI packages causing less use of CPU and RAM allocates more space for web server and database. While Windows using more GUI packages causing more use of CPU and RAM allocated less space for web server and database.

    Result : PHP


    When it’s matter of running the programming code then this time ASP.NET will snatch the rank from PHP. Program written in C# executes much faster than program written in PHP. For an instant a web application of large size written in PHP take greater time than to execute. Over there wins the game, if the talk is constrain to this both programming language. But if we want to have a look on all over programming language then CGI is offering highest speed in execution of the code. And that is why Google and yahoo are using CGI for their search engine.

    Result :ASP.Net


    To use you need to have windows OS. You need to purchase windows OS for A temporary solution for is you can use mono project if you want to run on Mac or Linux OS. But once you reach at professional stage, you must have to spend some dollars to have an runs under visual studio environment. It offers visual studio express IDE on the free of cost

    On the second hand PHP is open source can be run on any of window, Mac, Unix, Linux and supported by paid as well as free IDE.

    Result :PHP


    Here support is in terms of getting support to the query which user having. Here again Open source defeats the commercial. How ?

    There is a simple logic behind this answer is, PHP is open source that means the user of php would be any of person across the world using Mac, Linux, Unix windows no matter while is commercial so that is constrained only to the user of windows having lesser group of experts. So if you will post your query to any forum the amount of reply to the PHP query would be greater than

    Result :PHP

    Deployment time:

    “This is the time which a programmer pursues to write a code and execute that code. “ has a quite complex programming functionality than PHP which takes bit of more time. As well code written in need to compile every time it is modified.

    PHP is interpreted with server so there is no need to compile every time it is modified.

    Result :PHP

    Tools and Editors:

    PHP using Eclipse IDE which is free of cost even PHP programming is done by VIM or notepad++ editor also. supported by all the IDE but generally is used with Microsoft which holds many features which are not available in any of IDE.

    Result :Tie

    Platform Independency:

    PHP can run on any of platform. For an instant Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows. – Independent can only run on the Windows platform. – not independent

    Result :PHP

    List of Platforms that Popular sites are using.

    Easy learning language: is written in C# language which having an ascent of C which may be difficult for many beginners to grasp it, Having complexity in programming language that is being headache for experts indeed.

    PHP is easy to learn for any beginners. They can adopt it very easily. That’s why it’s known as “newbies” also.

    Result :PHP

    Language popularity:

    When I looked at most popular language on the internet I found PHP stands on top 5 rank whilst is not even seen in top 20.

    Result :PHP


    At the end I am wrapping up by giving my weight age to PHP by above analysis. If you have knowledge of .net framework, unquestionably you should go for it, as it is also not at all bad, it’s just a bit of matter of cost and complexity compare to PHP as that is also used in very large web applications which are very successful nowadays which clears a doubt about their potential to maintain large web applications.

    Nevertheless beginners can easily walk with PHP due to its Free of cost and open source that will give you an opportunity to work with different CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Codeignitor, Magento etc. Don’t know what is CMS (custom management system), have a look at here or you can visit our IT Training company provides all sort of training on programming and non programming courses with a vision to polish a students like a diamond and delivering the best IT youth to IT companies.

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