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Join a PHP Training Course to Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes!

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Last Updated: 22 Jan 2024

The recurring problem faced by both beginners and advanced programmers is learning how they can improve their coding practice to make the program error-free and reusable. This article is curated to closely attend to the problems faced by coders and educate them on the benefits of a PHP developer course. Here you will find seven recurring problems that coders face in the programming world and, along with that, a few simple methods to resolve those issues. With the proper training, you will learn how these problems are code misuses that are accidentally embedded in the program by the programmer himself. Read on to identify these mistakes so that you understand why a PHP training course is so vital to kick start your career.

1. Giving Vague Names to Variables

One of the most common mistakes committed by programmers is giving irrelevant or vague names to the variables present in the program. For example, a variable named "doAnything" is undefined and does not make sense for any program. It might be the coder’s lack of awareness, callous attitude or the conclusion to a function required to serve its name, but this contributes to the problem in code readability. It increases the coder’s difficulty in maintaining and modifying the program.

2. Skipping on PHP Built-In Features

Many users forget to refer to PHP built-in features to solve a commonly occurring problem, and instead, they attempt to write it themselves. The right training institute will guide you to use an existing built-in feature that can serve the function we need for a specific problem.

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3. Not Using Required Functions

Not using a necessary function to support your program is a characteristic problem witnessed in most PHP programmers, especially beginners. The trial takes place because the programmer sometimes writes a dozen lines of a PHP script without wrapping the parts of the various embedded codes in functions. If you wish to avoid this mistake in your learning experience, enrol in a trusted PHP training institute in Ahmedabad for the best results.

4. Code Duplication

Code duplication is another common mistake programmers end up making. If you ever see yourself rewriting the same function over and over again, understand that there is something incorrect with your code. More importantly, when you are rewriting the code repeatedly, you are unknowingly violating one of the fundamentals of writing a modern code which is ‘Do not repeat yourself (DRY)’. The DRY principle is crucial to follow because it is practical and straightforward. Learn the techniques of practical coding with a PHP developer course.

5. Multi-tasking Functions

An ideal function should be performing only one task at a given time to refer to it from different locales in the code. We do this because we have confidence that this code will perform one function only. Therefore, extra should ensure that all operations are assigned tasks individually.

6. Adding too many Nested Conditions

Writing nested commands in a program can lead to messy and hard-to-comprehend codes. It is advised to avoid looping-in several codes in a precise order to prevent error. An efficient PHP training course will prepare you to curate a comprehensible and well-organised program structure.

7. Magic Numbers Problem

A number present in the code which has no significance or name for itself is called a magic number. Identifying and naming these numbers is essential to avoid looping errors.

Enroll in the Best PHP Training Institute in Ahmedabad

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