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    Path for Career Development in Software Testing

    Software testing offers excellent career growth to the individuals’ right from the starting phase. Test driven development is the approach that most of the companies today adopt for their product or software development. It is for this reason that many companies are making their engineers or software developers learn the testing skills too, as this will save their money as well as resources required in employing the new testers.

    While on the other hand, professional software testers is what majority of the companies are willing to hire in order to ensure that their product quality remains the best in market thereby promoting the sales of their products. Therefore testing is lucrative career option for anyone to go for whether a fresher or an experienced developer.

    There are different phases in the long career of a software tester. Based on his/her interest and individual preferences one can design his/her own software testing career path.

    Following are the steps one has to climb as he goes on in the field of software testing.

    Starting as a test engineer, a fresher has to enter into software testing field where he/she is in learning phase and gradually learns from his/her experiences coming over. Slowly as he/she performs well and has learnt majority of the testing techniques and methods, his/her promotion is done to the post of senior test engineer where the candidate is no more learning and is capable enough to carry out the testing projects coming across on the self-basis.

    Hence those having good knowledge of software testing can apply for software testing jobs as senior software engineers while they may also have other option becoming quality assurance officer where he can become QA lead and ultimately QA manager. Similarly even in software testing jobs, he/she will be promoted to the higher posts of test lead or test manager depending on his/her capability, experience and proficiency in testing. Although the candidate to become a team lead or manager in testing will also require few other skills like leadership qualities, management and decision making. Hence if one has the above skills and is proficient in testing then he/she can enjoy a rewarding career as a software tester with rapid and constant career growth for no doubt.

    So a typical career development or career path of software tester would advance as a test engineer,Sr. test engineer, test led, test architect, test manager and finally head testing.

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