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    .Net Training in Ahmedabad – Learn Web Apps Development using ASP.NET & Visual Studio 2010

    Ahmedabad, the largest city and commercial center of Gujarat is known for its rapid development across various sectors in the recent times. One of the finest cities of India offering the best living conditions to the residents. Education, real estate, health care, agriculture and all the other sectors have witnessed breakthrough developments. Talking about the IT sector in Ahmedabad, it is the best in the entire state with so many IT companies having established their presence in the city. As compared to any other city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad has got better job opportunities for the freshers and students looking for IT jobs.

    DOT NET is the technology which is in good demand in Ahmedabad just after PHP. While .NET represents a framework, ASP.NET is a programming language widely used for development of dynamic and fully functional websites. It is possible to create the most powerful web applications using this technology and hence, is preferred by most of the web development companies in Ahmedabad for development of websites.

    There is no doubt in the fact that today there is good demand for ASP.NET developers in the city but however it’s the individuals having knowledge of Visual Studio along with ASP.NET who are preferred at the IT companies for jobs rather than those who do not have any know how of Visual Studio because after all its Visual Studio tool that helps building the best websites using this cut-edge technology and hence remains a priority for the employers. It is for this reason that those who are looking for jobs in .NET development in Ahmedabad should prefer going for ASP.NET training that includes Visual Studio. Opt only for latest versions of Visual Studio like ASP.NET training with Visual Studio 2010 in order to get .NET jobs easily. There are few essential things like web applications development using Visual Studio 2010 that will be taught under such ASP.NET training in Ahmedabad. Let us now have a look at the process of building ASP.NET web applications using Visual Studio 2010.

    Step 1: Creating a Website Project in Visual Studio 2010

    To start the development process, initially you are required to create a web applications project in your Visual Studio tool by selecting the following path.

    Start > All Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and then again on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    Next select File Menu > New Project. This would open a left pane in your left of the screen with options like Visual Basic, Visual C#. Select any of these and do make a move to right pane of the screen to select the option “ASP.NET web application”.  As soon as you enter the name for web application project in the respective field and click OK, your ASP.NET project will be saved in a directory created at C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects.

    Step 2: Develop ASP.NET Web Forms Page

    In order to develop web forms page start with closing the default.aspx page. In the Solution Explorer window, just right click on the name of your project and then click on Add > New Item in order to create and add a new application to your project.

    Now you can develop and add a web form. For this you require selecting the Web Form in template list, rename your web form and click on add to add it in your project directory folder. You can design your web form by selecting design view in the document window and using the controls there to design your form. Code view will show you the HTML code for the design you had created so far. Design your web form in the way you like by using various form controls.

    Step 3: Publish your Web App on Web Server

    Once you have built your web form you need to publish it and for doing so you have to follow the next steps.

    Select Build Menu > Publish and enter the target location for your app.

    Accept the default and select on publish option

    This will create and publish your web application.

    The above explanation is a theoretical, but however, it’s practical; teaching and learning that can provide a learner better idea of the development process. In Order to learn it practically, a better idea would be joining .NET development training or ASP.NET training with VB.Net or C#. ASP.NET training in Ahmedabad with VB.Net or C# will improve your job profile and hence can improve your chances of getting job easily in the city.

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