Learn “Android Application” using “Java”

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Last Updated: 05 Dec 2022

Java, the great blessing from Sun Microsystems, is the powerful object-oriented programming language covering almost every feature of C++. Java completely removes the drawback of C++ language and is thus most powerful to build simple and complex applications.

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Logic blocks of programs are the tough part of programming. Developing a program with all distinct features of object-oriented programming concepts is made easy with Java programming. If you want to get android training, TOPS Technologies provide the best course, and you can also learn from the TOPS Technologies YouTube channel.

The android platform operates on Linux operating system with a different user account. Android apps are strictly checked and the system shutdowns if there is any problem in the application. If the application is taking a long period of time for processing, not responding correctly, not ready to handle resources or any other problem will strictly lead to the shutdown of the application and will not execute. Thus it is important to develop Android apps that are stable and respond well. Android applications can correspond with other applications with standard protocols defined for communication.

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Why to use Java for building Android Applications?

Android apps run on the virtual machine named DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine). Java application run on virtual machine and has no connection with the hardware system of the device. Android Software Development Kit contains several basic Java libraries, including Math, Data Structure, Graphics, Networking libraries and many more. It also contain a special Android library to build great Android apps.

Moving further to the need of Java for developing Android applications, let’s elaborate the two kind of mobile development applications, that is; PhoneGap and Native app.

Native applications will run only on one single platform; whereas, PhoneGap application, also known as Cross mobile app, will execute on different platforms or versions of a smartphone. As the PhoneGap app can run on multiple devices, the developer needs to write code only once and then that single code can be executed on any number of devices. The program code for PhoneGap application is written one time and that app can work on 7 different mobile operating platforms. Most interesting is the fact that Android is created to work with Native applications.

Now the native app for android works with DVM. Working with DVM means that code will directly compile into machine code and is understood by the Java Machine. The leading role behind this entire story is of “Java”. Android app is based on Java, and it uses the Android library package. PhoneGap is a bit lengthy procedure to carry out the task. Native app development requires a deep knowledge of Java programming features as compared to the PhoneGap app. PhoneGap app doesn’t need any concept of Java, and it uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS coding structure. On the other hand, Native apps are built purely on the concept of Java programming.

The advantages of both kinds of mobile apps are different and good in their own way. For example, to take a list of files from a memory card from a native android application, then it will take less than 5 seconds to complete the task, whereas; in the PhoneGap android app, the same task will take more than 12 seconds to do same.

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There are many courses available to learn Android development but Tops Technologies, “Learn Android Application using Java”, is one of the best android development course for learning how to develop Android apps from scratch.

In this course, you will learn how to create your first Android app. You will be introduced to the Android Studio IDE and build an app with a user interface that includes text, images, and buttons.

In this course, you will learn :

- How to use the Android Studio IDE

- How to create a new project from scratch

- How to add user interface elements like text, images, and buttons.

- How to work with layout files in XML

The TOPS Technologies course is designed to teach students about the latest and greatest technologies. It will cover topics like web development, cyber security, programming languages, and more. If you want to be successful in the IT field, it's important that you have a good understanding of all the latest technologies.

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The training course is perfect for anyone who needs to be ready for a career in the IT field. Learn android programming from our expert trainers and gain skills that are in high demand! The training course is perfect for anyone who needs to be ready for a career in the IT field. Learn android programming from our android training institute. learn  Java Training Institute in Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Nagpur with live projects and 100% placement assistance.

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