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Niral Modi

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023

jQuery is the fastest library written using JavaScript. Most important thing is that JavaScript and JQuery are not the same. JQuery is a JavaScript library whereas, JavaScript is a scripting language. In a short span of period, jQuery has become the most popular free open-source JavaScript library in the web development world. The reputation of jQuery in the web world can be judged from the famous websites like Facebook, Sony, Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Dell, and a lot more. All these websites are using jQuery on their site.

What has Microsoft to do with jQuery?

jQuery is popular in web world and now it is supported by official standard company Microsoft. Good news for .NET developers is that leading company Microsoft has entered into a partnership with JQuery thus leading to full support of JQuery in Visual Studio. The latest version of Visual Studio 2010 has inbuilt JQuery library support. Thus without any hassle, .net developers can integrate all the jQuery features while developing ASP.NET applications.

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The reasons for using JQuery are as follows:

jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies HTML documents, event handling, AJAX interaction, animation and a lot more for fast web development.
Anything in jQuery is setup as text content and thus it is easily readable by all search engines and is thus search engine optimized.
It facilitates easy API to control web page content along with best features to communicate with the web server using most modern technologies; for instance, XML, AJAX and JSON.
Programming in jQuery is very much smaller in size and results in faster web page loading. 2 lines of code for jQuery are similar to 10 lines of JavaScript code.
Plenty of plug-in are available to make special effects very simple and making it flexible and easy for web developers.
jQuery is browser compatible and works fine in almost every internet browser including Chrome, Firefox version 2 or higher, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer 6 or higher. It is mobile friendly too. In mobile phone, jQuery is supported provided that mobile browser supports JavaScript.
jQuery loads faster in web application and it supports latest CSS3 and web standards.
jQuery UI is the most popular plug-in of jQuery. It contains handy features to create rich content in web applications. jQuery UI, the child of jQuery library is the default supported user interface framework in Visual Studio for creating web applications.  The most popular control available in jQuery UI is as follows:

Date picker control: Date picker is famous for date fields in the online submission forms.
Progress bar control: The progress bar widget is used to show processing status during waiting time in a web application.
Slider control: Slider control is used where user interaction features like color pickers, volume control, and many more are used.
To summarize, jQuery can be used in place of AJAX while developing ASP.NET applications as it gives more advanced features than AJAX.

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