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    iPhone Development – Career Option in India

    In the last 4-6 months we at TOPS have had a lot of people ask us – Does mobile development have any career growth options? I normally answer the questions with the following questions.

    1) How many people around you have a 2g/3g/wifi enabled smartphone
    2) How many people do you know that access the web from their phones
    3) In the last 5 years how many % people have moved from desktop to laptops
    4) How many people are aware of a tablet ipad, Samsung galaxy tab, micromax etc
    5) How many people have read articles that government of Rajasthan, UP, Karnataka, etc have given free tablets to students.

    If you feel the answer to these questions is a lot of people then you can imagine how fast the mobile development market is moving? TOPS Technologies recently surveyed 100 of our top clients and asked what skills are they seeing the largest shortage in and 85% told us iPhone.

    So why is there such a huge demand for iPhone developers?

    The biggest reason for the huge demand is a large requirement from the international markets to develop apps in iPhone but as colleges in India don’t teach iPhone development there is a demand-supply mismatch. When we review sites like Elance, Freelancer etc we see 40% or more projects are mobile based (most of them are iPhone) and another 30% PHP based. This shows a huge shift in the last 2 years from web-based development requirements to mobile-based requirements.

    So is the demand for Android similar?

    It depends – Though the number of Android Phones in the market is much larger than iPhones. The iPhone user base is much more premium users and are willing to buy apps whereas Android phones are mass market phones and hence the number of applications sold on iPhone is much larger then Android. Another very large factor that affects the market is BE and MCA colleges teach students Android and hence there is a very large group of students available to work as compared to iPhone.

    Is it easy to learn iPhone

    Again the answer is it depends upon your knowledge and skills. We have seen students with better knowledge and background in .Net learn iPhone much faster. What does it take to learn iOS programming – a developer would have to learn development on Xcode.

    TOPS Technologies provides Training and Placement solutions for the IT industry.

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