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    Industry-Academia Linkage – Live Project Training

    Importance of Academia-Industry Linkage and Live Project Training

    There is a long standing discussion that academia-industry linkage is advantageous for innovation and also developing the talent of the future. Industry can and should guide colleges on emerging technologies and methodologies that they are implementing in their workplaces. These guidance can aid the colleges and universities in guiding the students to become better workforce when they join the industry.

    Furthermore Universities have highly educated and skilled people professors and teachers who can be used as guiding force for research based projects. In the west millions of $’s worth of research is created by the academic and industry linkage. A company wanting to create a product can get a prototype created during the project training by the engineering department, costing done by MBA Finance students, market research by marketing folks and even basic level hiring done by MBA Hr students. On the flip side the experience received by the students working on the project will be phenomenal and fresher students can earn a stipend as live work experience.

    TOPS Technologies has partnered with premier colleges of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surat, for Industry Academy partnership program and will offer live project training in ASP.Net, PHP, Java, iPhone, Android, Web Design, Software Testing, and SEO to students of Gujarat.

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