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    How to Win a Technical Interview?

    Job interviews are always challenging and especially technical interview can make most job seekers really panic about it. A technical interview always requires preparation and in dept analysis on the subject. The interviewee must demonstrate his ability to solve problems put in from of him. It is difficult to assume what the technical questions would be, but the interview is all about demonstrating your knowledge.

    Keep on reading for more tips on how to prepare for a technical interview.

    (a)   Short list the technical skills you would be required to review and study. Read the job description and learn as much as you can about the company with which you are interviewing. Also look for the qualifications the company is looking for and skills you need to have to do the job. In short a good research will give you an idea of what questions might be asked during the interview and what you need to refer and study for it.

    (b)   Do not memorize all the information’s from your technical study materials or books, instead study the information that you would be using once you are hired. Your success in a technical interview depends more on your ability to solve problems rather than how much information you can recite from memory. Review some case studies, word problems and brainteasers; it will help you to develop your problem solving skills.

    (c)    Do not waste you opportunity to deliver, be prepared to use whiteboard, blank piece of paper or computers to demonstrate skills. An interviewer will ask you to do this in order to test your communication skills and your thought process to solve problems. While practicing before interview your studies should include solving complex problems on paper, you should practice explaining the solution to the problem as you write it down. The easy way is to start with some of the solved problems available in the internet or books.

    (d)   After brushing up your study skills, practice the possible questions an interviewer may ask during the interview. You can take help of your friend or a senior who are technically sound for a mock interview. Try to maintain proper eye contact, body posture, answer the questions loud but do not scream and show enthusiasm throughout the interview. Don’t take this mock session casually and attempt it as if you are really giving a technical interview. Keep practicing until you feel that you are now comfortable to give interview properly without any hesitation.

    (e)   Always review your resume properly and present your profile with your previous achievements and contributions from the previous jobs. An interviewer will definitely try to figure out your skill to solve problems and develop new procedures. You must respond to these questions describing it with different work situations you have encountered and how you have accomplished difficult task or finished projects. How you have overcome your weakness and have set your career goals. Make a short description of the responsibilities you have handled in previous jobs and recite them effectively.

    (f)     Your attire is another supporting factor, so wear something comfortable and professional. Though the focus of your technical interview is to determine whether you have technical skills for the job or not, but your appearance is also very important, don’t underestimate it. First impression can definitely help you, and what you wear to the interview reveals a lot about your character.

    All the respective tips are the results of TOPS Technologies vast experience in providing various IT Professional Educational Courses, Training programs and Placement Services in India and are based on actual feedbacks and interview experience of over 7 years in the IT industry.

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