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    How to Make a Lasting Impression Before Appearing for an ASP.Net Job Interview

    As it is said, the first impression is your last impression, so is, with that of an interview. Whenever you present yourself for an job Interview, apart from your technical knowledge of the job, certain other factors do matter. Presenting yourself in an impressive way for an job interview , makes half the work done for you. The crucial  first 10 minutes of any interview; may it  be interview or  any other technical interview, are very important to anchor your ship to the shores of that organization.


    Let’s discuss a few basics you need to know before, during and after presenting yourself for an Job interview and any other similar Job interviews.

    Your appearance:

    Half the battle is won, with your good appearance. By appearance, I mean appropriate clothing, limited accessories and proper make-up.

    • Clothing:

    You need to look professional, when appearing for an Job Interview. So while picking up your attire for the interview, try to stick to formal clothing with neutral colours .Avoid using neon or flashy colours. Select a suit or dress that suits the occasion.

    • Make-up and accessories:

    Do not use loud make-ups; if you insist, then go in for some dull shades of lipsticks and mild mascara. Try to avoid bangles and bracelets that create too much noise. For the guys, avoid flaunting any tattoo or any body piercings

    Your body gestures: 

    Your body gestures speak a lot of things about- how you are, as a person and as a professional. Enter the  interview room by walking smartly and confidently. To have a perfect body gesture, check out for your

    • Smile: Always enter the room by wearing a smile on your face.
    • Handshake: Offer handshake as soon as you reach the interviewer’s table. Try to keep your handshake firm and short, so that you appear to be a professional. If there is more than one person, then shake hands with each one of them.
    • Eye contact: Maintain a moderate eye contact with the interviewer. Attempt to be natural and do not stare. The good time to have an eye contact is, when you are being asked a question, which shows that you are a good listener and active person who responds to situations.
    • Posture: While seating, try to sit far back on the chair, do not lean back or slouch, pull your chair forward after being seated and place your hands on the table, to appear straight and confident.

    Be punctual:

    One quality which every hire wants in you, is your punctuality. Try not to be late or too early for the interview. For this, a day prior to the Job interview, you need to figure out the distance, the time taken and the mode of transport you are going to take.This will relieve your stress and anxiety of being late, and will add up to your confidence.

    Sell yourself:

    Selling yourself refers to exhibiting your credentials in front of your potential employer, which gives you an edge over your peers. Before appearing for the Interview, practice some quick tips on what you have achieved so far. You need to carry some of your credentials like

    Any professional recommendations from your previous employer

    Any thank you notes from your clients or customers

    Any appreciation email you received etc

    This is done to show that you have done a very good job in, in your previous workplace and you have being appreciated by them.

    Ask Questions:

    You have a number of questions related to the job, in your mind, before joining. You need to clear all your doubts regarding- What is the actual description of your job profile, or say, what is the pay going to be like or What are the ethics or policies you need to be followed in the organization etc.Asking questions and clearing doubts will show that you are interested in the job and that you have done some research of the company and are well informed about the company. It will also stress on the fact, that you are willing to carry your  skills into the company and this would definitely work wonders for you in getting the job.

    Follow up:

    After you have done with the interview, you need to follow up i.e. to say, you need to have a feed back of whether you are selected or rejected for the job

    If you are rejected, you will obviously want to know, what went wrong so that you would take your weakness points and make your action points to be worked upon in your next job interview. Similarly, If you are selected, then it is recommended to send a thank note to show that you are grateful for being selected amongst various qualified candidates for the job. Also try to show your interest by asking what you need to do before you join the job.

    Now, that you are prepared well of presenting yourself for an Job interview, you can very well handle the technical part with less burden, as, by your exceptional presence, you have already created a lasting impression on the employer, in order to get the job. Prepare yourself well in advance and leave no stone unturned before presenting yourself for an job interview.

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