Frequently Asked Interview Questions And Answers For DotNet Freshers

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DotNet Interview Questions

Fundamentals Interview Question

  1. What are the concepts of Object Oriented programming in c#?
Ans: C# provide the OOPs concepts like Java –
  1. Object
  2. Inheritance
  3. Polymorphism
  4. Abstraction
  5. Encapsulation
  6. Access modifiers
  1. What is CLR in .net framework ?
Ans: CLR is heart of .net framework it provide the runtime environment to convert MSIL code to Machine code with the help of JIT compiler
  1. How many tyes of JIT compiler in .net Framework ? 
Ans: Three types of JIT compiler
  1. Difference between abstract and interface?
Ans: Interface: – We cannot define the behavior of the functions inside an interface whereas in an abstract class we can define the body of the functions.
  1. What is boxing and unboxing in C# ?
Ans: boxing convert value type to reference type and UnBoxing use to convert reference type to value type
  1. What is method Overloading ?
Ans: Method Overloading means method name will be same but the signature will be the difference
  1. Can we create Multiple Destructor in single Class in C# ?
Ans: No
  1. What is the use of Exception handling in C#
Ans: Exception handling is use to handle runtime Errors
  1. What is NameSpace in C# ?
Ans: Namespace is collection of classes
  1. What is the difference between for and foreach loop ?
Ans: in for loop we can initlize ,check the condition, increment /decrement where in foreach loop we can just start the loop and it will be continue until the nil value we cant check the indexing of collection and we cant do increment and decrement .  
Asp.Net Technical Question
  1. What is the use of ViewState in ?
Ans: ViewState is use to create Page level Variable.
  1. What is the use of QueryString in
Ans: Query String is use to pass value from one page to another page.
  1. Why State Management is required to implement in
Ans: HTTP protocol is stateless due to this we can’t maintain the current user state so we are using the statemanagement , we can use state management in Client side as well server side.
  1. What is the difference between application state and session state in ?
Ans: Application state is used for whole application level things Session State is used for current user level things
  1. What is the difference between DataSet and DataTable in ?
Ans: DataSet is collection of tables and it can work in disconnected archicture and it can also maintain the xml data in structure form. DataTable it collection of row and column only. It can store only single table data only.
  1. What is the return type of ExecuteNonQuery Method ?
Ans: Integer
  1. What is the use of SQLDataReader Class in ADO.NET ?
Ans: using SQLDataReader we can fatch data row by row, it has the method called Read() using this method we can read the data for it’s object.
  1. What is the differancce between GridView and Details View in .net ?
Ans: GridView can show the multiple Record where DetailsView can show single record at a time
  1. What is the use of AJAX in ?
Ans: AJAX is use to partial page postback implementation.
  1. Can we define multiple content placeholder in single master page ?
Ans : Yes
  1. What is LINQ ?
Ans: LINQ is Language Integrated Query using it we can perform all database operation without using SQL. We can perform sql operation in C# so that the strongly type compilation.
  1. What is SOAP ?
Ans: it’s protocol Simple object Access Protocol it will be use for Web service implementation. Data Base Interview Question  
  1. Describe the types of join in SQL in detail?
Ans: Types of Join:
  1. Join or inner join
  2. Outer join
a : left join b : Right Join c : Full Join 3.Cross Join 4.Self Join  
  1. Why we use indexes in SQL?
Ans: Indexes are created to speed up the operations or to quickly retrieve the data. 25..What is the use of stored procedure and triggers? Ans: Stored procedure is used to store multiple queries in a single process that reduces the calls from database.
  1. Data Control Language queries?
Ans: There are two of DCL queries
  1. Grant
  2. Revoke
  1. What is Responsive Bootstrap ?
Ans: Bootstrap is a framework which is the combination of HTML, CSS and javaScript. With the help of bootstrap we can create an website which can  behave as per the size of the screen.  
  1. What is XHTML?
Ans:  XHTML stands for Extensible hyper text markup language. It means HTML as XML. XHTML is supported by all major browsers  
  1. What is SQL?
Ans: see-qual is a language to interact with the database or to perform operation in database with the help of multiple commands. All the commands of SQL are categorized in following categories
  1. DDL DML 3. DQL 4. TCL
  2. Difference btw Candidate key n Composite key?
Ans: A candidate key can be a single key or group of keys which resembles a primary key. A composite key is a key of two or more attributes that uniquely identifies the row.  
  1. What is an Unique Key?
Ans: Unique key is column that uniquely identifies a row. Unique key can be multiple in a table. Unique can have null values .    
  1. Foreign key and primary key?
Ans:  A foreign key is a  key used to link two tables together which matches a column of primary key in different table.
  1. Use of Having on SQL?
Ans: Having in sql is used with aggregate functions Cause we cannot use where keyword with aggregate function.
  1. Use of Where Clause in SQL?
Ans: Where clause is used to filter the data from the table with some specific conditions.
  1. find second maximum salary?
Ans: select max(salary) from employee where salary not in(select max(salary) from employee).  
  1. count and count *?
          Ans: Count (*) counts all the rows.           Count(column) counts non-NULLs only
                  37.How to create DLL in .net ?
        Ans: we can create dll of Class library just right click on the project and build it the      DLL will be created on project location.    
MVC Interview Question
  1. What is MVC ?
Ans: it’s Model View Controller in View we can define the User Interface and view is connected to Controller , In controller we can define the all method and events and Model is use to connected to database so that we can easily debug the application and the application structure will be maintain easily.
  1. What is RazorView Engine in MVC ?
Ans: Razor View Engine provide the @html helper class comtrl that can be render in html in client side and we can attached the server side property  of this helper control
  1. What is default Controller Name in MVC ? and can we change it ?
Ans: In MVC application the Default controller name is Home , Yes we can change it.
  1. What is Routing in MVC ?
Ans: Routing is the use to define the Application Navization Funcanility in MVC maintain the routing table in the rout.config file.
  1. What is the use of Partial View in MVC ?
Ans: Partial view is use to define same design on the multiple View.
  1. What is the difference between HTTPGet and HTTPPost in MVC ?
Ans: when the View get the data from the Controller of View will be going to load that time HTTPGet method will be called and when we post some data from the UI to Controller that time the POST method will be called.
  1. What is Web Api in MVC ?
Ans: We can create the Api’s to provide the funcanility to implement  it in any language or make it use for multiple purpose.
  1. What is AJAX Call in MVC ?
Ans: Ajax call is use to implement call web api using ajax and fatch json data from the server side to get data on the client side.  

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