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ASP.Net Interview Questions

Microsoft has developed a server-side application framework for developers to design the dynamic webpages with a .NET framework to build dynamic websites, applications.

The ASP.Net Framework is the model view controller pattern with which we can make full stack applications for .NET framework.

ASP.Net Web API framework is based on making API that is used to make backend web-API’s that are used by the array of the clients from each type of device. Web API transforms the server component in the Restful API(Representational transfer )architecture.

When we want to make a server component that is basically going to be used by the array of the clients the ASP.Net Web API’s the best, while if we want to create the web application then ASP.Net MVC is the best.

The web.config file contains the crucial elements like the entire configuration of the project so we can easily change settings without even changing in the code.

We have used Roslyn compiler for .NET framework.

Microsoft is providing the full server stack including ASP.Net, .net compiler,.net core runtime all providing free.

The flow goes from the request is passed to the server and then it requested controller from the client is requested, the controller decides which to send the request and all response data.

Post back means the user perform any action like sending the request from the server using the post method.

ASP.Net goes through a series of stages in the life cycle of each page.
• When the request comes the ASP.net decide to serve the page or browse it from the cache.
• The objects of request and response are created.
• All page initialization and the themes are applied.
• The page is loaded by applying the asp.net’s view and control state properties to set control properties and default properties.
• When the same page is loaded again the postback event occurred.
• The ASP.NET saves the view and control settings and write the outputs of the rendering the output stream, just before the webpage is sent to the user.
• When the page is sent to the user all unwanted memory and objects are cleared.

When in the View State it preserver the value and control of the pages settings of the webforms during postback event.

The Controls that are easily been used across the multiple objects using drag and drop approach and the controls that are mainly compiled, the DLLs that are customized controls.these are the hardest one to creative.
user controls are like pages easy to make do but tightly coupled with user interface and code.

When the user sends the data, data must be verified and then it should be sent.
There are two types of validation in ASP.Net:
• Client-Side Validation
• Server-Side Validation

Client-Side Validation:
The validation done using javascript at the client’s browser is called client-side validation.

Server-Side Validation:
The server side validation is done it occurs on the server. If the user bypasses the error from customer side then the server side it can be caught by the server.

The following are the Validation Controls in ASP.Net:
• Required Field Validator Control
• Compare Validator Control
• Range Validator Control
• Regular Expression Validator Control
• Custom Field Validator Control
• Validation Summary

When we want to clean the unmanaged data and resources we create an object of the Finalize method and put the unmanaged data in it, the garbage collector will collect the data and clear it.

When we want to redirect the URL to the specified URL we use Redirect Permanent here.

When the user is successfully logged in the logout link should be displayed. The Login Status control is used to display login/logout links display.

When we want to display the data from the data source to the data presented on UI to display data.
A Repeater has five inline templates to format it:
• It is used to show the header from the data collection and it distinguishes header text from the common text.
• We use it to change the style or background color.
• We can use to find how each item is rendered from the data collection.
• We use it to define the break separator element to separate the elements. Ex:
tag in HTML.
• We use it to display a footer element.

There are two types of session state management 1.In-process 2.Out-of-Process
• In in-process, the session is stored in the memory on the web server.
• In out-of-process session management stores, the data in an external server and the objects are needed to be serializable to be accessed.

Server.Transfer is used to send the data into the server system it doesn’t do conversation with the browser. While Response.redirect sends the direct HTTP 302 message to the browser.

We can use Fragment caching to the caching of controls of individuals with a web form. Every individual has different style and controls of cache durations and its implementations to be applied. We can use fragment caching in the case of need of cache of the subpage.

ASP.Net have the classes of web controls, these controls have special tags that are understood by the server and they require to run at server attribute to run at server &it creates the HTML code that is returned to the browser.

Following are the examples of the web controls:
• Button
• Calendar
• Checkboxlist
• DropDownList
• RadioButtonList

A Web service means the component that always resides in the web server and it helps to provide information and services to other network applications by using standard web protocol and Simple Object Access Protocol.

The main difference between the session and application object is that the application object can be shared by all the users while there is only one session for each user. The data stored in the application object can be shared by all the session of the application, while sessions object stores the data only in session and that is only visible to the in session only.
The Unique session id is created by Asp.NET and it is maintained by a modified URL or an HTTP cookie, by default it is stored in the cookie.

Caching is mainly used to improve accessing speed of the data while loading on the application. Here in caching the data is fetched from the database, but if the caching is done then it directly fetches the data from the cache that improves the performance speed.it also improves the application scalability and availability.

There are Three types of authentication available in ASP.NET:
• Windows Authentication: In this authentication process the method uses inbuilt windows security to authenticate a user.
• Forms Authentication: it gives authorization to the users that are not in the database list or that users in a customized list.
• Passport Authentication: this authentication method validates the user against the Centralized authentication service the Microsoft passport services.

AJAX means Asynchronous Javascript and XML, we can use AJAX with ASP.Net with ASP.Net AJAX. AJAX is used to faster the response time and to reduce the traffic between the server and client.

Representational State Transfer (REST) is used to design the application, it helps to find the need of using HTTP for making calls for communication instead of complex COBRA, RPC or SOAP.
There are few principles associated with REST architectural style:
• Everything is a resource i.e. File, Images, Video, WebPage, etc.
• Every Resource is identified by a Unique Identifier.
• Use simple and Uniform Interfaces.
• Everything is done via representation (sending requests from a client to server and receiving responses from server to client).
• Be Stateless- Every request should be an independent request.

It is called cross-platform language because it can be used with windows,macOS, Linux, and docker.

Razor is a markup text that can be used to implement a server based on the web page.
We can access database using this code when the webpage is loaded on the browser it executes the server based code inside the page by running it on the server. Razor is used for creating web applications.

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