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    How to Install Eclipse ADT plug-in and SDK for Android Development?

    Android is an operating system based on Linux Kernel. Android phones today are the most popular mobile devices in use today. Android applications are the real strength of the Android mobile phones which can be developed only with certain development tools and on a PC supporting certain requirements which will be discussed further in the article.

    Android presents SDK or Software Development Kit for efficient and time-saving android development. In order to install this software on your PC, you need to check out whether your PC sustains minimum configuration requirements of not.

    System Requirements Must for Android SDK Installation

    Android development would be possible on PC supporting the following

    • Operating systems like Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5.8, Linux 2.7 or later.
    • Eclipse IDE like Eclipse IDE for Java Developers or Java EE developers would get going or an Eclipse Classic of version 3.5.1 or higher would be good enough. You can download Eclipse IDE from

    JDK Installation is Mandatory

    You will require the latest version of JDK to be installed on your PC. Find JDK software for downloading at You can find the relevant steps for its installation at

    Downloading and Installing the Android Software Development Kit

    The real Android SDK installation starts now as you download the Android SDK from You need to run the downloaded installer or set up file in the directory of your choice once the download has been done. A set up wizard prompting you to execute actions including setting up the path where you want the SDK to be downloaded and setting up the shortcuts for SDK will appear step by step. On completion of the wizard you are done with the Android SDK installation.

    Install Eclipse ADT Plug-in

    Install the ADT plugin in Eclipse, you first of all need to Start Eclipse and then go to Help menu and select “Install New Software” in it.

    Click on “Add” button appearing on the right at top of the window appeared. This will open up a small dialog box with “Add Repository” as its title. This will contain two text boxes asking for name and location for creation of repository. Enter ADT Plugin as the name and type the relevant path called and clink on OK.

    As soon as you click on OK you will be directed to the original dialog box that you were into. There will be a check box named Developer Tools in it. Tick this check box and select the next option.

    Next a dialog box showing all the details of installation with various development tools to be installed will appear. Do not do anything here. Just click on the Next button.

    A dialog box showing the licenses and asking for agreement will appear. Just accept them and click on finish button. This will finish the installation of Eclipse ADT plug in on your PC.

    You can also configure or change the preferences for your ADT plug-in by preferences panel by selecting the preferences option in Windows menu of the plug-in installed.

    So once you have done this installation successfully on your PC, you are very much ready to do Android development using it. In an Android training course or an institute providing Android training, this procedure is very well taught

    TOPS Technologies is a leading Android training institute offering best job oriented Android development courses for the freshers looking to build a bright career in the Android development sector. Students with zero knowledge of programming and Android and even the experienced professionals looking to expand their skills can take Android course at Tops technologies.

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