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“Dual OS”: Android and Windows Both are Together on the PC!!

Android has wiped inroads like iOS, Windows by introducing cheaper and open sourced smart phones, tablets and ultra books are drooping  the market of PC which been a big threat for Microsoft, how to keep the PC in the market is being brainteaser for Microsoft as windows 8 is also not pulling users towards it. What it requires is something extraordinary that be dominating key feature to pursue PC contrast to tablet or ultra-book.

There is news from CES that has made hope alive of having the PC at home, by announcing Dual OS PCs in which runs Windows and Android both operating systems. One more way is getting built for Android developers.


Smart-phones and tablets are already having this concept of running both OS, but they are not running simultaneously. You need to go back and forth to use Android and Windows. Now this weak spot has erased by Dual OS in PC, which will able you run an Android and Windows simultaneously. Who is the Savior behind this!!!  Well, the Master mind behind this product launch is an INTEL.

Intel makes it possible by using virtualization technique, so that you will be able to run Android in the Windows without rebooting your system and could run your applications at the same time. Chip maker behind this technology have given “Dual OS” name for short-term which is the same as the ATIV Q to launch an Android.

Will Intel be successful to launch “Dual OS” based on an Android and Windows!!!

There are chances to have a cold war between both OS companies, so it could be hard-hitting for an Intel unless they both see eye to eye with Intel’s view. Some noticeable moments from Microsoft, is trying to convey PC manufacturers to cancel their plans before the CES!!! Either it may due to an idea of Microsoft to build Microsoft operating system that runs on desktop and mobile or due to an idea of an Intel. Well, who knows, but I must say it would be tough as both are having control to hold marketing budgets.

Microsoft can cancel discounts on the copies of windows 8 which comes inbuilt in new PCs. On the other side Google could restrict the free access to Gmail, Google maps, Google Play store and many more applications which Google serves in free. In addition, Google is able to cripple Dual OS devices if it feels that they would scrap the Android ecosystem.

Well, the success of the Intel project is how it gets across Microsoft and Google to work together. It would be a money making idea for an Intel if both will give a green single to the project. But if both are not passing on with Intel, no one can make it happen. Well mere it will happen and we would have a brand new experience of having Dual OS in our PC.

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