Boost Your Career as a Software Tester : Get ISTQB Certification!

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Last Updated: 25 Jan 2024

Are you looking for a way to prove your abilities in software testing? If so, you may want to consider getting an ISTQB certification.

ISTQB stands for International Software Testing Qualifications Board, a global organization that provides certifications to software testers. With an ISTQB certification, you can demonstrate your knowledge of software testing and prove that you are qualified to work in the field.

With the rise in demand for software testers, there's never been a better time to pursue a career in this field. Getting an ISTQB certification can help you land a job in a big tech company and get a salary hike. 

In this blog, we'll discuss the advantages of getting an ISTQB certification and how it can help you take your career to the next level.

"The average salary for those with an ISTQB Certification was around 19% higher than those without the certification."

What is ISTQB Certification?

It is aimed at professional testers who want to prove their expertise in software testing and be recognised as highly skilled and knowledgeable in the field. 

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This certification consists of a series of exams that assess the candidate's knowledge and skills across different areas of software testing, such as techniques and tools, risk analysis, testing management, test automation, and more. The qualification helps businesses identify individuals with the necessary qualifications to work professionally in the software testing industry.

The ISTQB Certification is available at three levels: ISTQB foundation level certification, Advanced, and Expert. Each level requires the completion of specific advanced courses and exams according to the syllabus published by the ISTQB. 

The certification is continuously updated to be relevant to current market trends and cutting-edge software testing technology.

ISTQB Certification is a globally recognised benchmark for quality and professionals in software testing. It is the perfect way for testers to demonstrate their proficiency and ability and stand out. 

"Over 80% of employers prefer to hire ISTQB certified testers."

How To Get ISTQB Certification?

We have collected the best tips from experts and exam toppers who have shared their experiences on successfully cracking the ISTQB certification exam.

Learn Software Testing & Get ISTQB Certification and Get Ready to Face the Exam with Confidence!

Understand the exam structure and syllabus

Knowing the exam structure and syllabus is the key to success in such certifications. The ISTQB certification has meticulously organised the complexity of ISTQB automation certification program across three levels: Foundation, Advanced, and Expert. Therefore, you should choose the level that best suits your need and further look into the syllabus, format of questions, and the time duration of the exam.

Research has proven that those who extensively study and analyse the exam structure reap high rewards! This way, you will know what questions to expect and how much depth you need to master the syllabus. In addition, you will also get accustomed to the exam patterns, which will help you manage and devise your preparation strategy accordingly.

So, understand the exam structure and syllabus to skyrocket your chances of success in the ISTQB certification!

Study the ISTQB materials

The ISTQB has a comprehensive syllabus for each level, which must be studied thoroughly to be certified. Fortunately, the internet is full of resources providing the necessary material to help you prepare. 

Many useful textbooks, sample questions and study guides are available online. Furthermore, attending an ISTQB training course run by industry professionals can give you a better 

understanding of the course content and allow you to practice with actual test questions. A course allows you to delve deeper into the material, ask relevant questions, and get post-course instructor feedback. 

Investing your time preparing these materials will be immensely beneficial and help you pass the examination with flying colours.

Practice with sample exams

Once you've grasped the concepts behind the material, it's time to move on to practising with sample exams. Sample exams are extremely conducive to exam preparation, as they familiarise students with the exam format and gauge the questions that may arise. 

With the help of sample tests, potential examinees can organise their content if needed and have an idea of the pacing of the whole exam. Furthermore, such exams can detect weaknesses and strengths when tackling certain topics or areas.

Taking sample exams can be a great way to prepare for the real thing. Even though practice exams cannot fully replicate the actual exam experience, it's still worth considering, as it helps to build test confidence and improve your overall score. 

Fortunately, plenty of great digital resources provide excellent sample exams or practice tests. Start using them now and boost your chances of exam success.

Attend a training course

Enrolling in an ISTQB training course is a fantastic approach to acquiring the information and abilities required to pass the certification test. You will master the core ideas of software testing, numerous testing approaches, and industry-standard best practices during the course.

The training course will prepare you for the exam by instructing you on everything from the testing life cycle through the numerous testing phases. In addition, you will gain competence in creating test cases, conducting tests, and documenting problems.

You can learn from the course's qualified instructors and interact with other students. In this part, you will get answers to your questions, discuss sample exam circumstances, and evaluate your performance. An ISTQB training course is an excellent place to start if you want to improve your chances of passing the ISTQB automation certification test.

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ISTQB Certification Cost

The ISTQB certification cost vary depending on the certification level you seek. Here is an approximate fee structure for ISTQB certification exams:

  • ISTQB foundation level certification: The ISTQB Foundation Level exam fee is around INR 5,500 to INR 7,000.
  • Advanced Level: The ISTQB Advanced Level exam ISTQB certification fees is around INR 10,000 to INR 12,000 per module.
  • Expert Level: The ISTQB Expert Level exam fee is around INR 25,000 to INR 30,000.

Please note that these ISTQB certification cost in India are subject to change, and it is always best to check the official ISTQB website for the latest information. Some training providers may also charge a separate fee for study materials, training courses, and mock tests.

Employers hiring ISTQB-certified testers

Here are some industries that commonly hire ISTQB-certified testers:

IT Services Industry

The IT services industry heavily relies on software testing to deliver high-quality products to its clients. ISTQB certification has become a prerequisite for many IT services companies, making it one of the largest employers of ISTQB-certified testers. 

This certification assures employers that their testing teams have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform software testing tasks effectively. IT consulting firms, software development firms, and tech startups are among the companies that seek ISTQB-certified testers. 

The certification serves as a benchmark of professional competency, making ISTQB certification a valuable asset for testers in the IT services industry.

"97% of employers believe having an ISTQB certification is a plus when looking to fill a software testing job vacancy."

Financial Industry

The financial industry handles sensitive data, including personal and financial information, and security breaches can have significant repercussions. As a result, testing financial systems is critical, and ISTQB-certified testers provide the necessary skills to ensure accurate testing. 

They are knowledgeable in functional, non-functional, and security testing and in testing compliance requirements. Moreover, the ISTQB certification assures financial firms that their testers thoroughly understand industry best practices, testing methodologies, and quality assurance. 

Overall, the financial industry relies heavily on ISTQB-certified testers to ensure their systems function correctly and securely and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

“ISTQB Certification is among the world's most widely recognised software testing qualifications.”

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated sectors and requires testing for software systems used for patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. ISTQB-certified testers have the expertise to perform comprehensive testing and ensure that the software systems function correctly, meet regulatory compliance standards, and maintain data privacy and security. 

In addition, the ISTQB automation certification assures hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies that their testing team has a thorough understanding of testing methodologies and principles, such as usability testing, performance testing, and security testing. 

Overall, ISTQB-certified testers play a critical role in ensuring healthcare software systems' quality, safety, and effectiveness.

"78% of ISTQB certified testers are retained by their employers after two years, compared with only 52% of non-certified testers."

Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry is responsible for providing reliable and secure network services, and any downtime or security breach can result in significant financial losses. 

ISTQB-certified testers are skilled in network testing, including functional and non-functional security and performance testing. With new technologies such as 5G, accurate testing has become increasingly critical to ensure network stability, reliability, and security.

In addition, the certification assures network providers and mobile carriers that their testing team has a thorough understanding of testing methodologies and best practices, which is essential to deliver quality network services.

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is a fast-paced and competitive sector that requires testing to ensure game functionality, performance, and user experience. ISTQB-certified testers have the necessary skills to perform comprehensive testing, including functional and non-functional compatibility and regression testing. 

The certification assures game development companies that their testers thoroughly understand testing methodologies and principles, which is essential to deliver high-quality games. Moreover, ISTQB-certified testers help ensure that games function correctly on multiple platforms and devices, including consoles, computers, and mobile devices. 

Overall, the gaming industry relies heavily on ISTQB-certified testers to ensure their games meet user expectations and deliver an excellent user experience.


The ISTQB automation certification is a must-have for anyone looking to advance their career in software testing. A standardized method of confirming your expertise in the industry is provided by the certification, helping you stand out in a cutthroat employment market. 

You will have access to a huge professional network and a wealth of resources with the ISTQB certification, which will make it easier for you to keep up with the most recent trends and advancements in software testing. Also, the accreditation attests to your dedication to personal and professional development.

Don't pass up the many advantages that come with having ISTQB certification. Get the ISTQB certification right away to advance in your profession. Start by looking into the various certification levels, then select the one that best meets your requirements. 

Become a member of the ISTQB-certified professional community to open up new employment prospects. Act right away to advance your career!

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