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Best Project Idea: Final Year Project using Cloud Server Technology

The high competition of sustaining in the market is being daunted task nowadays, which has lead to evolving new technology that provides the best advantages in contrast to others. Cloud technology is one of them, which provides you the best facilities that you are implementing in your everyday life.

Cloud computing is a network of the remote server hosted on the internet that we use to store and manage data. Web mail such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail are the example of the cloud computing that we are using to store any type of file. There are many sites that offer cloud computing where we store images, videos and all computer files.

This technology step ahead nowadays which have introduced cloud server. Cloud server is a virtual server that runs on the cloud computing environment which is also known as virtual dedicated server (VDS). This server is the biggest revolution in the world of development. Every company has started to implement a cloud server for their projects due to its significant benefits over physical server.

Benefits of cloud server in contrast to a physical server for what companies are using cloud server:

Physical server:

There are two options in hosting physical server for your project:

1. Shared hosting

2. Dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting: In shared hosting the server space that is allotted to you is needed to share with other users who have selected shared hosting. Due to shared hosting the traffic is not cope well as the size of the shared hosting is limited.

Dedicated hosting: In dedicated hosting the whole control of the server is dedicated to the user. But what the area of problem is you can’t predict exact capacity that you need for server hosting which resulting in either of drawback. If you predict lesser capacity than the actual server requirement, shortage of resources occurs during the high traffic. If you predict more than required capacity, then it turns into a waste of money.

Cloud server:

The cloud server provides you the best lucrative solution. The cloud server offers that you was not getting with physical server, that is scalability of the resources of your server according to the traffic.

More traffic increases the capacity automatically to match the demand without any manual demand on the server, this increased capacity sustains until the demand of the high capacity, once the demand gets decreased equivalently capacity also decrease. It simply means you need to pay for what you use not lesser not additional.

How it functions: The automatic detection of the demand is done by the hypervisor. The objective of hypervisor is to manage the capacity of the operating system and allocate where it is required.

The additional significant perk of the cloud server is you no need to worry about the failure of your application. As if the server gets aborted, cloud server automatically switches it to another server.

I have elaborated the benefits of the cloud over physical server to aware you about the important quality of the Cloud server over physical server and why companies are diverting towards the cloud server.

Why to select Cloud server in your final year project?

Project perspective perks: Offers high scalability and flexibility, cost effectiveness, ease of setup, reliability due to multiple servers.

Career Perspective Perks:

1. Adds extra value to your CV, if you have worked on the latest technology.

2. High demand of the cloud server in the company makes them look for the fresher who have knowledge of the cloud server.

3. In this high competition, you would be the first preference for the company if you have hands on the cloud server, they no need to train you, saves their time.

4. You may get high salary due to advanced knowledge of the technology compare to other fresher.

Which technology supports cloud server?

You can use cloud server on the project of any technology, what you need to do is just set up the required platform on the cloud server to use it.

Which company provides the final year project that uses cloud server?

A Company that provides you a complete training on technology with all the other resources that are required to develop a final year project, then TOPS Technologies is one of the best outsourcing and training company that provides you final year project training using advanced technology that are in the demand.

TOPS Technologies provides training on every mobile and web application with the use of cloud server, in which you will get the complete training technology that you are going to implement in your project application, apart from that you will get training on how to use cloud server, how to set up the platform of your selected technology in cloud server and how to deploy your project in cloud server.

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