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    ASP.Net Live Project Training at TOPS Technologies

    Myself Vishal Shukla, A certified .Net developer working with an MNC company from last 2 years. Since I have completed college and have joined the company as .Net developer my life has been very busy. But, yesterday I had gotten some free time and had memorized my past days of college. In between, I remember my trainer who has taught me .Net and given a live project training in Asp.Net. I would like to suggest him to students who are seeking for a proficient trainer to get the final year live project training.

    I remember the time when I was seeking for the company that provides a live project training in my concerned technology. I was aware with the name of TOPS Technologies as an Outsourcing company, but never been across that it actually works on 3 different verticals. When one of my friends told me that he has joined TOPS for live project training at that time I came to know about its 3 verticals.

    What next after knowing about TOPS, I went to the TOPS centre and cleared my concern regarding to live project training. Till that day, I just had heard the name of TOPS, but on that day I experienced its prominence.

    If I describe about the Live project training experience, then I would say you will get the comprehensive live project training with TOPS Technologies, which will give you a training on every single technology that you are going to implement in your live project training. Furthermore, you will have a weekly seminar in which you get a chance to discuss on your project queries and status of your project.

    The trainers will assist you in every project based documentation that follows all the GTU norms. Really, what I get from TOPS is the proficient trainers, complete knowledge on Live project training, how to create documentation, how to create PPT and at last an atmosphere and support that take out all your worry about your Project.

    I want to thank the whole team of TOPS Technologies for an excellent training and yes, how can I forget! Thanks for placing me in an MNC company and give me a bright future.

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