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    Is Certification Necessary in DOT NET?

    ASP.Net is a web application framework using which it is possible to create the best websites and web applications. Certification in .Net can prove the caliber of the individuals with knowledge on dot net for job or any other purpose.  Hence dot net certification is very necessary for an individual seeking job in the .NET field.

    A professional certification which can provide recognition to an IT professional of having sound knowledge that is required for jobs in ASP.NET field would be called dot net certification. Whether you need to become a developer or a .NET trainer, certification can clear up all your hassles in the process of securing a job in the .NET field.

    Microsoft certification in dot net is one of the most prestigious certifications one can look to gain in order to make a bright career in the field of .NET. Microsoft Certified Professional or Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified Trainer are a few certifications one can opt to gain in order build a career in ASP.NET. While MCP certification in dot net is for a developer or fresher aspiring to become a .Net developer, MCT certification is for those looking to take up a job in teaching side of .NET. One needs to clear out the MCP certification first in order to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer. There would be 4 exams to be cleared out in order to Microsoft Certified Professional following which one can become Microsoft certified trainer as well.

    Many developers today ignore the importance of these certifications either due to lack of knowledge about them or quiet out of ignorance. Most of them fail to understand that these certifications prove their credibility as .NET experts and can be an added advantage when applying for jobs. With dot net certification with you, your employer can have confidence in you as a reliable candidate who can actually develop web applications and do programming for sites based on .NET.

    There is no doubt in the fact that today there is a good demand for the .NET developers in the market. But still we can hear occasionally about qualified developers with low wages. This could be because the developer has no way to demonstrate his skills and hence has no way to negotiate a better salary than offered. Dot net certification can be a solution for this problem as this is a kind of proof for an individual that he/she is completely capable to work as a .Net developer. Although having .Net certification is not the only way to reveal that a .NET developer is really qualified, it is for sure that it will hint your employer about your skills in .NET and hence will open the chances for your selection in the .Net development interview as compared to others and further you can get confidence and opportunity to become more open and negotiate better salaries with your employer.

    Hence for the candidates who aspire to be the .NET developers it is very important that they possess certification in it and this could be done very easily by joining up a Microsoft certification training course in a .NET training institute nearby.

    TOPS Technologies is an undisputed leader in IT training providing certification training in .NET. Excellent teaching under the guidance of expert Microsoft certified trainers along with practical demo is offered here. Freshers looking for job in .NET field and IT aspiring students are just the right candidates to join this course of TOPS.

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