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    Android Application: Advance Trend in Current Mobile Market

    Mobile is now not just an answering device. Lots of applications such as video calling, social networking, and a lot more are included in latest smart phones. People prefer mobile that covers mostly all the features related to internet and at best quality.

    Internet access is most common in mobile smart phones in current market. More people tend to carry entire world feature in just a handy device instead of long computer wires and laptops.

    “Android” is a Google launched application based on the Linux operating system and has become the most used operating system in smart cell phones used nowadays.

    Android is expected to grow more in the near future as the Chrome operating system will be supported by it. With constant growth for mobile users, the software industry will develop more and more mobile applications that will give an ease of use for every feature. As the demand for developing Android applications will increase so will demand for Android developers will also increase.

    What you will learn in the Android Program:

    • You may get a practical idea of building your own application in Android.
    • Get thorough understanding of Android working its life cycle, applications and  interfaces for designing new layouts and menus.
    • Build a secure Android application that covers each multitasking feature.
    • Course includes various module including concepts of Android SDK, UI, graphics, C/C++, networking, locations, networking, threading, and many more.

    Who can learn Android? This is the most common question that arises in mind while opting for training. Few people have myth about that only the Information Technology field student can learn Android but this is not true. Following personnel can learn Android:

    • Fresher who are new in the IT field.
    • Experienced professional who wants to advance their career.
    • Corporate Clients who want to learn new trend in changing technology.
    • Anyone who have a desire to learn latest technology trend and want to improve his/her career growth.

    For students who are pursuing their degree in IT field will get added advantage of learning Android in a short span of time. From starting course to building own application, every course of material will be explained in a real practical as well as theoretical way during the android training course. So do not be afraid of training or learning new technologies; TOPS technologies training institute have the solution for all your queries and also a platform to present your hidden talent. To step up your career in mobile developer, start gaining the knowledge from proper place and source and convert that knowledge into something like your dream comes true.

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