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TOPS Technologies Foreign Education and Abroad Training services not only help you select the best country but also the best colleges/universities abroad furthermore we help you select the best course at these colleges. Our Study Abroad service starts the day you decide to go abroad and ends when you land a job in the selected country. We will help you select the most suitable course based on your interests and then help you build and augment the knowledge required to be successful. TOPS has successfully trained and placed over 10,000 students in Australia, Canada, US, NZ, India, and other European countries as well. Visit a TOPS office and meet a counselor who will answer any question and help you understand Study and PR options.

-> TOPS management team has studied and lived in the US for 10 years.
-> They understand the international market and can help you decide.
-> TOPS has been awarded best Training Institute.
-> Trained and Placed over 10,000 students in India, Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand.
-> TOPS is a government Training Partner ensuring Best quality training.
-> Every training program starts with a risk-free demo.
-> Team of 300 employees ensures the quality of training

Services Includes

IELTS/PTE Training
IELTS/PTE Training
Visa Application Assistance
Visa Application Assistance
University and Course Advice
University and Course Advice
Pre-Departure Support
Pre-Departure Support

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Study Abroad?

FAQ About Study Abroad

Which Country Should I select for Foreign study - Canada, Australia, US, NZ, UK or Europe?

Canada, Australia, NZ, US all have different pros and cons – at a high level, some of the pros and cons are – Canada – SPP program college fees are much lower than Australia and US and hence entry into Canada job market is much lower and Ielts requirements are overall 6 with minimum 5.5. US Colleges are more expensive but the job market is very robust and strong and hence earning potential is very high if you get a good job. Australia masters degree fees are higher than Canada but the job market is good and hence potential to earn is high. Most students who qualify for college offer letter will get a visa.

How much money can I make if I go abroad?

Honestly, this depends on your ability to work hard and effort. In our experience, most students start covering their college fees and the cost of living after 6 months of being in the country.

How easy is it to get a job in Australia, Canada, US?

There are 2 kinds of jobs that most immigrants do when they arrive in the selected country. Odd job and skilled job – odd jobs are relatively easy to find and normally your network of friends, college mates, relatives will help you find it. Odd jobs are normally done as part-time jobs working in retail stores and earn anywhere from $8-$15 per hr. As students progress to high paying skilled jobs they refer their current student friends to these jobs. Skilled jobs are normally high paying jobs and can be moderately difficult to find but once you enter the job market then the sky is the limit to what you can achieve. Most students enter the country on a student visa, work in an odd job for 15 – 24 months and then get a skilled job which pays between 25-100$ per hr.

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