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React Native Course in Vadodara  

Master React Native Framework with Our Course in Vadodara

Work on Live Projects with Experts & Land Your Dream Job!

TOPS Technology is a leading IT training institute in Vadodara that offers students a learning platform to develop relevant skills, allowing them the opportunity to enhance their career prospects. We have a highly-trained team of industry experts who work relentlessly to help our students gain the knowledge and perspective on recent web development technologies, including the React Native framework to build functional and engaging websites and mobile apps. With hands-on training sessions and a comprehensive learning module, our React Native course in Vadodara is aimed to transform you from a beginner to expert in creating apps through React Native framework.

What Does Our React Native Course in Vadodara Offer?

React Native framework has been used to build popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, among others. The React Native architecture helps developers build applications faster with many ready-to-apply components. Whether you are a web developer or a mobile app developer, learning React Native broadens your skillset and allows you to use the latest APIs. With our React Native classroom and online classes, you will be able to use this framework to build dynamic mobile apps consistent on a variety of devices.

With Our React Native Course, You Will Be Able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of React Native framework, tools, and processes required to build engaging and dynamic mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Learn how to integrate various React Native core components and UI components to enhance the performance and the user interface of mobile apps.
  • Learn how to reduce development time by understanding the fundamentals of state management and Redux for robust mobile apps.
  • Work on Live projects for practical exposure with hands-on training to deliver quality mobile applications.
  • Dive deeper into the advanced features of React Native development with practical examples and personalized support from industry experts.

You can become a certified React Native developer with our course in Vadodara. We also offer placement assistance and expert guidance to help you land your dream job.

Why Choose TOPS for Your React Native Training in Vadodara?

Whether you want to start your career as a developer in React Native or want to broaden your portfolio, TOPS Technologies will help you pave the way. Our experts are committed to helping you learn every concept with crystal clear clarity and improve your mobile app development skills with react native architecture. You can get certified in React Native and work with the latest web development technology to gain a perspective in the web development world by choosing our course. 

Deploy High-Quality & Dynamic Apps with Our React Native Course!

Build high-performance apps and work with some of the biggest names in the industry by registering for our React-Native course in Vadodara. We offer hands-on React Native classroom and online training with 100% job placement guarantee.

Kickstart your career today by calling us at  +91 – 7622011173 or write to us at  inquiry@tops-int.com for any questions about our React Native Course in Vadodara!

Live Project

React Live project

Certified React Native Course

Certified React Native Course

Soft Skill Development

Soft Skill Development

Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs

React Syllabus Curriculum

12 week Course

  • • Course Overview
    • Platforms, Frameworks & Tools
    • Hybrid frameworks versus Native
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JS brush up
    • ES6 Javascript Basics
    • Tools Install
    • React Native Hello World
    • React Intro

• Getting started in React
• Components
• Component Composition
• Props
• Prop Types
• Event Handlers
• State
• React Web App

  • Creating the first App
  • Understanding the App
  • Styling the App
  • Inspecting Debugging styles
  • Built-in components
  • Working with Images
  • List Views
  • Text Input
  • Creating Views (Scenes)

  • Storing data – Realm for React Native
  • Integrating with Map APIs
  • Creating native React components
  • Routing
  • Employee Directory App
  • Integrating data using API
  • API
  • Wiring up Redux
  • Asynchronous Network requests
  • Dynamic properties
  • Dynamic styles
  • React Navigation Library

  • Redux Basics
  • Redux Principles
  • Implementing Redux
  • React-Redux
  • Middleware
  • Counter App Demo

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